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BitKeeper EULA Forbids Working On Competition

testuser58 Things like this... (694 comments)

Just make me feel like a sucker for choosing the "hip" GPL for my software. To think that I could have included a license that says something like:

  • "by using this software, you agree to give me your car and talk to a jar of pickels at work for the first five minutes of every day."
  • "by using this software, you agree to agree to the previous agreement, section D, which can be found in records department 41, level 9, building B. Yeah, see them to find out what you just agreed to, sucker."


  • "by using this software, you agree to tell me when you encounter bugs instead of emailing me I'll never use your software because it doesn't work good!"
Sigh... the fun I could've had...

more than 12 years ago


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