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Square Is Discontinuing Monthly Pricing On February 1, 2014

thatbloke83 And here I was... (114 comments)

...thinking that this was a post about the computer game Final Fantasy XIV or something... Turns out it's some stupid I-don't-know-what that can be easily used to steal your credit card info.


about 5 months ago

Fighting the Number-One Killer In the US With Data

thatbloke83 Re:Great use of govt money! (121 comments)

I don't expect any real results from this study for many years, but I think it's a very important study to do.

Great. Then you pay for it. I don't share your enthusiasm, so why should I have to share your bill?

See now I, and a lot of the rest of the so-called "First World" completely fail to comprehend this attitude from Americans. I find it laughable to be quite frank. Why the hell do you not want to look after your fellow people?

about 6 months ago

No Firefox For iOS, Says Mozilla's Product Head

thatbloke83 Why do I feel that sometimes... (318 comments)

...were I to own an Apple device, it would be like living in North Korea?

about a year ago

Unlocking New Mobile Phones Becomes Illegal In the US Tomorrow

thatbloke83 Oh man (475 comments)

So glad I don't live in America

about a year ago

Sony Fined In UK For PlayStation Network Hack

thatbloke83 And out of all this... (86 comments)

...I still can't figure out what grounds Sony could possibly have for an appeal.

They "Strongly disagree" with the ruling. I suppose it's in their best interests to disagree, but based on the publicly known information about this hack, how could they possibly hope to succeed in overturning this ruling?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Get My Spouse To Start Gaming With Me?

thatbloke83 Try Portal 2 Co-op (550 comments)

Something that additionally has a sense of humour might be more enticing than other things.

Like a lot of other posters have said already though, you may just have to accept that gaming as YOU know it just isn't something she enjoys.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Video Games Keep You From Using Linux?

thatbloke83 Battlefield 3 (951 comments)

As title...

about a year and a half ago

Nokia Closing Australian Office, Looking To Sell Qt Assets

thatbloke83 Re:I hope Google gets Qt (125 comments)

There is already a community-run project to port Qt to Android. It's called necessitas, and today the Alpha 4 version was released for testing.

I've dabbled a bit with it with previous versions, and it's in a very good state already :)

See here: http://sourceforge.net/p/necessitas/home/necessitas/ (It seems the website isn't showing alpha 4 yet, but it was announced on the necessitas mailing today that it was available).

about a year and a half ago

ScummVM 1.5.0 'Picnic Basket' Released

thatbloke83 Re:Dreamcast = worst console ever. (65 comments)

I really don't understand why it's so beloved. It basically had not a single interesting game, had the worst controller since... can't remember when... and had a Microsoft OS that powered it.

It did nothing well. It was terrible. It had/has nothing going for it. Why do people praise that turd?

Some of my best gaming days were had with my Dreamcast, with games like Power Stone, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue 1+2, Metropolis Street Racing, Phantasy Star Online...

Oh and I also found a girlfriend via the Dreamcast chat stuff (can't remember what it was called now). Didn't last that long due to distance, but it happened, nonetheless.

At the risk of being modded as inflammatory/trolling, I'm afraid to say you have no idea what you are talking about.

about a year and a half ago

Texter Not Responsible For Textee's Car Accident, Rules Judge

thatbloke83 Re:At first... (200 comments)

Sorry, what? I don't care if you lost your leg, acting like an ass and suing everyone within range after the fact makes you a fucking douchebag.

Why is this girl even remotely involved in this case at all? When driving, it is the SOLE responsibility of the DRIVER to ensure that they are paying attention to the road and following all relevant laws.

Because she sends a text to him, somehow there's a small possibility that SHE is the cause of the accident? WHAT? It is the DRIVER's responsibility to ensure that he/she is paying attention to the road. He should have ignored the text until it was safe for him to read it - it won't be going anywhere! Phones have this amazing invention called "storage" where it stores the message for you INDEFINITELY until you tell it otherwise...

That there are people in here somehow agreeing with the idea that this woman should be sued by these people simply beggars belief. They should be going after the person who hit them, and if he hasn't received what may be a "fair" punishment then they should be going after the people handing out the punishments.

about 2 years ago

Who's Pirating Game of Thrones, and Why?

thatbloke83 Re:A week? (1004 comments)

Actually GoT is only about 16 hours behind the US in the UK. It's broadcast on sunday night in the US, then that same episode is on Sky Atlantic the following Monday in the UK.

But I agree entirely with the rest of your post :D

The problem is the intentional limiting of the availability of the content and the hobbling of said content by loading it with DRM and other restrictions that prevent you from watching it where and when you would like.

about a year ago

Pay Less If You're a Nice Person: Valve's Freemium Model For DOTA 2

thatbloke83 Re:I like this (316 comments)

I just want to call you a fucking moron when you do something stupid and have you be mildly embarrassed and have that mild embarrassment be a motivator to fix your behavior in the future instead of going, "uh, gee, golly gosh, you know it's actually more effective..." and then have somebody mash "UNLIKEABLE" because I didn't make them feel like a perfect snowflake.

And that attitude is precisely the problem.

If I'm doing something stupid/wrong/whatever, I have NO PROBLEM at all with this, if the person additionally tells me, in a NON-OFFENSIVE manner, what I am doing wrong, WHY they think I am doing it wrong, and WHAT I could do differently so that I don't fuck up in the future.

The problem is that people with that sort of attitude are rare, and now people will just call you a stupid fucking noob and tell you to go read some wiki guide and watch 3 hours of youtube guides that teach you precisely fuck all because you aren't actually learning anything when watching said videos. Then they initiate a votekick and kick you from their game for being stupid. Meaning you learn precisely sod all, decide that you instead do not like playing with the sort of people that play the game, and then don't play again.

about 2 years ago

Pay Less If You're a Nice Person: Valve's Freemium Model For DOTA 2

thatbloke83 Re:I like this (316 comments)

Unfortunately this problem isn't just limited to DOTA2 - This sort of attitude is prevalent in a LOT of games now - even games that have not necessarily been around for long...

about 2 years ago

Data Center Staff Will Sleep Among the Racks For London Olympics

thatbloke83 Hammocks? (210 comments)

Maybe they could learn how to weave hammocks out of cat5 cable and string them up between a couple of switches? :D

about 2 years ago

1366x768 Monitors Top 1024x768 For the First Time

thatbloke83 The ONLY reason this has happened (394 comments)

...is because it's been the ONLY friggin resolution available on laptops that are in any way affordable for Joe Public for the past 5 years or so.

I've recently been given a new laptop at work and despite having a 17" screen, as opposed to my previous (4 year old) laptop's 15" screen, the resolution is only 1600x900. This is compared with a 4 year old laptop that had a 1680x1050 screen...

Apparently a laptop with a resolution any higher than that would push the price up from about £500 to twice that.

THAT is the only reason this has happened, and it fucks me off no end, as monitor resolutions should be increasing along with all other related computer technology, but in the past 10 years it's taken a step backwards on laptops.

about 2 years ago

Clever Clues Clobber Crossword Computer

thatbloke83 I thought Crosswords... (70 comments)

...were supposed to be composed of REAL words.


about 2 years ago

Xbox 720 a No-show At This Year's E3

thatbloke83 Re:Whatever... (182 comments)

Conversely, I have a friend who owned a PS3 and a 360, both of which for about the same amount of time, both of which get similar amounts of use. The PS3 died a year ago with a "yellow light of death". It had a rental blu-ray in it at the time, he had to take the ps3 apart to get it out, as it entirely refused to even spit out the disk. The 360 is still going strong...

I'm not going to dispute that the failure rate for the 360 is a lot higher than it should be, but PS3s have had their share of issues too, and I consider the fact that you are on your 6th 360 to be more of an extreme than the norm.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Accuses Google of Violating Internet Explorer's Privacy Settings

thatbloke83 Re:IE's fault? (197 comments)

But I thought that we were supposed to assume that everyone is innocent until proven guilty? :)

more than 2 years ago

Should Next-Gen Game Consoles Be Upgradeable?

thatbloke83 Yes. (348 comments)

Based on the comments I have already seen, I'm a minority. But allow me to explain my point of view.

I'm a PC gamer - I have a PC worth a significant amount of money. I love it. I also have an xbox 360.

I'm fed up of games being developed primarily for consoles, and then the PC receiving some crappy port that doesn't make anywhere NEAR enough use of the available extra horsepower that the PC has.

The only current game that has really pushed things forward in terms of what can be done is Battlefield 3. Had a few friends over recently, who all play it on the xbox. I fired it up on my PC to show them - it was like an entirely new game to them. BF3 is a VERY rare occurrence in that it was developed primarily for the PC, and to take advantage of the features that PC offers FIRST, before then being backported to the xbox 360/PS3. Based on the speculation I've seen already, the next-gen xbox, which isn't even due out till next year, is going to have a particularly mediocre graphics card even by TODAY's standards - in the period between now and when it actually gets released (likely about 18 months I reckon), that graphics card will fall even more behind what PC's can do RIGHT NOW.

Skyrim is an example of the opposite of this. It looks precisely the same on the xbox as it does on the PC (ignoring mods). In addition, the UI for PC is precisely the same as what is used for consoles - which, for a mouse/keyboard interface, is a load of crap. Hell, if I leave my xbox 360 pad plugged in to my PC, it picks this up, and DISABLES Mouse/keyboard interaction till I unplug the controller. WTF is that all about?

Optimizations and the like because your platform is always going to be the same can only get you so far when the hardware is so limited compared to what is available.

In addition, RAM is dirt cheap right now. Why are systems like this still being released with seemingly small amounts of RAM? I know there's a cost/performance ratio that needs to be met here, but seriously - I can go to any major PC seller's website and on any pre-built PC upgrade the amount of RAM installed by default from 4GB to 8GB for between £10 and £15 at the moment. Why are these consoles still going to be limited in such a way?

Stick a Thunderbolt port on it and you've got all the future expandability you require.

more than 2 years ago


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