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Suggestions For a Coax-To-Ethernet Solution?

telemnar Re:Use the Coax as a wirepull for the cat5 (608 comments)

I use two 5ghz 802.11n access points with gig ethernet switchports as a wireless AP/bridge and stream HD video. YMMV.

more than 4 years ago

Spammers Sue Spamee

telemnar Re:uhhhh (453 comments)

don't laugh.

excerpted from the current Gator (nee "Claria") license:

"You agree that you will not use, or encourage others to use, any unauthorized means for the removal of the GAIN Adserver, or any GAIN-supported software from a computer."

as long as click-through licenses are legal, so is this nonsense.

about 10 years ago


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