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Greenland Repeals Radioactive Mining Ban

tbird81 Re:*N*MRI (142 comments)

I thought NMR was the technology included MRI, but didn't necessarily involve imaging. (For instance finding rates of metabolism.) MRI uses NMR to produce images.

about a year ago

The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying

tbird81 Re:Economics 101 (318 comments)

"Hey, I'm so rich I don't care how much anything costs!"
-- Said no rich person. Ever.

You've never met my wife.

about a year ago

Study Finds 3D Printers Pay For Themselves In Under a Year

tbird81 Re:BS (322 comments)

Don't mock the article. Here's what I found from a brief Google search:
Yearly spending per household 2009:
Housing – shelter – $10,023
Pensions, Social Security – $5,027
Food – food at home – $3,465
Transportation – gasoline, motor oil – $2,384
Shower curtain rings - $2,105
Healthcare – $2,853

You'd be surprised how much the average household spends on shower curtain rings. Shower curtain ring failure is an important cause of household injury, and has a high fatality rate. Also, you probably underestimate addictiveness of the shower curtain. While you may only need the ones that came with your shower curtain when you moved into the house 15 years ago, plenty of addicts blow through new shower curtain at a rate of dozens per day.

You may have heard of Narcotics Anonymous or the AA. There's also the SCA, and a non-spiritual group called Glass door which helps people get over this dreadful affliction.

While 3d printers may reduce the cost of the curtain rings, which may help financially, they will not be doing anything for the root cause of the problem. This is just another reason 3d printers should be banned from general use.

about a year ago

New Moon Found Orbiting Neptune

tbird81 Re:Meh.... (120 comments)

This phenomenon is called tidal locking.

From Wikipedia:

Most significant moons in the Solar System are tidally locked with their primaries, since they orbit very closely and tidal force increases rapidly (as a cubic) with decreasing distance. Notable exceptions are the irregular outer satellites of the gas giant planets, which orbit much farther away than the large well-known moons.

Pluto and Charon are an extreme example of a tidal lock. Charon is a relatively large moon in comparison to its primary and also has a very close orbit. This has made Pluto also tidally locked to Charon. In effect, these two celestial bodies revolve around each other (their barycenter lies outside of Pluto) as if joined with a rod connecting two opposite points on their surfaces.

The tidal locking situation for asteroid moons is largely unknown, but closely orbiting binaries are expected to be tidally locked, as well as contact binaries.

about a year ago

Security Researcher Attacked While At Conference

tbird81 Re:Innocent until blogged about (666 comments)

Why, oh, why couldn't you have written the summary? You actually summarize what has happened, rather than wasting a long sentence just mentioning you went to the conference and stayed at another hotel. I hope you are modded up.

Submitters - think before you submit, and make the summary so good we are not forced to read the article.
Editors - feel free to edit and improve things, and importantly, you don't need to sensationalize everything for us to read it - that just pisses us off.

about a year ago

Developers Rolling Out Pebble Smartwatch Apps

tbird81 Re:Dumbwatches (64 comments)

Nah, he should stick to an analog watch. Draw a circle on your wrist, with the big hand upwards and the little hand at 5 o'clock. It may not have the precision of your watch, but at least it's +/-5 minutes for 1.4% of the time.

For that steampunk feel, draw a fob watch on your nipple.

about a year ago

Samsung Launches 3200x1800 Pixel ATIV Book 9 Plus Laptop

tbird81 Re: Resolution (397 comments)

If you own a Mac it shows that you have money to burn, and aren't that worried about prudent use of money. So why not sell things to Apple users? They're great consumers.

about a year ago

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs Shipping Soon

tbird81 Re:Just what I need... (401 comments)

Actually, you don't have to do anything. Stick with your old bulbs, and cheer the fuck up.

about a year ago

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs Shipping Soon

tbird81 Re:What a dumbass idea (401 comments)

Slashdot is just full of negativity about everything. Just stupid overused jokes, and ridiculous theories about what a "hacker" or the NSA could do to your system. It's hard to think that people here are able to achieve anything in the real world harbouring such pathological cynicism. The world is actually a pretty cool place.

There's nerdiness - in which people should get excited about this type of stuff; and then there's bitterness - where everything is stupid and a waste of time. I hope that the two are independent variables.

I've only just (in the last 2 months) started browsing reddit. Sure there's a lot of crap, but everyone seems much more positive than they do here. Nearly every new device or technology, from the Ouya to the Oculus, including every new Nasa project, every new discovery, is just bagged without any real interest on Slashdot.

Slashdot seems a lonely place.

about a year ago

Marriages Spawned From Online Dating As Satisfying As From Traditional Dating

tbird81 Re:Man in the mirror (313 comments)

I had a brief relationship with him. Didn't end well, I was pretty young at the time. I got a good settlement though.

about a year ago

No, the Tesla Model S Doesn't Pollute More Than an SUV

tbird81 Re:Why the anti-electric car meme? (559 comments)

Sorry, I've been away for a few days and couldn't check replies.

I'm not worried about CO2. But went I'm waiting at the lights, sitting behind a diesel bus and a few SUVs, I wish they had electric engines. Surely it would improve the local quality of the air.

about a year ago

Marriages Spawned From Online Dating As Satisfying As From Traditional Dating

tbird81 Re:ANd the other stats!!!!!!!! (313 comments)

I'd guess the "80%" thing can be measured with official records. Divorces and marriages are usually recorded by the state.

about a year ago

Marriages Spawned From Online Dating As Satisfying As From Traditional Dating

tbird81 Re:That bad huh? (313 comments)

Yeah... judging from that comment I wouldn't advise you to try any form of online communication.

about a year ago

New Asus Device Runs Both Windows and Android

tbird81 Re:UEFI? (126 comments)

Every article submitted to Slashdot must end with an inflammatory, baseless statement. It's the rules.

Bonus points if the statement is about weaponisation or privacy concerns.

about a year ago

No, the Tesla Model S Doesn't Pollute More Than an SUV

tbird81 Why the anti-electric car meme? (559 comments)

Seriously, what do people have against them?

I think they're the coolest thing out there, and they provide a way to stop importing oil from the Muslims.

It's well known that central electricity production is significantly more efficient that a bunch of separate internal combustion engines.

But why the hate? I know the NYT has a vendetta against the electric car - they're a bunch of scumbags. But why do normal people hate them?

about a year ago

Med Students Unaware of Their Bias Against Obese Patients

tbird81 Re:Med students (446 comments)

And what happens?
Nearly all of the time you get better after a few days, and if things persist they can investigate more.

What else would you want? 100 tests every time you got sick?

about a year ago



NZ's first deaf MP aims to restrict RadioNZ use overseas

tbird81 tbird81 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

tbird81 (946205) writes "Use of NZ's only public radio station from an overseas IP address could be ending. New Green MP Mojo Mathers (yes, her real name) is investigating charging or restricting access to the web broadcasts from overseas.

Despite the Greens being the only party to oppose some of the new laws forced on NZ by multinational media corps, their new MP seems to not understand how many on the internet feel about location-based access. The greatest irony about her wanting to restrict NZ radio (25% of IP use comes from outside NZ) is that she herself is deaf, and has just cost the taxpayer $30,000 extra to support her in parliament."

Link to Original Source


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