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WSJ and Al-Jazeera Lure Whistleblowers

thedletterman Re:it's a TRAP! (84 comments)

WSJ Exec: "Anonymous is just a marketing buzzword right? Let's just make sure the legal team writes it up so that anyone who reads the TOS understands we're doing the exact opposite here."

more than 3 years ago

MI6 Swaps Bomb Making Info With Cupcake Recipe On al-Qaeda Website

thedletterman Re:Waste of time and resources. (149 comments)

Do you seriously think they exploited the webserver to replace text, but didn't bother copying all the system logs and installing a backdoor and rootkit? You're right, they did it for the lulz. It's too bad that MI-6 only has access to documented, patched vulnerabilities and this website will be back to impenetrable by foreign intelligence services status in no time.

more than 3 years ago

How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

thedletterman Re:Yeah... (396 comments)

A much better suggestion is to not allow flash to be installed. There are critical security vulnerabilities in like the last 100 versions of flash. Having the "latest patched version" doesn't make you much safer when new 0-day flash exploits are constantly being discovered.

more than 4 years ago

Genius IQ Successful People In 3 Main Qualities

thedletterman 3 main qualities (1 comments)

I have a genius IQ (146) and it was scored in three completely different (read quantifiable) areas: Language, Mathematics, and Science.

more than 6 years ago



HD Media Players

thedletterman thedletterman writes  |  more than 6 years ago

thedletterman writes "I've been spending the last few months shopping around for a good home media player. I don't need the ability to record or rip, but I do want 1080p playback. I would also like wireless N draft, support for common video codecs, playback from SMB shares, and most importantly, a nice UI. There's several players on the market which have caught my interest, but fail to meet these basic requirements. Am I asking for too much?

For example, I would take the Popcorn Hour A-100 in a minute (actually more like 3 months if you consider the waiting list) if it was wireless. I would take a Linksys DMA2100 if it didn't require running everything through Windows Vista Media Center Edition.

I'm currently considering the Mvix's MX-780HD but the interface looks like complete garbage. I'm using a Neuros OSD, which doesn't do wireless (properly.. it is using a bridge), doesn't support resolutions better than composite cables, the interface locks and lags, and it looks pretty crappy.

In my living room, I have a wireless Xbox running XMBC and component cables. The networking support is there, just not in N-mode, the codec support is there, and the UI is great: directory support for wide banner formats and a media scraper connected to thetvdb.com and imdb for the win. However, the Xbox won't do 1080p, is too loud with the fans, and the wireless controller just doesn't make a good interface and sucks through batteries too fast.

Am I asking for too much too soon from this rapidly evolving industry? Am I stuck with the Xbox as the best solution until next year's products roll out? I'd love to hear suggestions and feedback from other users who don't want to drop $30,000 for a Kaleidescape or have a media center PC in their living room but want a media player capable of handling the task that looks great."

thedletterman thedletterman writes  |  more than 8 years ago

thedletterman writes "In a USA TODAY Artice http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/telecom/2 006-08-30-verizon-surcharge_x.htm?csp=34 Verizon and Bellsouth, under pressure from the Federal Communications Commission, dropped plans to collect a new surcharge on DSL Internet lines. Verizon's about-face marked a second victory for the FCC. The agency's dissatisfaction with the fee caused BellSouth to stop collecting the surcharge last week.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said in a statement that he was pleased that both Verizon and BellSouth have eliminated the new fees. "The continued deployment of broadband at affordable prices for consumers remains my top priority as chairman," he said.

Perhaps there is still hope for the FCC."


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