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Is Intel Planning To Kill Enthusiast PCs?

tecmec Re:Intel CPUs have had no pins for a while (1009 comments)

As an EE I can tell you you're just wrong. Multiple ground pads exist for signal integrity reasons, not "redundancy". If any one of those GND pads isn't connected, you're setting yourself up for instability and problems. Look at any BGA processor or SoC, they still have all those grounds. They're not "redundancy". You're taking a far too simplistic view of how digital electronics work.

about 2 years ago

Nissan Develops Emergency Auto-Steering System

tecmec Re:recipie for disaster (391 comments)

To be fair, on vehicles with stability control it's the exact same system. Stability control is basically just a more advanced traction control, and I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that most vehicles have stability control now.

about 2 years ago

Amazon Considering Buying Texas Instrument's Chip Business

tecmec Re:And the Beagleboard, Samsung Products, et al (108 comments)

...and the Pandaboard, which is the only device that joe-shmoe can buy off the shelf, download the Android Open-Source Project code, and start developing on instantly. I'm very afraid of how Amazon might ruin the OMAP for the rest of us if they buy it.

about 2 years ago

Voting Begins For Canadian Digital Currency App

tecmec Re:lol fraud (84 comments)

I've always wanted a couple thousand dollars to spend at tims...

more than 2 years ago

Budget 27" IPS Displays From Korea Are For Real

tecmec Re:single link dual link with a dual link single l (266 comments)

This is Slashdot, News for nerds, as it says on the top. I'm afraid you're in the minority here. I'd assume that most /.ers either know what single link vs dual link DVI is, or would be interested to learn.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Best To Teach Programming To Salespeople?

tecmec Re:Hire bad programmers with good social skills (211 comments)

He's a fool. [for MBTI at least] you don't want a 100% match for finding a SO, they say. 50 or 75% match is ideal. The logic behind this is that if you have a very similar personality, you're more likely to clash when you disagree on something. But slight differences make it not so bad.

If you think about this, it makes sense. I wouldn't want to live with me. :P

more than 2 years ago

Canada To Stop Making Pennies

tecmec Re:My two cents on this.. (473 comments)

Maybe your comment is going over my head, but the article actually says that cash transactions will be rounded to the nearest. Not up or down.

more than 2 years ago

IPv6 Traffic Volumes Are Low, But Nobody Knows How Low

tecmec Re:ISP:s at fault (231 comments)

It's not really a big deal. I have a 10Mbps DSL connection with no cap for $40 a month from SaskTel. They actually offer connections up to 25Mbps (DSL, I kid you not), but they cost nearly $100 a month. Still though, no caps. VDSL

more than 3 years ago

Google Testing Instant Search Feature

tecmec Re:Ad Impressions (101 comments)

Google charges per click though.

about 4 years ago

Online Forum Speeding Boast Leads To Conviction

tecmec Re:Might not be as bad as it sounds (457 comments)

It was a residential street. Don't be stupid, of course it's as bad as it sounds. Don't get me wrong, I drive an LS1 Trans Am, and I have a heavy foot. But a residential street? No. Never. That's just stupid.

more than 4 years ago

5.5 Earthquake Hits Canada; Felt in US Midwest, New England

tecmec Re:Saskatchewan (560 comments)

I'm from Saskatchewan too. I thought we called it "western Canada". East is the maritimes...I think that leaves Ontario to be the center.

more than 4 years ago

5.5 Earthquake Hits Canada; Felt in US Midwest, New England

tecmec Kanata (560 comments)

All you at work in Kanata, get back to work!

more than 4 years ago

Dragging Telephone Numbers Into the Internet Age

tecmec Re:Why would you want to keep the telephone number (239 comments)

That's what you may prefer, but you are the aging generation. If you look at the cell phone market you will quickly realize that smartphones, or even just "texting" dumbphones with full keyboards are becoming very popular. You don't even want to know how many highschool girls walk around with Blackberries. I'm sorry, but you are going to start noticing less and less cellphones without full keyboards.

more than 4 years ago

Windows 7 Under Fire For Patent Infringement

tecmec Re:Exactly (241 comments)

Sounds like Directed Electronics Inc (DEI). If you want a car starter you either buy a Compustar or a DEI...there is nobody else left. Over the years DEI has bought out several competitors, if only for their patents. Viper, Clifford, Python...all DEI (now), and all sell the exact same products. Some /.s might know that Viper (a DEI company) just released an iPhone interface for their starters. Pretty neat idea, no? I thought so, I was going to do something similar for my 4th year EE progect at school...until this came out. Anyway, while researching this I noticed that Clifford filed a patent for this in 1989, 11 years before being bought out by DEI, only to have DEI sell a product using that patent under their own name 9 years after that. Crazy how this stuff works.

more than 4 years ago

Facebook Putting Batteries On-Board Its Servers

tecmec Re:The best solution? (155 comments)

One power supply for the whole rack may very well work, but not for the whole datacenter. If you start trying to send that much power to all those servers at 12V DC, you're going to be pushing a LOT of amps and require very thick wires to avoid transmission losses. And if you're not useing low voltage DC, you're going to need some sort of PSU at the server level anyway.

more than 4 years ago

Why Kindle 2's Screen Took 12 Years and $150 Million

tecmec Re:purell (524 comments)

Not true, we have health care! :D

more than 5 years ago

Spam King Escapes From Federal Prison

tecmec Re:What to do next? (596 comments)

In his next prison sentence, his inbox will be stuffed and it will probably be unsolicited.

What used to be his outbox will now be his inbox...

more than 6 years ago


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