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Australian Labor Party Proposes ISP Level Filter

thanjee Time for Freedom of Speech act (459 comments)

It is time Australia passed a law allowing freedom of speech! That is something worth campaigning for, and something the Labor government could be doing to get real political support.

At the moment the Labor and Liberal party just seem to be squabbling over who is more conservative.

It is time the went back to their roots. it is time they got the support of the socialists again - who currently have no true choice - unless they want to go green....but that also has social consequences not in line with socialism.

If Gogh Whitlam were still in charge, Australia would be much more progressive, and mindless dribble like this would not make australia look like a backwards militant regime.

more than 8 years ago


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thanjee thanjee writes  |  more than 11 years ago

What is it about FreeBSD that makes it such a joy to use? Is it the cute little red daemon? Is it the efficiency? Is it the stability? Is it the tidy structure? Is it the ports system? Is it the support?

Ahhhh, who knows, I don't have time to ponder such things, I have a bike shed to paint :)

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