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Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Featuring Metal Frame and Rounded Corners

tauntalum Who cares? (220 comments)

Let me know when it is available to buy with stock android from Google. I don't care about the glittery bits.

about 5 months ago

Can the Atrix 4G Really Become Your Next PC?

tauntalum Re:No.. but (297 comments)

"A brand new 900 dollar phone (600 + dock) is roughly on par with a 700 dollar laptop. That's pretty appealing."

Appealing if it were true, but sadly it is not. $700 laptop is a fantastic machine these days, but apparently they haven't yet hit the level of $300 netbooks.

See the critical review by Engadget:

"In all, the software story in the Webtop environment is not all that pleasant. It's a sluggish, somewhat sloppy experience that's difficult to enjoy, even though the basic premise driving this technology is really exciting."

more than 3 years ago

Doing the Math On the New MacBook

tauntalum Re:Fingerprint items (783 comments)

The fingerprint reader is intended to make logging in a simple step of swiping your finger across the sensor. It's not designed to grab a thief's fingerprint.

more than 6 years ago


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