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Behind the MOOC Harassment Charges That Stunned MIT

theArtificial Re:Not trying to excuse what he did (373 comments)

That means that he sought intimate communications with her under false pretenses.

Does this include fatties on dating websites using creative angles? What about attractive clothing, or being seen in a friends car, oh and makeup! All of these are now fraud!?

4 days ago

Regular Exercise Not Enough To Make Up For Sitting All Day

theArtificial Re:Limited power to change working situation... (348 comments)


You're defending people who are bright enough to avoid the warnings, for the last 40 years. Do you flip out on people eating fast food? Heart disease is the leading killer.

Vaping IS cool, AND it is saving lives- more than the gum ever did.

Stopping a bad habit is beneficial, who would've thought? There are fewer smokers today despite vaping.

It's worth some karma. It's worth some anger. It's worth my ego versus yours. If you are opposed to tobacco replacement for smokers, if you spread lies about how e-cigs are like "lite cigs", then you are literally causing cancer.

Did adults suddenly not become responsible for their behavior? Their actions are solely responsible, not some blowhard on a forum, the person willfully inhaling.

YOU BECOME A CARCINOGEN. And unlike tobacco and the other carcinogens, you have agency, and can fix your goddamned shit. And you best do it fast before a statistically signifigant portion of your smoker friends are injured or killed, when your attitude could instead have lead them to STOP smoking, START vaping, and not have had that happen.

Who are you to tell people what they can and cannot put into their body? Sounds like these people lack discipline and willpower to deny themselves something they've LEARNED to like. FYI I'm a former smoker and not an antismoking nazi either.

about a week ago

SystemD Gains New Networking Features

theArtificial Re:Will SystemD feature creep ever stop ? (552 comments)

And no, code for scanning through a gigantic binary file is not going to be as fast as loading a 1k text file.

"Fun" might be another word? I do happen to know who enjoys digging through binary files, the souls who reverse engineer things! Maybe the GP is one of those who uses a hex editor for everything? The proverbial sledge hammer (of file editing).

about two weeks ago

Intuit Charges More For Previously Offered TurboTax Features, Users Livid

theArtificial Re:Just hire a CPA (450 comments)

I imagine all professional CPAs use some sort of professional CPA program.

There are many things that are farmed out as well, take tax credits. In a nutshell Businesses may be applicable for these if they hire employees from certain areas for example. Traditionally this might be handled in-house, or farmed out to an accountant/firm, who then might farm it out again to a firm that specializes in these things, who again farm it out to cheap data processing labor. It's quite a rabbit hole, imagine insurance companies! A project our company developed generated and processed these tax credits in batches in seconds. The system needed to be accurate an used shape files to define areas and performed multiple look ups using different maps for fail overs. This process illustrated some awesome exceptions with resolving addresses. The entire tax credit industry exists because of lobbying and ultimately the product wasn't marketed.

about two weeks ago

Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked

theArtificial Re:The Government is NOT here to help you... (463 comments)

The distribution of first time offenders is almost perfectly evenly distributed.

I tried to find this, can you cite this at all? I spent about an hour searching. Seems like this could be a really interesting hobby project site.

It's just that a Black person who offends is treated so much more harshly than a White doing the same thing, that recidivism is almost guaranteed.

The longer the sentence the more likely one is to re-offend?

It's a "tough on crime" conspiracy by the Conservatives to strip the vote from all the Blacks.

This would only affect those who are 1) serving time 2) doing drugs. Since there isn't any language that applies to only certain skin tones, it applies to all inmates convicted of these crimes. Also, seems like a small voting block to be concerned about, [warning pdf]why wouldn't they go for the smaller ones first? Perhaps it has to do with money? See below.

Researching incarceration by race, I began by looking for bias in sentencing (is it judges etc.) I learned a large part of the harshness revolves around crack cocaine sentencing guidelines. Police operate by going into areas of poverty and performing sweeps. If you have a prior the sentence increases, it's like a feedback loop. Different classes of people do different drugs. Whites, for example, are more likely to be Methamphetamine users. Sentencing has increased for across all races however there remains a gap.

It largely, in my opinion, seems more of a socioeconomic issue than anything. I'd say a stronger argument would be the breakdown of the nuclear family and poverty. See the link below for the Moynihan Report, which was done in 1965 and recently revisited.

The Black Family: Five Decades After the Moynihan Report. Although I encourage everyone to view the report, for the lazy here are some highlights.

Among the findings in “The Moynihan Report Revisited”:

  • The statistics that so alarmed Moynihan have only grown worse, not only for blacks, but for whites and Hispanics as well. Today, the share of white children born outside marriage is about the same as the share was for black children in Moynihan’s day. Meanwhile, the percentage of black children born to unmarried mothers has tripled, remaining far higher than the percentage of white children born to unmarried mothers.
  • In 1960, 20 percent of black children lived with their mothers but not their fathers; by 2010, 53 percent of all black children lived in such families. The share of white children living with their mothers but not their fathers climbed to 20 percent in 2010, up from 6 percent in 1960.
  • There has been a marked retreat from marriage. In 1960, just over one-half of all black women were married and living with their husbands, compared with over two-thirds of white and Hispanic women. By 2010, only one-quarter of black women, two-fifths of Hispanic women, and one-half of white women lived with their spouses.
  • That the decline of traditional families occurred across racial and ethnic groups indicates that factors driving the decline do not lie solely within the black community but in the larger social and economic context. Nevertheless, the consequences may be felt disproportionately among blacks as black children are far more likely to be born into and raised in father-absent families than are white children.

In addition there's also some related highlights from 50 years on the War on Poverty and here too, which illustrates the rise in unwanted pregnancies, single parent households.

about three weeks ago

Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

theArtificial Re:Land of the free (580 comments)

But we are too chickenshit, and perhaps more importantly in debt to China, that both NK and China will get away with this shit.

"in debt to China" TL;DR. Vast majority of the debt is domestically held, saying China "owns" the U.S. or any other country for that matter is nonsense.

And while I'm tossing blame, Sony itself is to blame for its crappy Security. How the hell does Muti-terabytes of data leave your network, without even a HINT of it. I'm sure that whatever cost savings they were going for when IT budgets came out was well worth it. I hope Sony gets it pants sued off (see first paragraph) by the likes of all the actors, crews and other employees.

Wonder if their IT was outsourced?

about a month ago

Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

theArtificial Re:My what impressive sources you have! (388 comments)

For the record this event couldn't have happened to a better company. Since we're talking individuals and not collections of people: It's not just these parts, for example take violations of prisoners, specifically rape jokes. How are those convicted of sex crimes, say involving children (Sandusky) treated inside the system?

about a month ago

Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

theArtificial Re:This needs to stop ... (388 comments)

All non-military personnel are civilians, this includes police.

about a month ago

Coding Bootcamps Presented As "College Alternative"

theArtificial Re:The end result (226 comments)

Offtopic: Ah that joke, reminds me of this scene from The Pink Panther. (sfw)

about 2 months ago

Real Steampunk Computer Brought Back To Life

theArtificial 100 Year old (81 comments)

1914 is not the 19th century. I imagine this person still uses 'turn of the century' to refer to the 1900s, too. In a similar vein, an actual 19th century computer, there is Babage's Difference Engine (tighter shots here) which is very impressive to watch as well.

about 2 months ago

Worldwide Aaron Swartz Day Memorial Hackathons This Weekend

theArtificial Re:Ideally (76 comments)

Broke into an open network eh?

about 3 months ago

Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

theArtificial Re:Not a chance (631 comments)

It is very illegal for a merchant to store your credit card number for more than the 5 seconds it takes to authorize the transaction, unless they implement fairly strong protection to make sure nobody can steal those numbers later. But even if they do this, it is still very illegal for them to try to share those card numbers and what they purchased, which would be necessary for different merchants to "track" your purchases.

You seem to have a pretty good understanding of the topic and I'd like to expand upon it. I've worked with several payment processors and been involved with many systems which handle credit card data and PCI compliance has very a specific definition (expanded, see also) about what card holder data is. Your first and last name, billing address, expiration, last 4 and the card type are not card holder data. Plenty there to "track" legally without touching the PAN (Primary Account Number). That said, I have no desire to see CurrentC implemented.

This doesn't even really touch companies like Acxiom. Here's a little scoop on the whole data broker thing for those unfamiliar with the scope of collection.

about 3 months ago

2600 Profiled: "A Print Magazine For Hackers"

theArtificial Re:Hard to find (71 comments)

I don't get why anybody wants a print version of a blog in 2014

How many blogs can you go back 30 years on? I've had paper last far longer than any computer.

about 2 months ago

2600 Profiled: "A Print Magazine For Hackers"

theArtificial Re:Hard to find (71 comments)

Purchased one a few days ago from a Microcenter. Maybe they were just out?

about 2 months ago


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