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Nanoscale Terahertz Optical Switch Breaks Miniaturization Barrier

taktoa Re:Isolation, Reflection and Cross-talk (35 comments)

> Also, photons don't have cross-talk. That is a specifically electro-magnetic phenomenon.

Photon, n.: a quantum of electromagnetic radiation

Light has cross-talk, because radio has cross-talk, and when you send a signal down a coax cable, you are basically beaming it down a "radio fiber".

about 6 months ago

Tour of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab

taktoa Oh neat (35 comments)

An article about the Homestake neutrino lab. I'm currently interning at a neutrino physics group for a fairly large research university, and my mentor visited there a few weeks ago, so this is relevant to my interests.

about a year and a half ago

No More "Asperger's Syndrome"

taktoa Re:Damn... (602 comments)

And autistic people are considered puppy calculators (based on Rainman). I wouldn't care if they labeled me Asperger's or Autistic or neurotic. The gap in the diagnosis spectrum is what happens when a smart person is retarded? The dyslexic 180+ IQ is rarely diagnosed. In fact, the high IQ might actually be tied to the dyslexia/Asperger's.

The dyslexic 180+ IQ does not exist. Assuming the standard of 15 points of IQ equals one sigma (this is fairly common) and homogeneous IQ distribution, there are a grand total of 330 people on Earth with a 180 or greater IQ.

Speaking as someone who has a 152 verbal IQ and a 97 processing IQ, I have to say that the incongruities between my skills have caused me much strife and anguish. I've been diagnosed with NVLD and PDD-NOS variously (these are now under the ASD umbrella), as well as dysgraphia and ADHD (for which I am happily medicated).

about 2 years ago

New Arduino Due Brings More Power To the Table

taktoa Re:Amazing to see how many don't get it (130 comments)

Wow. I wrote one sentence that was a statement of fact, and you responded with a diatribe on how wrong I am. Notice that I said "beats the hell out of the Arduino on price and processing power". I said absolutely nothing about ease of use, community support, or software compatibility.

FWIW, I think the Arduino platform is pretty great, but pricing the board at $50 is utter bullshit. What I would really like is a POSIX-type API that allows anyone to make a layer between Arduino code and the microprocessor of choice, thus allowing use of Arduino syntax in arbitrary systems.

about 2 years ago

New Arduino Due Brings More Power To the Table

taktoa Unfortunately for Arduino (130 comments)

The TI Stellaris Launchpad ($5, free shipping, 80 MHz) and Raspberry Pi ($30, 700 MHz) beat the living hell out of the Due on price and processing power

about 2 years ago

KDE Plasma Active 3 Improves Performance, Brings New Apps

taktoa Re:xfce for a tablet? (70 comments)

Oh, I misread the title as saying "KDE Plasma 3" rather than "KDE Plasma Active 3", and since KDE Plasma is just the general KDE graphical environment, it was an easy mistake to make. My point still stands, since tablet interfaces generally suck anyway.

about 2 years ago

KDE Plasma Active 3 Improves Performance, Brings New Apps

taktoa Meh (70 comments)

I've always preferred a pure xfce or a mix of xmonad + xfce to any of the "big" DE's (GNOME/MATE/KDE). KDE is just a bit too glossy and shiny for me, and QT is a bloated pig compared to GTK.

about 2 years ago

How To Add 5.5 Petabytes and Get Banned From Costco

taktoa Wow (273 comments)

Unlimited storage for $5/mo? I have to get on this shit.

about 2 years ago

Torque3D Engine Goes Open-Source

taktoa Could have sworn... (68 comments)

I think I saw this article a few days ago

about 2 years ago

Torque 3D To Be Released On Github Under the MIT License

taktoa Re:Eh? (54 comments)

Open source Tribes 2 would be freaking awesome. That game was fantastic... it had a mod called Construction Mod that effectively mimicked Minecraft / Garry's Mod (albeit with somewhat different mechanics), except it was released in 2003 (GMod was 2006, Minecraft was 2009). I played that mod extensively - it was very fun. Even vanilla Tribes 2 was great - IMO Tribes 2 and Battlefield 2 were some of the most groundbreaking multiplayer FPS's.

about 2 years ago

Going All-Google To Replace Your PC and TV Service

taktoa I actually have (134 comments)

most of this set up. Google TV on my HDTV, an Android phone, and a Chromebook for the kitchen. And I like it... they're robust, functional, easy-to-use products.

about 2 years ago

Solid State Quantum Computer Finds 15=3x5 — 48% of the Time

taktoa Re:Size, not reliability (262 comments)

Beat me to it.

about 2 years ago

Solid State Quantum Computer Finds 15=3x5 — 48% of the Time

taktoa How is this not practical? (262 comments)

Couldn't you just multiply out the factorization to see if it's correct? IIRC that's way faster than normal factorization, and since you're starting from a pool of possible factors that is smaller than the space of all prime integers, you're getting a faster result than pure brute force.

about 2 years ago

Joe Cornish To Write and Direct Snow Crash Movie

taktoa Let's just hope (256 comments)

this doesn't crash and burn

more than 2 years ago

Sequencing the Unborn

taktoa Odd (146 comments)

I don't see how this is possible, given that genetic recombination happens. Unless the parents are very genetically similar (ick), there should be billions of possibilities.

more than 2 years ago

Venezuela Bans the Commercial Sale of Firearms and Ammunition

taktoa Hmm (828 comments)

While I think this is a good law in theory, I'm worried that it's merely a way to prevent the populace from fighting back against an increasingly autocratic regime.

more than 2 years ago



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