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Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Is Out, and It's Fast

thc4k About Opera's GUI (274 comments)

I love two things about Opera: One is integrated www, email and rss and the other is it that it's one of the most customizable software I've ever seen. You can change *every* keyboard/mouse/mouse-gesture setting and you can customize *every* ui element (and with a good menu to do so, too).

For software i spend hours each day using, like a browser, I think the most important thing is a good user interface - and there is no better one than the one you built yourself. But it kinda makes talking about the interface pointless - spend 10 minutes with it and it will look like (your personal version of) perfection.

more than 5 years ago

Scientists Decry "Horrifying" UK Border Test Plan

thc4k Re:1984 (515 comments)

Children of Men fits great this time.

more than 5 years ago

UK Plans To Monitor 20,000 Families' Homes Via CCTV

thc4k Because children are just tomorrows criminals (693 comments)

Ok, England is an isle, but does that explain why their children seem to be a demonic race of violent criminals from hell that needs constant supervision? How else can you explain that in the rest of the world tries to treat children with love and trust and they pretty much turn out great?

Every time i hear how the UK goverment looks down at and treats their population as if they were savage, violent Untermenschen i wonder how it could come so far. "Wehret den AnfÃngen!" is just a nice local quote, right?

So what will be next? Looking at my own country's history, the next step after demonizing and controlling a group in society was declaring them a treat to society. For the better of themselfes and society as a whole they need to be concentrated, reeducated and prevented from breeding. Oh and then the killing started, but i guess we live in different times now, right?

more than 5 years ago

Apple Rejects Nine Inch Nails iPhone App

thc4k But microsoft is evil? (397 comments)

Imagine Microsoft selecting what apps may be installed on a windows computer. Sure, the scale is much bigger and smartphones are tied very tight to a particular os, but the essence is that Apple can decide what apps can be installed on hardware you've bought ... i think Microsoft got sued for *alot* less. Has really nobody sued them over the appstore yet or did i simply miss it?

more than 5 years ago

Can rev="canonical" Replace URL-Shortening Services?

thc4k save the internet (354 comments)

kill twitter!

more than 5 years ago

The Hairy State of Linux Filesystems

thc4k Re:Yes/no (187 comments)

If only compilers could read wikipedia, then they knew that they could inline function calls.

more than 5 years ago

Reading Guide To AI Design & Neural Networks?

thc4k Re:AIMA (266 comments)

i took a AI course this semester, they recomended this book (AIMA) and gave the book's homepage: http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/ some sample chapters and links there ...

more than 6 years ago

Solving the Knight's Tour Puzzle In 60 Lines of Python

thc4k stuff that matters (311 comments)

seriously, is this "article" some bad joke?

more than 5 years ago

Independent Dev Reports Over 80% Piracy Rate On DRM-Free Game

thc4k 80% piracy rate doesnt mean 80% lost sales (422 comments)

I think im a pretty normal gamer, and i think over the last years i bought 5 games and pirated something like 20. So my personal pirating rate is 80%+, but that doesnt mean i would have bought any of the games .. most of them were boring, but i brought 2 after i warez'd them. If i think back and count the games i loved and should have bought vs the games i bought, my lost sales rate is below 50%.

I'm kinda experienced in that pirating stuff, doing it since the good old isdn days, but these days with bittorrent and the pirate bay, pretty much everyone can pirate something if they dare.
DRM has never been any issue for me, in the worst case the crack come out a few days after the official release date (gasp!). A few years ago, when there was less pirates and just some simple copy protection, it took alot longer to find a crack. Ok, on Mass Effect with the fancy new securom it almost took two weeks to get a bug-free crack, but on the other hand, many who bought the game also had to wait ...

Sooner or later everyone, pirate or not, needs a crack for something: DRM creates pirates, from music to games to video. I remember trying to explain to my mom why she can't copy a CD to leave it in the car (and failing at it) ... in the end i just downloaded the album and she became a music pirate (sort of )

Anyways, i think the absolute mayority of game pirates are not against paying for a game in general (i have brought plenty of games myself), but against buying a bug-ridden, boring, unplayable game that is not my taste or doesn't run on my pc ( just the same for music and video ).

Even if DRM worked and prevents me from using a product, leaving me unable to decide if i like it or not, that definitly won't make me buy it blindly ...

more than 6 years ago


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