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Ants Build Cheapest Networks

szap Re:skynet (108 comments)

Ant Mills, where the ants do keeps following one another in a circle until they die. (insert joke here about reference counting and circular references).

more than 3 years ago

Hard-Coded Bias In Google Search Results?

szap Those results are from OneBox (ie non algo-search) (257 comments)

Um, yes, the first results may come from OneBox, which is not from their "Algorithmic" search, but from a separate service that triggers on certain keywords, like "music", "movie"... and "csco". Adding commas just makes it not trigger the OneBox search. It used to be that the OneBox results are more visually different from the rest of the results, but the recent redesigns makes them very much alike.

OneBox is also used to implement features like "10 km in miles". See also http://searchengineland.com/meet-the-google-onebox-plus-box-direct-answers-the-10-pack-26706 I'm not use if they still use the word "OneBox" to describe this feature though, but it is still used in the Google Search Appliances.

Disclaimer. IANAGoogler, reposting this from my reddit reply.

more than 4 years ago

The Unsung Heroes of PC Gaming History

szap Re:So many games (325 comments)

Not as popular, and not D&D, but Akalabeth should be one of the first first person dungeon hack. Predates the Ultimas, which is influential in their own right.

more than 4 years ago

Nokia To Make GPS Navigation Free On Smartphones

szap Re:What, no E75 love? (300 comments)

It refuses to install properly on my E71 even after I forced it to install after the not-compatible warning.

The one linked on the European support appeared to be an older version.

about 5 years ago

Second Netbook Wave Begins

szap Re:A bit too heavy IMHO... (318 comments)

0.9 kg vs 1.45 kg. I don't know how many Mars bars that is, but that's over 60% increase in weight.

more than 5 years ago


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