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Steorn's "Free Energy" Jury Comes Back To Bite Them

tallvegdude Re:Free Energy is definately for real (213 comments)

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, to wit, a working model.

People tend to forget that we don't harness energy states, we harness differences in energy states.
The difference in temperature drives a thermocouple, a difference in pressure drives a piston, a difference in voltage drives an electric circuit.
A chunk of iron with a temperature of X is useless if its stuck in an environment that is also at X.

more than 5 years ago

Doctors Will Test Gene Editing On HIV Patients

tallvegdude two words: brazil nuts (263 comments)

There is an argument that AIDS can be thought of as a symptom of severe selenium deficiency that has been triggered by the HIV virus. A recently retired geography prof, Harry Foster, has been doing some interesting work on the subject (his website is at www.hdfoster.com). The summary is: a few brazil nuts a day is a good thing for your immune system, if you aren't allergic to them.

I've always tended to get really nasty colds, a couple a year. Since I started chowing down on the brazil nuts 10 months ago, I've been pretty much free of them. Just don't eat too many (two a day is safe), or you risk selenium poisoning.

more than 5 years ago

Solar Cells — Made In a Pizza Oven

tallvegdude what type of substrate? (518 comments)

What I don't see is any mention of whether she is printing onto silicon wafers. If its silicon wafers, then this is just a PR opportunity by a university. Presumably her patent application will become visible in another year and we'll be able to tell.

more than 6 years ago



1 watt led versus laser diode?

tallvegdude tallvegdude writes  |  more than 7 years ago

tallvegdude writes "As a recent article in slashdot made clear, while you can make pull the laser diode out of a DVD burner and get something that can pop balloons, its also really easy to blind yourself or somebody else with such. However, how about the now cheap 1 Watt LEDs? If I grind off the diffuser lense, polish the top, and add some lens, do I have something interesting (a, something that could pop a balloon, light a match)? Does it still have the same hazards? Anybody in the know?"

tallvegdude tallvegdude writes  |  more than 8 years ago

tallvegdude writes "I've just bought some citrus plants that will be kept outdoors. They are moderately cold tolerant, but I need to keep them above -3C (32F). I've been told I can use a string of incandescent outdoor Christmas lights for that purpose, but how do I automate when they get turned on. From what I'm told, most thermostats are only accurate with the range of normal room temperatures, ie, I'm not likely to find one that can distinuish between -2 and 0.

I've got some electronics background, but I'm at a loss for what to use as a temperature sensor. Ideas?
Thank you."


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