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Does Syfy Really Love Sci-Fi?

thaerin MST3K (742 comments)

"They also ended Mystery Science Theater 3000, only the greatest show ever invented by robots in space."

They may have ended it, but I considered that a mercy killing. I personally lost interest in the show when Joel left and Mike came along. I thought Mike's humor fell flat and to top it off, they killed off some of the best aspects of the show. I mean really, who gets rid of the invention exchange? The Vend-A-Gut shall live in infamy!

more than 3 years ago

Netflix Sues Blockbuster for Patent Infringement

thaerin Re:I'm pulling for Blockbuster (268 comments)

Maybe it doesn't seem original now that everyone is getting in on the act, but original and novel is exactly what it was. Know of any companies that were using that business model before Netflix? I sure don't. The fact is, it was a brilliant idea that seems obvious in retrospect, as most good ideas do.
Uhm, maybe I'm missing the obvious, but all they did was take Blockbuster and throw it online. It's the same business model, i.e. rent movies, ergo the fact that you have the added setp of having to ship the product back and forth from the customer to your warehouse. Seems more like a natural progression of the business model than anything truly unique. They just eliminated the need to spend money on real-estate. *shrug*

more than 8 years ago


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