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Ex-Marine Detained Under Operation Vigilant Eagle For His Political Views Sues

tfiedler Re:Social Contract (279 comments)

You also take this oath that binds you to protect the constitution, not the government, and this is what threatens Obama and his cronies.

Here's the oath:

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

The orders part is further defined to be LAWFUL orders as per the UCMJ. Ultimately, the only source of lawful orders is the Constitution. Should an order be in violation of the Constitution, it is unlawful and anyone who obeys such an order is in violation of everything this country is supposed to stand for.

Obama knows that the military's allegiance is ultimately to the constitution and not his regime, and consequently this is why he has declared veterans and other patriots to be terrorists and has positioned the TSA and his Homeland Security police force as a counter to the military. This isn't about mental health, its about asserting control.

about a year ago

US Plummets On World Press Freedom Ranking

tfiedler Re:That will happen ... (427 comments)

Manning was a tool for Wikileaks and a soldier who violated the oath he took when he enlisted. He deserves to be executed for his treason, not celebrated.

more than 2 years ago

New Cable Designed To Deter Copper Thieves

tfiedler Re:Just coat them with plutonium (668 comments)

Ditto. Fry the worthless POS's stealing this stuff, they obviously aren't providing any valuable service or even a small benefit to society. I guess we could send them all to the welfare states of america on the coasts, if they like em so much.

more than 2 years ago

World's Largest Passenger Plane May Be Unsafe, Some Say

tfiedler airbus is a corporation (394 comments)

airbus is a corporation. they only thing that they care about is what wall street and the markets think. if you think they give a damn about your safety except where it makes the the investors happy, you are a fool.

more than 2 years ago

Another Stab At Sorting Hybrid Hype From Reality

tfiedler Re:Listen to the users before bashing (633 comments)

If they had actually done an ROI study on the purchase, they wouldn't be all that happy. Gas would have to more than triple in cost before I would see any reasonable return on investment from the increased costs I would see from the higher payments, the higher insurance costs because it was new, and the higher property taxes I would pay. Never mind that buying a hybrid so you can feel good about yourself actually required the consumption of more resources to produce your new car versus just keeping the one you already had.

more than 2 years ago

Another Stab At Sorting Hybrid Hype From Reality

tfiedler Re:First Anecdote! (633 comments)

Yeah but we can't get decent diesel vehicles in the US because the left is focused on trendy things like hybrid technology, makes them feel better about themselves. I've got friends that have had VW TDIs for many years, through multiple model years, and they routinely best hybrid fuel economy. I bought a Ford Festiva in 1991 that got 40 mpg from day one, it was just under $9000 new sticker price. WHICH, tells you why there are no reasonably priced fuel efficient vehicles, no profit margin and not sexy enough.

more than 2 years ago

DARPA Chooses Leader For 100-Year Starship Project

tfiedler Re:This should have been done a long time ago (180 comments)

Right on. That's how the left does it. Feeds and cloths the morons who refuse to do it for themselves, and penalizes those who will work.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Way To Deal With Roving TSA Teams?

tfiedler Re:Well... (1059 comments)

Congress is the "who" behind the stripping of your rights, and you actually believe they give a damn what you think? Sad. Actually, you do need to fight the people paid to support them, they are responsible for willingly committing acts of in violation of the constitution, no matter what the courts, also co-opted by the government and its corporate masters. Face it, the government isn't on your side anymore, if they ever were, and pandering to them to fix the very problems they cause is alot like pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out.

more than 2 years ago

Why Fuel Efficiency Advances Haven't Translated To Better Gas Mileage

tfiedler Re:Who do these jerks think they are!? (891 comments)

I have an F350 diesel and a Jeep Wrangler, and an RV, and a boat. I figure I own more of the road than you due to the road taxes I pay, and I'll do damn well as I please to do, including driving MY CHOICE of vehicle, without bowing to your kind's socialistic tendencies to obliterate both the hobbies and endeavors I choose to participate in which drive my vehicle choices. I'll damn certain not let you or some other hippy loser dictate those choices. So you "get your head out of your ass," and while you're at it, best stay in your big city with all of the pretty little baubles that your kind loves so much. You keep your oppressive police presence, the continual erosion of privacy, the crime, and the multitude of other ills you city folks and their pundits love to spout off about. I will, on the other hand, actually go out into the world and enjoy it, along with the risks to personal safety and revel in the rewards of being free of morons like you. And when the shit hits the fan, us "ignorant folk" with our big vehicles and freedom loving tendencies will be there to bail you morons out, as has happened every other time in the past.

more than 2 years ago

Edison Would Have Loved New Light Bulb Law, Says His Great-Grandson

tfiedler Re:Bullshit (473 comments)

Incandescent technology isn't being banned, just being pushed to evolve a little. If you need to dim look for 29, 43, 53, and 72, watt halogen bulbs. These replace 40, 60, 75, and 100 watt standard bulbs respectively and comply with the new law. These are marketed under the Eco Smart brand by Phillips, Super Saver by Sylvania (Made in USA too), GE also sell them. These are more pricey than standard bulbs and the Sylvaina ones are 1/4 inch less in diameter, but are a suitable replacement.

"These are more pricey"....

which is the real reason the law was passed, to take a commodity product/industry and generate more revenue by requiring new light sources. I'm all for energy conservation but let's call a spade a spade, this isn't about energy conservation, it is about political favors for a special interest.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Handing Over Personal Work Without Compensation?

tfiedler Re:Career (848 comments)

I second that. This story,, is what convinced me that working 80 hour weeks wasn't worth it, no matter how impressive my resume looked, or my responsibilities were, nor where I got to travel on the company dime, nor who was patting me on the back. I left that corporate world eight years ago and took a job, still in I.T., making 30k less per year but only working 35 hours a week on average. I'm still there, working 35 hours a week. I live in a 80k house, almost paid off, and drive old cars that I work on, and I earn (and use) 300 hours of time off each year.

The good life is out there, even for I.T. workers, if you're willing to go find it.

more than 2 years ago

In Favor of Homegrown IT Solutions

tfiedler Real I.T. professionals don't agree with InfoWorld (265 comments)

I have 20 people who support 7,500 endpoints, nearly 1,500 printers, 450 servers, and over 500 switches across a multi-site facility. Consider also ensuring that data is backed up, secured, and that disaster recover works they way you planned, or the difficulty in finding people who can solve problems, which is what being a good I.T. professional is actually all about.

I outsource to vendors because I simply haven't got a chance in hell to support it any other way.

For a talking head, such as Paul Venezia to have the audacity to think he knows jack about the enterprise is an insult to those of us who do, and indicative of what is really wrong in I.T.; people who have neither the intellect nor aptitude for information technology being in positions to influence the industry, like the editors for rags like InfoWorld.

more than 2 years ago

Half Life of a Tech Worker: 15 Years

tfiedler Applicable to the "places to be" shops only (473 comments)

Maybe at Google, or Microsoft, or any of the other "places to be" the half-life is 15 years, but most I.T. professionals don't work in that world. We work in mom-and-pop, and small-to-medium sized shops, supporting them, the countless 1000's of other small or large I.T. shops that actually consist of the bulk of the real world. We may consume the products that these "places to be" produce, but we're the ones that actually use them in a meaningful fashion and generate the pressure of implementation behind their technologies, and we do it for our entire careers. That's the problem with talking heads, they don't represent the real world that most people work in but they have undue influence on the perception of the real world. While his observations might be relevant for the rock star shops, he has hardly any bearing in my world.

more than 2 years ago

Paper On Super Flu Strain May Be Banned From Publication

tfiedler scientists and the End (754 comments)

This is why the world hates scientists. Sure, politicians and terrorists uses the weapons but it is the scientists who give us atomic bombs, the threat of nuclear winter, super viri, and now an engineered avian flu that can kill off half the planet's population.... what next? This asshat's ego is what has caused this, and all of the other asshats who contribute to weapons of mass destruction. Raccoon city here we come!

more than 2 years ago

In-Vitro Muscle Cells, It's What's For Dinner

tfiedler Re:But is it kosher? (619 comments)

I'm going to say that no, it would not be Kosher to those movements for whom Kosher matters, the names of which vary depending upon what country you are living in.

For example, Kosher cheese can be made with animal-sourced rennet (non-Kosher) because the rennet itself is so different than the original source animal it came from, but the vat-grown meat (which I would not eat no matter how good it tastes, nothing to do with Kosher or not) would not be different than the original source in composition but only in how it was "raised."

Personally, these things disturb me on a level that I can't quote put my finger on.

more than 2 years ago

Could Crowd-Sourced Direct Democracy Work?

tfiedler Re:"Crowd-sourced democracy"? Sheesh. (594 comments)

Check into the concept of a demarchy, posited in the Revelation Space series of books. Kind of like what you'd end up with crowd sourced democracy, a democratic anarchy. I don't want to live in it.

more than 2 years ago

EU Scientists Working On Laser To Rip a Hole In Spacetime

tfiedler Re:Slashdot: Anti-science for ignorant pseudo-nerd (575 comments)

No one is anti-science so get off your high horse. But really, does it make sense to shit in one's backyard? You science types make all of these experiments up in your heads, go beg for public money to make them happen, and don't truly have idea one about what will happen or how it will affect the Earth. It ain't like we got a backup plan if they really do cause something terrible to happen. Just because they haven't screwed the pooch for all of us yet, doesn't mean they should continue to get a free pass. Why don't you take your advanced degree and go do something beneficial for humanity, like flip burgers or cook fries (we all like fries) and then the limit of your harm equation will be burning your stupid ass on hot oil or maybe burning down Joe's burgers instead of melting the planet or placing a long distance call in the inhibitors. Hey here's an idea, even if giant lasers are cool and all, but fix something instead of waste money.... say spend some effort on finding and developing a nice, clean energy supply that doesn't pollute and can be had cheaply and easily, thereby freeing us from the clutches of the petroleum/coal overlords.

more than 2 years ago

Berners-Lee: Web Access Is a 'Human Right'

tfiedler Re:Stupid comparisons (480 comments)

We'd all be able to survive without the Internet. YOU would have to get off your pasty white ass and venture outside, maybe pick up a ball, or a frisbee, or a HAM radio or something, but yeah, you'd survive just fucking fine. AND, in many respects, humanity would be a lot better off with the entitlement mentality that allows some stupid fucktard to make a statement implying the Internet access is a freaking necessity. Morons.

more than 3 years ago

Oracle Launches 'Private Cloud' Box

tfiedler Oracle gets no business from me (82 comments)

I am responsible for directing technology decisions for a large hospital system and Oracle will get no business recommendations from me for any of their technologies. Last week an Oracle rep called and wanted to talk about database directions and I stopped him, mid-sentence, to tell him that I wasn't interested in hearing anything. He asked why. I told him I don't like patent trolls and Oracle's latest salvo at Google over Android and Java was trolling. He was stupified that I wouldn't want to do business with them because of that. I told him ethics drive my decisions and Oracle failed the test and he should pass it up the line. I doubt he did but I don't care. Don't care about this either, Oracle was always a rotten company to deal with and nothing has changed. I hope Larry's latest blows up in his face.

more than 3 years ago

Facing Oblivion, Island Nation Makes Big Sacrifice

tfiedler They're gonna feel like... (360 comments)

They're gonna feel like fools when the doom and gloom prophesies don't pan out.

more than 3 years ago



tfiedler tfiedler writes  |  more than 7 years ago

tfiedler (732589) writes "I manage about 3500 desktop computers and was recently asked by my CIO to begin looking into thin client computing, something like WYSE terminals.

I'd like to know, what are some good functional, and more importantly, manageable options to convert existing desktop computers into what would essentially be a Citrix terminal? I was thinking some brand of Linux that pops up on X, starts the Citrix client and connects to our server farm... The user would see a windows logon, our apps would function as normal and I'd get the benefit of performing a LOT LESS client-side maintenance.

Any suggestions?"


tfiedler has no journal entries.

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