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Sony's EULA Worse Than Its Rootkit?

tagish Re:Don't pay for CD from these guys (521 comments)

And spread the word. It's all very well a few thousand geeks boycotting them but for it to really hurt we need to explain it (in suitably gentle terms) to the normals.

I'm liking these shirts http://www.cafepress.com/mojocrash as a conversation starter - although I give it about two days before Sony have them taken down.

We need to find a way to communicate just how outrageous this is to the people who form the bulk of Sony's market - i.e. NOT US.

more than 9 years ago



tagish tagish writes  |  more than 8 years ago

AndyArmstrong writes "Bleeding Obvious is a wiki where you can record all those ideas that seem too obvious to patent — but which you know someone might try to patent — like, you know, having purchases confirmed with a single click. Unlike other prior art repositories it's designed to be a lightweight notepad where you can jot down an idea without having to pay or master an arcane user interface. So next time you think 'hey that's a cute idea — I wonder how long it will take someone to patent it' go and create a page at Bleeding Obvious to establish prior art."


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