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TrueCrypt Gets a New Life, New Name

thatkid_2002 Re:What's in a name? (229 comments)

I think CiperhShed is one of the slickest names I've seen...
Yes, there is some poorly named Open Source software but the majority is really on-par with proprietary shit.


TrueCrypt Gets a New Life, New Name

thatkid_2002 Re:Secure? Wordpress? (229 comments)

You beat me to it. You can't write security software and have a Wordpress based website. It's just insane. My trust level went from 70% to 0% as soon as I noticed Wordpress in the footer.
Go use Nikola (or similar). You can easily maintain the website publicly within a Git repo!


Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities?

thatkid_2002 Why a full PC? (238 comments)

Why not get just a router (I've been contemplating a Netgear WNDR-4300) and load it with OpenWRT or even DD-WRT?

If OP wanted to do video transcoding/HTPC duties I could see the use for a full PC but otherwise it is just a nuisence compared to a small, efficient, embedded system.

The main advantage of OpenWRT over $OTHER is it's packaging system and ability to install updates without reflashing. It has good documentation and a great community too.

5 days ago

Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager

thatkid_2002 Re:Lie (170 comments)

It's not rewriting parted. Parted can't handle all modern storage technologies as it only deals with partitions which are only one part (pun intended) of the picture. In the [your favourite distro here] installer the UI calls out a *suite* of tools just like Blivet-GUI does. Previously in Fedora this was all piled into Anaconda - but now it is split out into this "Blivet-GUI" thing.

If you bothered to read the articles or browse the source you'd know that it depended on Blivet and subprocess calls to normal system utilities. Blivet has been around for at least two years already and has matured through its use in Anaconda. Anaconda has been around for many years and has always (AFAIK) depended on Python. Nearly every Linux distro (and other Unixes, OSX and even Haiku) come with Python by default. Most installation environments can use whatever they please without impacting the resulting system so even if you didn't want to install Python (or the more concerning GTK, IMO) you don't have to. This person was not engaging in NIH - they were simply writing a new GUI to an existing tool to allow for better integration, easier modification and fewer dependencies... Shock horror! OMG WHAT AN IDIOT RITE???

This mindless Red Hat bashing has really gone too far.

about two weeks ago

Firefox 32 Arrives With New HTTP Cache, Public Key Pinning Support

thatkid_2002 Re:Still having misery with Firefox. (220 comments)

I have similar browsing habbits and none of these problems. I'm on Linux though.

about two weeks ago

Firefox 32 Arrives With New HTTP Cache, Public Key Pinning Support

thatkid_2002 Re:First impressions (220 comments)

It's been as fast a Chrome for years. It's only Google fanbois on Slashdot who really say otherwise... Though I get the impression that maybe it is slightly different under Windows so maybe that's why some think it's slow. Most of the badness was quickly eliminated after FF4, and the UI changes are really just a storm in a teacup (they haven't changed the way I use FF at all).

about two weeks ago

I'd most like to (personally) explore:

thatkid_2002 Underground lakes (246 comments)

The jungle, caves and the ocean are great and all... But underground lakes such as Lake Vostok probably have some pretty cool life that has been totally isolated for millions of years within them.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Technology Conferences To Attend?

thatkid_2002 Linux Conference Australia (131 comments)

Or any other community run/focused conference. LCA is great bang for the buck, and despite the name is mostly about F/OSS in general - not just Linux.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Linux Login and Resource Management In a Computer Lab?

thatkid_2002 Running Fedora - why not FreeIPA? (98 comments)

I think FreeIPA can address most of your needs and if you are already running Fedora then adding it to your network should be fairly trivial. FreeIPA is kind-of like an Active Directory type dealie (and it can synchronise against AD) that offers a lot of integration and control.

about 2 months ago

Buying New Commercial IT Hardware Isn't Always Worthwhile (Video)

thatkid_2002 Refurbished is great! (92 comments)

When you have SMB type customers then refurbished hardware is great value. They're usually not willing to fork out for a new server. When there is refurbished hardware for a fraction of the price -- still new enough to be reasonably efficient and to add a HP Care Pack or whatever -- why not? Having hardware that is up to scratch is both good for you and good for your customer. Out of dozens of customers of this nature we've never been bitten (and yes, the customer knows the server is refurb + Care Pack).

It's really great when you get a strong business relationship going with your local refurb business. Getting the pick of the litter really gets your geek juices flowing!

We did have a reasonably strong virtualization setup too, and that helps as the article suggests.

The laptop I am typing this on right now is a refurb model that I got for an excellent price a year and a half ago. It's probably the best laptop I've ever had including brand new ones.

about 2 months ago

High School Students Not Waiting For Schools To Go Online

thatkid_2002 Researchers mostly aren't good lecturers (82 comments)

Kahn Academy was a God-send for me. I didn't even have a high-school level of maths before I managed to find my way into an Engineering degree. I learned all of High-school maths and a lot of university level maths in the space of a few months thanks almost totally to the excellent instruction available through Kahn Academy.

Many universities make researchers/professors teach. Some of them do an excellent job because they give a damn, or are passionate about sharing (as opposed to selfish and arrogant which many scientists are). Many of these lecturers are in academia because that's what they personally are good at - and so they don't understand how to teach people who aren't as naturally suited to the subject they are teaching as they were. They don't know what *normal* people find difficult or else they assume they know but completely miss the mark.

Nearly every single mathematical person I have met utterly fails at communication, as I have only found two: a really gifted guy who breezed through university maths and is currently working on his PhD and Salman Kahn of Kahn Academy who is the best communicator of mathematical concepts I have ever found - hands down. He seems to know what normal people find hard and even pre-emptively answers your questions right as they pop into your head.

This only reinforces how outdated the model of university education is and how poor value the university education itself generally is. Normal people can find higher quality resources online and consume them quickly and efficiently and apply them the next day. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars and 2+ years getting a fairly poor imitation of a "T-shaped" education I think the real solution is to set up strong learning resources (online and meatspace workshops) and allow people to cheaply sit certification tests (and portfolio checks) on university-level subjects. People can build their core education as narrow and tight as needed and expand the "arms" of their education out as far as needed in a dynamic fashion which suits this ever-changing world. Hey, if a person completes a whole degree in this fashion they can sell good-ole' degree certificates too!

about a month ago

The Future of Wearables: Standalone, Unobtrusive, and Everywhere

thatkid_2002 Re:Standalone? (56 comments)

So it does neither watch nor phone well. Great. Where can I buy one?

about 2 months ago

The Future of Wearables: Standalone, Unobtrusive, and Everywhere

thatkid_2002 Standalone? (56 comments)

I thought we didn't have the battery technology to really make this idea fly yet... I thought the reason why the leading smart watch (Pebble) is so successful is because it is *not* standalone, and as such as excellent integration with your phone and very good battery life.
What do I know, I guess I'm just not in a sufficiently mindless consumer mindset. I'll never understand this idiocy.

about 2 months ago

Freecode Freezeup

thatkid_2002 Freecode/Freshmeat replacement? Simple? (62 comments)

We all used it as a way to learn about what had just come out, and discover new useful projects by watching/browsing interesting looking items on the feed. All it really was is an aggregator of update feeds... So lets build a new (RSS) aggregator/planet and reach out to the old Freshmeat projects/users to get them to move over?

If the functionality is pared right down it shouldn't even need logins or any of that stuff. Just make RSS links clearly visible and say to people "hey if you want to follow this project specifically, here's the link for your RSS reader!".

about 3 months ago

Parenting Rewires the Male Brain

thatkid_2002 Re:'stay-at-home-dad' schlock (291 comments)

Each to his own. It seems you "choose not to be" a father and thus the effects described don't apply or make sense to you. I have seen the changes described in this article myself and it only confirms what I have seen. I don't think the stay-at-home-dad thing is a bad thing or even being forced upon men in general - hell I hear more men arguing *for* the right to be a stay-at-home-dad than against it. I think you're seeing ideologically charged language where there is none; perhaps the mention of a same-sex couple or the mention that the effect is triggered differently in women has skewed your opinion.

Just to be clear, I am certainly not a feminist. I'm not narrow minded enough for that. I'm an egalitarian.

(clearly my opinion)

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Computer Science Freshman, Too Soon To Job Hunt?

thatkid_2002 Network not search (309 comments)

Try getting into community technical groups - there's always jobs bouncing around these places for those who have natural interest and skill, and they're more likely to understand and accommodate your (student) lifestyle, rather than places that put up ads with more generic applicants in mind.
Hit Meetup and Facebook to help you find groups.

about 4 months ago

Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

thatkid_2002 I hope they don't come too soon. (453 comments)

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow. -- Agent Kay

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Beginner To Intermediate Programming Projects?

thatkid_2002 Different mindset (172 comments)

Stop thinking in terms of difficulty levels and programming problems. Go out there and just do stuff, easy or hard, with the objective of making something meaningful happen. Have another look at Open Source - maybe you don't grok open source and the ecosystem yet, but give it a bit more time and start with the simplest bugs rather than feature development.

Something that I have found particularly helpful is having a go at using open source tools and libraries and then when you find something hard to use (and with a lot of swearing, eventually understand it) go and write a tool or a library to make it easier. There's so many rough edges out there that you can smooth out and these problems tend to have a fairly confined complexity in my experience. You've already started this with your scripting so take it to the next level.

about 4 months ago

Mini Gaming PCs — Promising, But Not Ready

thatkid_2002 Re: AMD Graphics (83 comments)

The drivers for AMD graphics are so shoddy that you can't reliably get full performance and quality as you can with Nvidia.
The CPU performance really just has to be "good enough" - which is probably is.

about 5 months ago



Bill Gates and Toshiba Develop Nuclear Reactor

thatkid_2002 thatkid_2002 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

thatkid_2002 (1529917) writes "Bill Gates and Toshiba in conjunction with TerraPower's Tunneling Wave Reactor design are aiming to design a reactor which will consume depleted uranium and theoretically operate for 100 years without refueling. The question is however; does it run Windows?"
Link to Original Source

XO-3 $75 Madness

thatkid_2002 thatkid_2002 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

thatkid_2002 (1529917) writes "Engadget has a story Here about a new concept design for the OLPC. It is an insanely thin, powerful (800Mhz ARM) 8.5 x 11 tablet aiming for release in 2012. Considering touch screen phones are coming down in price is it so difficult to believe that a mass produced BeagleBoard design paired with multi-touch screen and battery could be a mere $100 (AUD or USD, take a pick) in two years time?
And yes, it will run Linux — with Multi-touch.
What is Slashdot's projections on OLPC and the price of hardware in the future?"

Link to Original Source

XKCD commemorates Yahoo Geocities

thatkid_2002 thatkid_2002 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

thatkid_2002 (1529917) writes "If you look at XKCD today it will appear as though it has either been defaced or designed by a time traveler from the 90's... or both. However this is only a temporary shrine to the terror that was Yahoo Geocities.
Take a look today because unlike Halley's Comet this is not going to come back in 75 years. Mankind is evolving."

Link to Original Source

YaCy - Distributed (P2P) web search engine

thatkid_2002 thatkid_2002 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

thatkid_2002 writes "Heard of YaCy? Neither had I until yesterday.

This is the perfect alternative for anybody who is wanting to escape Google's growing monopoly without moving to yet another company's service that does not really have any advantages over the last. This Open Source project first appeared in 2004 and still has an Alpha status on YaCy's SourceForge page — but don't let this fool you. YaCy runs on every (almost) every platform and features a built in web server which provides an excellent web based interface for both interactive searches and administration of your node (crawler).

Start the web indexer (you can restrict the indexing to your intranet too) to start at your blog, and away it goes indexing locally everything related to you. Searches which pull results from your local index perform at Google-esque speeds, although you might have to wait a few seconds for searches from distributed sources.

I have not brushed over even half the features and installation takes just a few seconds so trying it out for yourself is the best way to experience it!"


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