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X-Men Origins Pirate Draws a 1-Year Sentence

teamhasnoi Re:obligatory (341 comments)

Considering that your "homemade independant move" has a projected revenue of Jack and Shit there is a huge difference.

Exactly my point. $=enforcement. Most likely outcome if I call the FBI about my movie? "Sorry, you'll have to call the local police department. They won't do anything either, but hey, it'll get you off the line."

If the police do not procecute ever such offence then the law becomes unenforceable.

Again, exactly my point. Same law, but one crime is important and has victimized 'real live movie stars', and the other is ignored and 'public cable access'.

more than 3 years ago

X-Men Origins Pirate Draws a 1-Year Sentence

teamhasnoi Re:obligatory (341 comments)

Funny, I think if "little bad guy" took my homemade independent movie and spread it around, he'd be facing two charges. Jack and Shit. No prosecutors, no FBI, no nothing. Same if the big movie studio stole my film. The reason this went anywhere is because the movie studio can afford endless lawyers, and can pull the strings that us 'mortals' can't.

We shouldn't prosecute any bad guy if the law is not equally enforced across the board.

more than 3 years ago

The Next Phase of Intelligent TVs Will Observe You

teamhasnoi Hey everybody, (294 comments)

it's a cautionary tale, not a manual.

more than 3 years ago

'No Refusal' DUI Checkpoints Coming To Florida?

teamhasnoi Re:Why would you refuse a breathalyzer? (1219 comments)

I just don't understand any legitimate concern to decline a breathalyzer test.

How about the fact that the evidence that is used to convict you rejoins the atmosphere, and there is no way for you to independently check the results?

DUI laws and enforcement are stacked in favor of the state, to a ridiculous degree. Even here in MN.

about 4 years ago

Is Twitter Censoring Wikileaks Trends?

teamhasnoi More links to details (191 comments)

According to one of the commenters, this may be a result of adjusting the algorithms to git rid of endless "Bieber" related trends.

At what price Bieber Freedom?

If a forest of trees fall, but no one can report it, did it really happen?

more than 4 years ago

George W. Bush Live From Facebook

teamhasnoi Re:Cue Bush Derangement Syndrome (372 comments)

Maybe because they are using those tax dollars to do pointless things that waste the money and fail to do any good. If the U.S. government and the States can't keep things going with close to half the GDP of the richest nation in the world, isn't it time to think the people in charge are incompetent?

Like the TSA, DHS, Border Patrol, and the astronomical amount of defense spending? I look forward to the link to your comment pointing out these failures when Bush was the head cheese.

Blind faith in government is what's nuts.

We agree on something! We probably both like ice cream too!

more than 4 years ago

George W. Bush Live From Facebook

teamhasnoi Re:Cue Bush Derangement Syndrome (372 comments)

Please, enlighten me. You said, "I've never heard anyone wish physical harm on him. I've never heard of people in the media fantasizing on the airwaves about his assassination or any of the many other reprehensible things that were directed towards Bush, and seemingly accepted as perfectly reasonable by people I would think are above all that."

I said, and I paraphrase, "WTF, dood. It's everywhere. Open remaining eye, and take spoon out of cup."

more than 4 years ago

George W. Bush Live From Facebook

teamhasnoi Re:Cue Bush Derangement Syndrome (372 comments)

Tea Partiers might be perfectly sane, but when you're that willfully ignorant about *everything*, anybody's going to look crazy.

As strongly as people feel about President Obama, and there is as much _strong_ feelings against him as there ever were for President Bush, I've never heard anyone wish physical harm on him. I've never heard of people in the media fantasizing on the airwaves about his assassination or any of the many other reprehensible things that were directed towards Bush, and seemingly accepted as perfectly reasonable by people I would think are above all that.

Really? You've seen enough rage against Bush to name/quote an invented disorder about it, but 'just haven't seen any evidence' of the Right's ridiculous, over-the-top, impotent rage over having a black 'liberal' man as president? The Facebook pages, the chain emails, the snippets of AM talk radio, the hand-painted signs, the mass-produced bumper stickers, and completely context-free anti-Obama comments that just "pop-up" when talking about other, politics-free subjects, like say, the weather?

You lose your keys when they're in your hand, don't you?

more than 4 years ago

Jammie Thomas Hit With $1.5 Million Verdict

teamhasnoi I can absolutely guarantee (764 comments)

that if any of the jurors were 'investigated', you would find quite a bit of infringing material in their homes. I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't have a old cassette of songs dubbed from someone else, a CD of tunes made for a party or wedding, a photocopy of some book or newspaper, lyrics on their website or profile, etc. Even if they don't have these items currently, they've made infringing copies in the past.

Everyone in the US is guilty of copyright infringement at one time or another. Most people don't ever think about copyright, or if they do, it's to make up the rules as they go.

I wonder how the jury would react if they were sent invoices for damages for their past and current infringements, based on the ridiculous damages they approved for this woman.

more than 4 years ago

Guitar, Studio Wizard Les Paul Dies At 94

teamhasnoi Re:A true innovator (227 comments)

You're all wrong. Paul Bigsby invented the solid electric Spanish guitar (held like 'normal'). The Frying Pan was a lap steel. Les Paul actually had a Bigsby guitar before he came out with the Log. Loyd Loar of Vivi-tone did the first electric hollowbody. Read "The Bigsby Book", it just came out. I actually did a wee bit of work on photography for it, and know the guy who did quite a bit of research for it.

There's a lot of misinformation about the early years of guitars as people like Bigsby didn't keep records, he wrote tiny pencil notes on his homemade pickup winder. There's going to be some books coming out that show a lot of people who did what when, and I expect there's going to be quite a lot of controversy. Les Paul did give us the multi-track, for which I am eternally grateful.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Believes Someone Is Behind Psystar

teamhasnoi It's true. (606 comments)

It's me. shhh.

more than 6 years ago



NVIDA video cards crack WPA/WPA2 100 times faster

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 6 years ago

teamhasnoi writes "A Russian company called Elcomsoft has applied GPU acceleration technology to its password recovery tool to allow PCs or servers running supported NVIDIA video cards to break Wi-Fi encryption up to 100 times faster than is possible by using conventional microprocessors. Recovery times for Wi-Fi keys are increased by a factor between 10 to 15 in the use of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery in combination with a regular laptop featuring NVIDIA GeForce 8800M or 9800M series GPUs. Security consultancy Global Secure Systems said that the development means Wi-Fi networks — even those running the latest encryption algorithm — can no longer be considered to be secure."
Link to Original Source

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 7 years ago

teamhasnoi writes "In a followup to yesterday's story the developer of Display Eater has responded to the poor publicity, admitting that the app does not delete files. Quote: "It was my hope that if people thought this happened, they would not try to pirate the program. I could stop wasting time writing copy protection routines to be broken over and over. It turned out to be a mistake." He has now made the application free by posting a registration code, and plans to open-source it."

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 7 years ago

teamhasnoi writes "Back in 2004, Slashdot discussed a program that deleted your home directory on entry of a pirated serial number. Now, a new developer is using the same method to protect his software, aptly named Display Eater. In the dev's own words, "There exist several illegal cd-keys that you can use to unlock the demo program. If Display Eater detects that you are using these, it will erase something. I don't know if this is going to become Display Eater policy. If this level of piracy continues, development will stop." Is deleting user data ever acceptable, even when defending one's software from piracy?"



Haiku is Here!

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 10 years ago My story was posted, announcing the new name of OpenBeos. I am honored to have submitted the name that made it.

I think this marks the first day of OpenBeos becoming more than a 'clone' of BeOS, and secures its position as a viable OS choice for the future.

Congratulations to everyone, because this will have some positive wide-ranging effects on computing for all! Long live Haiku!


Ask a Music Producer Interview - Bill Evans Answers!

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  about 11 years ago Awhile back, Slashdot had a request for interview questions for Bill Evans in a story called, "Ask a Music Producer". For reasons unknown (I'd guess he was just too busy), he never responded to the interview. He did, however, send lil' ol' me an email answering my questions. I've meant to post this for awhile, but for reasons unknown (I must have been too busy :), I haven't. Here it is in all its brief glory. My questions are italicized.

I don't think I'll get to your question in the interview, but I wanted to answer them.

As a producer, I'm guessing you use p2p to nab some songs that may be in the back or your head and that you would like to duplicate the 'feel' of aspects of a certain producer's style. How has p2p affected your production style? Has it helped solidify ideas, or bogged you down with distractions?

You're exactly right, and it has helped. I plan to get satellite radio, which will probably be a better system for me.

I am currently in the process of removing my music from buymusic.com , who acquired it and is selling it illegally.[me: see a previous Journal Entry for details] What resources do independent artists have when fighting against the very industry that professes to protect musicians? Is copyright infrigement a one way street leading straight to the bank for large companies?

You raise an interesting point about the (little-mentioned) copyright infringement by large record companies who illegally sell works and/or don't pay the artist. It's something I deal with more than infrequently.

As for resources, I would start with ASCAP or BMI (whichever you belong to). There may be additional legal services for musicians, but I'm afraid I don't know about them -- hopefully one of the above organizations will know more.

We're fortunate in that we have our lawyers for dealing with these issues, but are far from 100% successful even when the record company is clearly in the wrong.

Keep me updated on your situation and I'll try to help.

As a publicist, do you see distribution via p2p as a growing trend for your more/less established artists?

I'm not sure what you mean by growing (for me or the industry?). I've been using P2P to market my artists for several years now. I think it's critical, and for me there is no relative importance in regard to an artist's established market presence.

I notice that the link to Neil's site only provides small samples of music.

LOL. Yeah, I know. I just started with Neal last week. That will all change.

Do you encourage making entire songs available at low bitrate samples? Does p2p make this a moot point?

I can't make a specific, across-the-board recommendation. As a base line, though, all my artists release one song from each CD as an extra-high quality audio file -- for free download and distribution. Depending on the artist, where we are in the album promotion cycle (and other factors) there may be more released.

I'm not a fan of low bit-rate stuff because I don't see a strong value for the consumer. But that's just my opinion, and I certainly don't think there's a right or wrong. That's just my own style.


-- Bill Evans
Media Relations
Numavox Records
Web: www.numavox.com

It feels good to scoop the Slashdot eds... :)


Copyright Infringement and Internet Crack

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 11 years ago Well, here I am with an update on what's up - You may have seen this story that I'm reprinting here.

I just happened to see a post [slashdot.org] earlier on /. mentioning this. I happened to look up my old band, The Lovejoys (from Mpls, MN - all others on the net are newer fakes :P )

My record is on there [buymusic.com] It is also on CD NOW [amazon.com] but that was during the contract and all cool with us. I don't have the contract (another member of the band has it) and I don't remember what it says. I haven't spoken to the other guys yet, but I'm pretty sure that contract ran out awhile ago.

Every song you buy off of buymusic.com is not paying the artists, that's for sure. And I don't know how Orchard [theorchard.com] could even have copies to sell, we sent it to them to distribute; they aren't manufacturers.

We paid for that record out of pocket, and still have a zillion. :( If you like the samples here [amazon.com], let me know and I'll get you a CD. We still have boxes of the album, since the band went down right after releasing it. Ah, the sad stories of Minneapolis...

It seems as though people dig the CD, so I am sending them out for $5, plus mailing. If you would like one, email me or visit theschmoejoes.com.(I'm in the process of setting it up, so if you're in a hurry ;), email away. I am also looking into CDBaby for selling these things - anyone out there have first-hand experience?

I also would like to announce "Internet Crack" of the first order.

Pixeltees.com. This is a great website (runs on Linux, heh) that lets you make your own t-shirt designs ala cafepress.com. The 'catch' if you will, is that you have 128x128 pixels (big ol' Atari 2600 pixels) to work with. This makes coming up with a design a little tougher. Needless to say, I have been spending/wasting lots of time making designs with the little shockwave 'paint' program. There is a 'moderation' system of sorts; you can run through the 10,000 plus shirts and rate them 1 to 5, and sort by ratings and keywords.

If you find a shirt you like, you can send 15 bucks to pixeltees, and they will send it off to you.

The nifty thing is that after 6 shirts, the artist starts to earn money (1 to 2 dollars). There is no way anyone will get rich off of this scheme, but it is more than most musicians get per CD with a label deal.

I would be shirking my duty as a t-shirt whore if I didn't link to my store.


Northgate Omnikey Software Search

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 11 years ago Help me, O /.ers! I have been looking for months(year) for the windows(95/98) software for the Northgate Omnikey Keyboard.

FTP searches have come up with nothing except OS/2 drivers and the DOS software - the windows software is nowhere that I can find :( and as we may all know, Northgate has been 6 feet under for years.

As I have a *pile* of these keyboards, the software would come in rather handy, especially since I had it at one time and know the nifty things it can do.

Help me /.ers, you're my only hope - and there could be a Omnikey in your future ;)


BeOS you can Be!

teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 11 years ago I thought I'd bring /.ers up to date on some exciting things going on with BeOS. Yellowtab's CTO Bernd Korz will will demostrate Zeta, YellowTAB's nextgen BeOS in Tokyo, Japan on April 19th. Blueeyed OS has a snazzy new website and is ready to release a 120 meg demo cd of their Knoppix Linux-kernel based BeOS. However, they need someone to host it. Any brave users out there? Perhaps BitTorrent could help, as with the recent RH9 ISO distribution. Finally, OpenBeOS has been busy behind the scenes, with steady code releases. If you'd like to try BeOS on for size, you can download it here or the MAX edition with additional drivers and software.


teamhasnoi teamhasnoi writes  |  more than 12 years ago Well, I've finally decided to write in my Journal. What better reason than to talk about OpenBeos?
(And campaign for fame and fortune :)

OpenBeos is an open source version of Beos. Since this project started, the naming of this excellent OS has been hotly contended. OpenBeos has narrowed the thousands of suggestions down to just fifteen, and mine is one of them! 'Haiku' was my suggestion, and if you're reading this, please go and vote for Haiku! Or something you like better.

Added 2-12-03 Damn! :) I think the people have spoken...I know something you don't know...

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