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OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

thebjorn Re:Too specific? (379 comments)

Without looking at the code or the commits...

... you should probably not talk about things you don't know anything about..?

about 3 months ago

Star Trek Economics

thebjorn not enough drugs to go around... (888 comments)

I'm pretty sure there's not enough drugs to go around in such a society (leading to scarcity, etc. ad absurdum). Or perhaps you have a very unrealistic view of what people do when they have no constraints on their time?

about 5 months ago

Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well

thebjorn Re:This is not security!!! (362 comments)

You obviously know what you're talking about. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter...

about 9 months ago

UK Court Sanctions Apple For Non-Compliance

thebjorn Re:Apple and their lawyers were lucky (217 comments)

According to the judge, what they added was false, misleading, and did not convey the intent of the order -- and he analyzes each added statement in depth. In addition they used too much time to comply when it came to newspapers, where the judge expected "earliest possible time" to mean the next couple of days and not a month. As a punishment they now have to pay _all_ of Samsung's legal expenses (i.e. not only legal fees), they have to keep the notice up for much longer, and they have to put on their home page that they lied in their previous attempt. You don't have to agree with a judge's order, but you do have to follow it. Judges tend to get pissed off if you try to worm yourself around an order -- not something that should be news for Apple's capable legal team.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Seamonkey vs. Firefox — Any Takers?

thebjorn Re:Default Interface (302 comments)

[...] or WorldWideWeb on NeXT, which I believe was a 320x240 4000 color machine [...]

The NeXT had a 17" monitor with 1120x832 pixels with 4 different shades of gray.

about 2 years ago

Opa 1.0 Released

thebjorn Affero GPL? (79 comments)

If I'm reading it correctly, your source needs to be distributed if it touches the opa compiler...?

more than 2 years ago

An HTTP Status Code For Censorship?

thebjorn Re:No problem (369 comments)

As far as I know, there is nowhere left in the world that is as free as the United States [...]

I think I'm far more free in Australia than you are in the United States, and Norway has us both beaten. But perhaps we both have an unrealistic idea of what "free" means.

Norway is great in many (most?) ways, but I do believe the US has us beat when it comes to real and/or legislative freedoms... I've lived in the US for 15+ years but only visited Australia, so perhaps you had something specific in mind? .. or perhaps I have an unrealistic idea of what "free" means ?-)

more than 2 years ago

Wikipedia Mobile Apps Switch To OpenStreetMap

thebjorn Re:anti-customer decision? (166 comments)

Perhaps now they feel they've captured a significant enough portion of the market and decided to start capitalizing on it? That would be my (admittedly uninformed) guess[...]

Google Maps API is still free to use as long as you don't charge for access to your website:

more than 2 years ago

Fix For Apache DoS Bug In the Pipes

thebjorn Re:I hear... (49 comments)

Request-Range is also affected, better turn it off: RequestHeader unset Request-Range

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: FTP Server Honeypots?

thebjorn Re:Denyhosts (298 comments)

Seconded! I've set it up so it only accepts one failed ssh login attempt from an unknown ip address before it denies _all_ access. (I need to be able to log in while I'm on vacation, so I can't turn it all the way off...)

more than 3 years ago

How Windows 7 Knows About Your Internet Connection

thebjorn Re:The relevant bits (434 comments)

CLI is dead and has been for years. People don't want it and that's why the world runs on GUI.

Two words: Windows PowerShell.

more than 3 years ago

IMSLP Taken Down By UK Publishers Group

thebjorn Re:Frankly... (117 comments)

Anybody who would use GoDaddy as a provider must be fairly fucking stupid. Could a more disreputable outfit, with shittier customer service, ever be found?

But they're cheap. And who needs customer service, it's a fucking domain registrar? Disreputable? If you think you only buy shit from reputable companies I've got a big fucking surprise for you.

They should switch away from GoDaddy, so they don't have to share a server with 4000 other customers...

more than 3 years ago

Verizon To Throttle High-Bandwidth Users

thebjorn Re:Why do these people keep pushing video?! (305 comments)

[...] In the case of bandwidth marketing, it has always been a lie, since dial up modems, companies always selling far more than they can actually provide.

Living in the US, that's certainly true. It's not necessarily true in other parts of the world though. Where I'm at right now (, I pay ~$120/month for 25Gbit up/down + a static IP address. I consistently get just over 3200 KB/sec, i.e. what I'm paying for plus a few extra bytes.

more than 3 years ago

Chinese Written Language To Dominate Internet

thebjorn Re:Quantity, not quality. (535 comments)

To the extent that you agree with established fact, your statements contribute nothing. To the extent that you disagree with established fact, your statements simply are wrong. When you feel an urge to broadcast your opinions to the world, reconsider.

Now that's quotable :-) ... yes, I know it doesn't hold in general, but how often does anyone talk to Mr. G. Galilei these days?

more than 2 years ago

A Real World HTML 5 Benchmark

thebjorn Re:Could you please post your scores + H/W Specs? (163 comments)

Oddly both chrome and safari came up as "Safari version 534.10" in the benchmark.

Funnily, so did IE9 Beta (9.0.7930.16406). On my machine Chrome (same version as yours) got 13545 and IE9b got 13439.

more than 3 years ago

100-Sq.-Mile Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland Glacier

thebjorn Re:Who are you refering to exactly? (323 comments)

Having said that, there are some additional reasons why this happens with AGW. For example, science has pretty much come to a consensus a decade ago, so it's somewhat fair to assume that many of the people who hold out either suffer from cognitive dissonance (e.g. they drive an inefficient car and don't want to be feel bad for it, so they don't believe in AGW), or have monetary motives (e.g. they sell oil). Not all of them, obviously, but as a generalization, it doesn't seem overly unfair.

I don't own a gun. My driving is limited enough that I only need to fill my gas tank three times a year. While I am fiscally conservative, I'm nowhere near the right-wing. Socially, I'm far left on the political spectrum. I'm 40 y/o. I work as a glorified code-monkey (with a MS), and I've been to half a dozen countries in Asia, most of Western Europe, the USA, and Canada.

IOW, I'm neither gun-toting, a cognitive dissonance suffering SUV-driver, right-wing-nut, young/naive, un-educated, myopic, nor selling oil.

What scares me most about the AGW debate is the religious fervor, with which its proponents attack their opponents. You say that "science" has come to a consensus a decade ago, but that glosses over mountains of politicking. What it boils down to for me is this: when there is a conflict between policies aimed at reversing AGW and policies aimed at eliminating e.g. malaria and food shortages; which policy should be prioritized? The answer, at least for me, is that malaria is far more deserving of mind-share than AGW.

more than 3 years ago

Finance, Scientific Users Get ActivePython Updates

thebjorn Re:I tried that once (131 comments)

but while I was programming an important app, I accidently hit the space bar just before tabbing. Since this error wasn't visible on printouts or screen views, [...]

What, the glaring "IndentationError" exception that gets thrown as soon as you import the file didn't tip you off?

The situation you describe can never happen silently. I call bull$!7. Theoretically, it is possible to construct a situation where you would get a silent inconsistency, but this isn't it. I've programmed extensively in Python since '97 and never experienced problems due to indentation. In real life, this just isn't a problem.

But you can't blame them, I mean what sort of idiot language has whitespace signify blocks of code?

Well.... all of them do. How else would you find the blocks in a program? I know that many languages also use special tokens like { and } or "begin" and "end", but programmers still use the indentation to identify blocks even when it contradicts the tokens. The canonical example is something like:

if (some_test())
....i = foo();;

Perfectly valid code, so no compiler errors etc., but most programmers will read it as a an if-statement with a true-block containing two statements... (I had to use dots to get indentation since pre-tags do not seem to be understood...?!)

more than 4 years ago



thebjorn thebjorn writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thebjorn writes "I don't always read the EULA before installing something, but I happened to skim the one at where I went in the hope to watch the Super Bowl XLI commercials (I'm so, very, far, away...) Anyways, I especially enjoyed section 10.0:

10.0 CHANGES TO SERVICE OR EULA. GridNetworks reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update, change, modify, add or remove any portion of the services or this agreement, in whole or in part, at any time. Changes to this agreement will be effective when posted on our website You agree to review this agreement periodically to be aware of any changes. By continuing to use the services after any changes, you agree to be bound by subsequent revisions to this agreement.
This is after the language about allowing 3rd parties to install and run "DRM" software with free access to my machine and network :-) Needless to say, I'm looking for my commercials elsewhere, but these guys really ought to get a prize..."

thebjorn thebjorn writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thebjorn writes "Google's gift to the USPTO, Google Patents (beta) [] is an easy way to search the patent database."


thebjorn has no journal entries.

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