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US Takes Out Gang That Used Zeus Malware To Steal Millions

theM_xl So... (38 comments)

Looking at the story on Obama about the 'next Hearthbleed', this is where we can only conclude that the US government is taking out the competition...

about 5 months ago

Science Museum Declines To Show Climate Change Film

theM_xl Re:understandable (398 comments)

Not particularly. The cost of natural disasters as a percentage of global production is remarkably stable. We're mostly taking notice more because increased populations means the absolute number of people getting hit at once goes up, which makes for great television.

about 10 months ago

Imagining the Post-Antibiotic Future

theM_xl Re:Hypocritical (453 comments)

No it's bloody well NOT dependent on continued application. The yield loss is small enough that it's perfectly manageable if implemented sanely. Sweden decided to curtail antibiotic use over a decade ago.

about 10 months ago

USAF Almost Nuked North Carolina In 1961 – Declassified Document

theM_xl Re:Broken Arrow. (586 comments)

They used a nuke ;-)

about a year ago

No "Right To Be Forgotten," Says EU Advocate General

theM_xl Re:A rare outburst of common sense from the EU (116 comments)

No. I'm pretty sure being a happy Europhile would require quite a few more things. Just minor ones, really, like stopping the complete waste of money that is the monthly transfer to Strassbourg, the rampant corruption, the GENERAL waste of money, curbing their drive to make large numbers of rules on just about any subject... Maybe even toning down on shouting how good a job they're doing while everyone can see the results of said job, and not liking those results at all.

Though it might be that easy to be a happy europhile if you don't have to, you know, LIVE there.

about a year ago

MS To Indie Devs: You Have a To Have a Publisher

theM_xl Re:What is a publisher even for? (463 comments)

Theoretically, QA as well as a large distribution network (which one no longer truly NEEDS for indie titles due to a nifty invention called the Internet ).

Of course, much like Microsoft themselves, the publisher wants their cut...

about a year ago

EU Countries Closer To Mandatory Minimum Sentence Cap For Hacking

theM_xl Re:USoE (154 comments)

Living in the Netherlands, I did see the sheer idiocy of propaganda the last time they were willing to let us say anything about the EU. Whenever said EU is trying to increase its power - again - we're blitzed with a wide variety of warnings that if we don't do this, the sky will fall on us (or whatever the economic or political equivalent is at the time).

We could make it work so the bombs don't start flying again by NOT trying the exact same thing that has set it off every time before, namely trying to unite Europe under one rule. Though I suppose the bit where making that one rule a Common Enemy to everyone living in Europe is a new approach.

about a year ago

Dutch Bill Seeks To Give Law Enforcement Hacking Powers

theM_xl Living in the Netherlands... (114 comments)

Sadly, I have to admit he IS just that stupid.

He's been busy trying to kill privacy while turning a dozen bureaucratic police corpses into a single grand paper mill with vast investigative powers and near-zero investigative ability. Percentage of crimes solved is historically low. Priority appears to be crimes that aren't (example: 440 man DAYS burned on a single 4Chan message of a schoolkid threatening to set his school on fire), as well as traffic violations (effectively turning the police into an extended tax collection agency).

Sadly, he's not going anywhere until the next elections.

about a year ago

The Underhanded C Contest Is Back

theM_xl Re:actual challenge this year (88 comments)

This is an obviously needed utility for C programmer community, in order to gain some "friends" on ????book.

You don't have many friends, do you. :-)

about a year and a half ago

Fly Me To Which Moon?

theM_xl Re:WHAT ?? (183 comments)

You know, it's that rather narrow view of life that has me convinced that we're not going to know we've discovered life until it declares war on us.

more than 5 years ago

Leaked Star Wars Battlefront III Footage

theM_xl Re:Management kills another project (33 comments)

... You know, given what "under administration" MEANS (think Chapter 11 if you're American) making money WOULD HAVE BEEN important :)

more than 5 years ago

6-Year-Old Says Grand Theft Auto Taught Him To Drive

theM_xl Re:Prosecute the parents (504 comments)

In how many of the cases does someone getting shot count as accidental, anyway? I suspect the number of deaths caused by cars INTENTIONALLY is a lot lower than the number of deaths by gun.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Boosts Optical Communication Speeds

theM_xl Given what there was before... (32 comments)

I'd say the real news here is "tenth of the price". The 4 times the previous speed improvement is nice, mind you, but it's the price drop that means it's likely to find it's way to consumer-level stuff eventually.

Also interesting is DARPA being involved (again) which seems to happen more often than our patenting overlords would like us to know.

more than 5 years ago

Logitech Makes 1 Billionth Mouse

theM_xl Re:Marketshare ? (456 comments)

Easy, they're breeding like mice! :)


more than 5 years ago

Rocketman Crosses Colorado Gorge

theM_xl Re:average speed of 180mph!! (71 comments)

Google says you got it wrong too.

Silly Americans, switch to metric already :D

more than 5 years ago

PCGA To "Take Up the Challenge of Piracy"

theM_xl Re:Four keyboards and four mice? (134 comments)

Which actually SUPPORTS my dumbed down point since social games have to be easily understood. The gamepad simply can't handle anything beyond imprecise movement and twitch gaming. Even Sudoku would be a pain to play with a gamepad.

more than 5 years ago

PCGA To "Take Up the Challenge of Piracy"

theM_xl Re:consoles are the key (134 comments)

Because console games are dumbed down to fit "no keyboard and mouse". It's impossible to control a game with the complexity of, say, Master of Orion. Just because some people are incapable of the mental processing required to do more than basic FPS doesn't mean we all suffer from the same lack of brains.

more than 5 years ago

Barack Obama Wins US Presidency

theM_xl Re:The party of big government (3709 comments)

Could someone tell me what this "economic conservatism" thing means? Looking at the national debt it's not tied to a balanced budget, I know that much...

more than 5 years ago


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