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iTunes On OS X Finally Has Competition

telbij Re:Allow me to break this down... (668 comments)

A list with a little display and some controls at the top? Color me impressed!

You blew your argument right at the beginning. I stopped reading because this is mind numbingly retarded. I see two possibilities here:

A) You really do think this is all iTunes has, in which case you are incapable of actually evaluating software and your opinion is not valid.

B) You measure quality of software by quantity of shiny controls exposed directly in the visual interface. If that's the case, then you should see no reason for Apple to exist at all, as both Windows and LInux deliver considerably more features at every turn. Fortunately for Apple, most people prefer simple usable software to having every feature under the sun.

Oh there is some further stupidity I need to respond to:

Most of us have some sort of music or mp3 directories, potentially with any number of subdirectories under it for organization. Personally I have mp3/[Genre]/[Artist] and potentially /[Album] if I ripped the whole thing rather than downloaded particular songs. I'm going to put these files into this structure regardless of how it gets into my music player. To claim I should have just dropped it into iTunes itself is disengenuous fanboi rationalization. I don't want my music strewn all over my system, I want it in one place of my choosing.

This right here is pure strawman. Look, if you want to organize your music by hand be my guest. I let iTunes organize mine. I have no desire to manually sort my music. I'd rather have it sorted by the meta-data and iTunes has a perfectly capable id3 editor. It's not strewn about my hard drive because it's all in my iTunes library folder which is easy to navigate and I never have to touch it.

If that doesn't work for you, then more power to you rolling your own system. But it's completely non-sensical on one hand to say iTunes is feature-weak and then on other hand bashing it for promoting a workflow where you do less manual file organization.

more than 6 years ago

Do Nerds Have Better Sperm?

telbij Re:Worthless study, won't change a thing (178 comments)

First of all, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Girls do not prefer assholes, they just don't like sniveling self-loathing weaklings. Get some real self esteem and make something of yourself and the girls will come.

Something else I should point out too. A lot of "nerds" like to think they're smarter than other people and constantly set up all kinds of straw man logic in their head to maintain this illusion. It may take intelligence to be a good nerd, but it doesn't take a nerd to be intelligent. Basing your self-worth on your intelligence is a good way to come off as an asshole yourself as you subconsciously attempt to demonstrate it to everyone. The truly smart know how to use it to their advantage and don't care if anyone knows it.

As for world leadership, well, of course you are right there, but it can not be any different. Only the power hungry and greedy have the drive to get there, so it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

more than 6 years ago

Best and Worst Coding Standards?

telbij Re:Some of those examples (956 comments)

Density is the opposite of readable and maintainable.

Bollocks. It's a tradeoff just like every other debate in the programming world. Sure, Perl gives you the ability to put way to much code on a single line. But the opposite problem of putting loads of white space all over the place is almost as bad.

The more you spread out the code, the more you have to scroll. White space is valuable when it means something, like to separate discrete tasks within a long function. But the whole

else {

thing is just a waste of space. It's one line less of code I can see. I visually parse } else { instantaneously. Similarly, some compound expressions or chained method calls make perfect sense. The right place to break out multiple lines depends on the reader's own cognitive abilities and familiarity with the symbols being manipulated.


more than 6 years ago


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