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Growing Plants In Lunar Gravity

tashammer It came back from Outer Space (111 comments)

I read with great concern that some of the plants selected are brassicas and, as we know, these are of the cabbage family. Further, the effect upon the human bowel is quite well know especially if you are sitting next to the brassica eater. Does anyone think that it would be a "good thing" to grow brassicas in space and in confined space living room. Mutated Cabbage vs Mothra?

more than 5 years ago

Privacy Concerns Over Google On the Rise In Germany

tashammer We Can Serve You Wholesale (63 comments)

It occurs to me that Google and co have been and are putting together a series of products to warm the cockles of any dictator, cabal. secret police, star chamber etc even to the details and location about individuals in a street. Rather like a super market. Or a squad of semi-military police who knock on your door ask your name and check you off against a google shopping list. Does it make you feel warm inside to know that all that information is in such kind hands?

more than 5 years ago


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