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An Experiment In BlackBerry Development

technopinion Location based services are hell on BB (207 comments)

Wait until you try programming a GPS app. Every different telecom has different settings needed to get the GPS to work at all (even when they allow you to use the GPS without having to get special permission, like Verizon). Many of the documented API settings *don't* work, particulary on CDMA blackberries. Some telecoms have disabled BlackBerry Maps because they want you to buy their gps nav application, so you can't count on it being available, or even installable, and even the built-in map objects that you can in theory use inside your apps on OS 4.5 or greater relies on BlackBerry Maps being installed, so you can't rely on that either.

more than 5 years ago

US Courts Consider Legality of Laptop Inspection

technopinion Other devices (595 comments)

If they're that worried about what's on your laptop, they'd better start inspecting every mp3 player, digital camera, and oh, now that you can get 12 Gig microSD cards, every cell phone too. Never mind the fact that I could probably hide terabytes of contraband in microSD cards inside my wallet, belt, socks, pockets, etc. Can't wait to see how long the lines are going to get at security.

more than 6 years ago


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