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Surprising Result of NYC Bike Lanes: Faster Traffic for Cars

the.o.ster.66 Re:Bikes lanes are nice (213 comments)

fluid dynamics baby!

about two weeks ago

Google: Indie Musicians Must Join Streaming Service Or Be Removed

the.o.ster.66 Re:People pay for music? (364 comments)

There are still alternatives to Google's service so it's not evil for them to say this Incorrect. In antitrust law the question is whether a company is able to exercise "market power", which does not depend on the mere existence of alternatives, but the relative market power with respect to the alternatives.

so really google should start making shittier products so there is a more equal playing field to choose from, is that what you're suggesting?

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Good Print Media Is Left?

the.o.ster.66 Make and W.I.R.E.D. (285 comments)

Make and WIRED are my two current print subscriptions. (W.I.R.E.D. is fantastically infuriating to type)

about 5 months ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

the.o.ster.66 Re:Glitterboyz on the way (630 comments)

according to the experts at yahoo answers, there isn't recoil in the traditional sense, but there is recoil because physics and also it somehow forms babby.

about 5 months ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

the.o.ster.66 Re:Glitterboyz on the way (630 comments)

is there a recoil on rail guns? or is this a joke?

about 5 months ago

Cameras On Cops: Coming To a Town Near You

the.o.ster.66 where's the tape go? (264 comments)

this is one of the reasons i would wear google glass all the time in public. i've had a couple bogus tickets from cops and i'd love to be able to say "let's go to the video tape!". actually, i just want to say that anyway.

about 6 months ago


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