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Student, Denied Degree For MySpace Photo, Sues

talaski23 Sometimes you need to think about your future (823 comments)

When I went to college I was all about having a good time and not once (until my last semester) did I really plan about or think to the future. But I also didn't post my life online. Sometimes that funny moment needs to stay within the group it happened with. Some jobs/careers have requirements that extend outside of your work hours. Educators need to really evaluate each social situation they involve themselves. I'm not saying they can't attend a party, I'm not saying they can't have a drink socially or in public. However, they do need to be careful about "glamorizing" such events. Whether they like it or not many times educators are considered role models. They have certain responsibilities to the children they are trusted with and to the public. I see this as a serious lack of judgement on the woman's behalf. I also see this as a serious abuse of the college's authority. The better resolution would have been to have the woman take an ethics class and/or counsuling to discuss why the page/picture/caption was a really bad idea. I don't think she should be kept from teaching, but it sounds like she does need to grow up a little more.

more than 7 years ago


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