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Google Announces Chrome For Mac and Linux Dev Builds

the right sock Stainless (251 comments)

Stainless is the only Chromium-based browser so-far that does what I hoped Chrome would do: let me have true separate sessions in each tab or window. To be clear: I can be logged in to every one of my gmail accounts in different tabs at the same time. It's still fairly immature, but hopefully it'll get to the point where I can use no-script and be done with FF.

Despite our hopes, FF is not immune to the Mozilla disease, that almost lupus-like systemic breakdown over time, inflicting its greatest damage just at its most critical point in life, when its every extremity is needed to fend off competitors but each slowly degenerating to useless dead weight easily torn, eaten, spat out on the remains of its predecessors.

more than 5 years ago

Providing a Whitelisted Wireless Hotspot?

the right sock Mikrotik RouterOS (58 comments)

Simplest, quickest way to do it, and does everything you're looking to do.

They put a relatively decent shell interface on top of linux that hides a lot of the complexity, and also have a good GUI management utility (I don't use it myself, but it can do everything the shell can).

It'll run on most hardware, including x86. You'd have to buy a license, $45, but it's worth the time saved figuring out how to get all the different parts tied in together.

And there is an active community forum with helpful people in case you run in to trouble.

more than 6 years ago


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