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Ebola Has Made It To the United States

t_ban Re:Fristy Pawst! (475 comments)

So yes, some of the "rising 3rd world countries" like india and guatemala have some credit available but nothing close to the US where someone can buy a house on credit or get credit cards with limits that grossly exceed their annual income.

Wrong. Loans for purchasing homes have been available in India since forever. I live in Kolkata, India, in an apartment bought with money borrowed from one of the largest banks. The borrowed amount was about 6 times my annual income when I took it, about 5 years ago.

about three weeks ago

Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'

t_ban Re:CDC guilty of correlation == causation (291 comments)

There was even one guy who had amnesia whenever you took it.

Hey, do you happen to know of any way to make this kind of spooky action at a distance work for exercising?

about a month ago

More Quantum Strangeness: Particles Separated From Their Properties

t_ban Re:Dupe? (144 comments)

Nope, that's the article interfering with itself.

about 3 months ago

Programming On a Piano Keyboard

t_ban Weapon of mass destruction (57 comments)

Convert Windows Vista to music, hijack a shortwave radio station & broadcast it around the globe! Muahahahahahaha!

about 4 months ago

First Movie of an Entire Brain's Neuronal Activity

t_ban Remarkable achievement? (44 comments)

The entire brain of a nematode worm??? You don't say!!!

about 4 months ago

True Size of the Shadow Banking System Revealed (Spoiler: Humongous)

t_ban Re:BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (387 comments)

And when I see someone trying to puncture a meta joke with his own meta-meta joke in which he claims that the parent claimed that the grandparent belittled a comment solely because... um... solely because... wait, I'll work it out and get back real soon.

1 year,29 days

Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics

t_ban Was this what Einstein tried to do? (600 comments)

Disclaimer: I have no formal knowledge of Maths and Physics beyond high school level.

I understand Einstein disliked the untidy nature of particle physics and the Standard Model, and wanted to discover an elegant, geometrical explanation for quantum phenomena. Is the current discovery a step in that direction?

about a year ago

Dentist Wants To Clone John Lennon Using DNA Extracted From Lennon's Tooth

t_ban Re: Fantasists (224 comments)

You mean given a chance to clone Einstein or Shakespeare, you'd choose not to?

about a year ago

US Promises Not To Kill Or Torture Snowden

t_ban Re:good (616 comments)

Dude, if you're a US citizen, you should have posted that as AC.

about a year ago

Do-It-Yourself Brain Stimulation Has Scientists Worried

t_ban how can he be sure? (311 comments)

The result, he claims, was a dramatic improvement in his ability to hear pitch, including the sour notes he produced himself.

could it not have been a dramatic deterioration of his ability to hear his off-key notes?

about a year ago

Why We Should Build a Supercomputer Replica of the Human Brain

t_ban Re:Moral objection (393 comments)

We've long established that the source of the human "soul" is in the brain.

eh? who established that? citation please.

about a year ago

Randomly Generated Math Article Accepted By 'Open-Access' Journal

t_ban Re:Argument (197 comments)

I suggest that perhaps artists have not necessarily improved our civilization on the same scales as scientists and engineers.

Plato, is that you ???

about 2 years ago

IBM Granted Your-Paychecks-Are-What-You-Eat Patent

t_ban Food Politics? (455 comments)

I hope this is not a sneaking attempt to force-feed us monopoly food. Like, you know, you get your full pay-cheque only if you eat this Monsanto-produced GM stuff. If you choose organic, we'll deduct 20%.

After all, this isn't Soviet Russia, where the govt. controls the megacorps!

- t.

more than 2 years ago

Google and Mozilla: Partners, Not Competitors

t_ban 123 profit! (151 comments)

Say corporations A, B & C have a certain market cornered, each owning 33% of it.

B is really a non-profit, being sustained by donations from A.

A's long-term goal is to drive C out of the market.

I am no game theorist, but common sense tells me that A should dispose of B later rather than sooner, since B is in its pocket anyway. Together, their 66% has a much better chance of taking over the other 33%.

Whereas if A first destroys B by withdrawing funding, then B's userbase is likely to bifurcate and go to A and C, in which case A's 50% would be fighting C's 50%, a much less advantageous situation than the first.

What I should do if I were A:

1. Keep sponsoring B, and together with it drive C out of the market
2. Withdraw funding from B, hopefully destroying it
3. Profit!

You know who A, B and C are.

more than 2 years ago

Linux Mint Developer Forks Gnome 3

t_ban Re:GNOME has always been fucked up. (314 comments)

Good developers don't care for unnecessary licensing politics. They don't create software when there are perfectly fine alternatives they could use instead.

I have no idea about the Gnome development process or the community, so I won't comment on that specific point.

But if you're making the general statement that political ideology is unnecessary, and is mutually exclusive with technical skill, you may want to think again.

Writing the best code is an important goal, but don't you also need to think why and for whom you're coding? I'm sure you wouldn't want to think of yourself as a coding machine that mindlessly churns out the best code for whoever happens to own it. If you discern on that point, then you are already politically aware.

It is the hegemony of the have-s that makes some have-nots regard the politically motivated as zealots and lunatics.

Don't let them take you unawares, and turn you into their willing shill.

- t.

more than 2 years ago

The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix

t_ban Re:Future (293 comments)

64-bit Unix time will run out on December 4, precisely at 3:30:08 PM, 292,277,026,596 AD. It will be a Sunday.

What a coincidence -- that is also the year of Linux on the Desktop!

more than 2 years ago

Nokia Exec: Young People Fed Up With iPhone and Android

t_ban Re:Nobody does that because everyone does that (532 comments)

Personally, I've played with my wife's iphone

That's the problem with you geek types. You see, all you can think of playing with is your wife's iPhone. And then you complain about not getting it enough!!!

more than 2 years ago

Fighting Mosquitoes With GM Mosquitoes

t_ban Re:Wait a second... (521 comments)

As far as I know, there aren't too many actual horror stories about GM animals messing up ecosystems.

However, there are hundreds of years worth of horror stories from introducing some species of animal or plant to help control another bothersome species.

You want to continue till there are too many horror stories and ecosystems are fucked up?
GM technology hasn't had hundreds of years for us to observe the scale of its impact. If mankind continues to poke at the balance of ecosystems, you might just get your wish.

more than 2 years ago

Fighting Mosquitoes With GM Mosquitoes

t_ban Re:That's nuts.... (521 comments)

Is eradicating malaria, West Nile, etc. really worth the risks?

Let me guess -- you do not live in a tropical country.

more than 2 years ago



10,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings of Possible Aliens Found in India

t_ban t_ban writes  |  about 3 months ago

t_ban (875088) writes "The Times of India reports that Indian archaeologists have recently discovered cave paintings in the village of Charama, in Chattisgarh state, cave paintings depicting what looks very like modern visualisations of aliens and spaceships. Natives of the region traditionally talk about the mythical 'Rohela' people who supposedly came down from the skies and carried off villagers and never returned them. The pictures are bewilderingly similar to Hollywood / Pulp magazine depictions of the same. Are the pictures modern fakes? Did aliens really contact ancient Indians? Or are the paintings purely imaginary, in which case there must be something in the human imagination that favours a certain type of alien visualisation?"
Link to Original Source


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