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Book Review: Voodoo Science

ta2025 POO POO (505 comments)

The scientific community have ALWAYS used *Experts* and publications to *Debunk* that which threatens them or threatens the foundations they have stood for and risked their reputations for.

Remember if the original scientists would not have endured the debunking attempts of the Catholic Church, we would still live on a flat earth at the center of the universe!

There are new theories almost every day and there is no reason to take a book's word that its impossible to find or create a force that "appears" to nullify the force of gravity or to draw energy from another dimension. Sona-lumenience [sp] (I supposed I'll be de-frocked and ridiculed because I can't spell big scientific terms!) was just a theory a few months ago and now *that* appears it might be a new form of fusion!

Give me a break, Let people experiment in peace. If the entrenched scientists of the world continue to "poo poo" every new idea then the money sources dry up and WE HAVE NO NEW IDEAS.

You're kind of biting the hand that feeds you, arent you? If you can't prove a theory is correct, you automatically beat your chest and tell as many people as possible a dozen reasons why it can't possibly be "real science" and the curious who don't want to look stupid wander away. What you *should* do is make the most honest attempt to verify the person's research to veerify and support his theory. If, after you have tried and it still doesnt work, have a meeting or discussion with the person about his results. Don't waste your time turning him/her into a laughingstock just to make yourself look bigger or to feather your own bed.

Isn't it true that Pons and Fleishmann were hired to continue their research by an Japanese indutrial company? Wasn't it true that even SRL was conducting experiments to duplicate the effect of cold fusion?

more than 12 years ago


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