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Consensus on Global Warming

tdye Consensus is not science (1200 comments)

Hopefully someone has said it already, but:
It doesn't matter what the consensus is... only what the data says.

It's all aliens anyway. Or, to be more serious, go Read Crichton's essay on the subject.

Right or wrong, political or otherwise, consensus is what economists, journalists, and politicians do, not what scientists do. Scientists do science and to hell with the "consensus" opinion.

more than 10 years ago


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Whatever happened to JonKatz?

tdye tdye writes  |  more than 10 years ago I was talking with some friends about the possible demise of Kuro5hin and the /. of yesteryear, and we got to wondering: Where did JonKatz go? This seems to be the last article that mentions him. He hasn't posted an article since July of 2002. The latest reference Google turns up is a review written in '03 of a book written in '01. IIRC he'd achieved a level of near-universal hatred and disgust around here, but his disappearance dovetails with my own Slashdot hiatus so I never discovered... what happened to him? Was he asked to quit posting? Driven away? Has he fled in shame? Love him or hate him, IMHO his articles marked an era at Slashdot. When was it over, and what thread represents the definitive end of his Slashdot existence?

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