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Hubble Takes Amazing New Images of Andromeda, Pillars of Creation

thefuz Wind direction? (97 comments)

Why do all the cloud forms follow such a similar drift pattern? Is it the movement of the stars themselves within their local group? Is there something beyond the image forcing the wind direction (other massive stars and/or a supernova are mentioned in the Wikipedia article about the Pillars). Is there a count of how many stars are being formed here? The IR image suggests quite a few.

Stunning imagery. Keep 'em coming, Team Hubble!!!

about three weeks ago

South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards

thefuz Plants crave it... (665 comments)

Is anyone else horrified by my "theory" that the movie Idiocracy is actually a future historical documentary produced by Ken Burn's great-grandchild?! Good grief.

Pass the Brawndo. I'm low on electrolytes!

about a year ago

Three New Exoplanets Seen In Direct Photographs

thefuz Re:Young massive and hot. (43 comments)

Planets _can_ be hot, you know - just look at Jupiter. Oh, wait... you were talking about... ohhhhh. Right.

about a year ago

House Kills Effort To Stop Workplace Requests For Facebook Passwords

thefuz Who's asking?? (275 comments)

Can someone point me to a list of companies/organizations that are making these demands of perspective employees? This is madness!

more than 2 years ago

Study Finds Social Media Harder To Resist Than Cigarettes, Alcohol

thefuz Sinfully tempting... not a leading cause of death! (134 comments)

Yes, social is addicting. Should it still be vilified? Last time I checked, you can't die from it (fringe serial killers aside)!!

more than 2 years ago

China Launches Space Station Laboratory Module

thefuz Show the love, people! (178 comments)

Dear China,
Thank you. I love you. You're the best!
- Fan of space
PS - Please launch a probe to Mars ASAP. Be sure to provide the highest quality live feed of launch and resulting Martian arrival directly to MSNBC and Fox News.

more than 3 years ago

NASA Unveils Design for New Space Launch System

thefuz China needs to get to Mars first... (288 comments)

What is being overlooked here, imo, is the factor that drove the Apollo program to such fantastic feats on its relatively short timescale. That type of commitment and effort is _never_ going to be undertaken without the threat of another country topping the US. Barring the type of wake-up-call moment like Sputnik or Gagarin, the necessary desire to get us to the aspirational next level will continue on this iterative path of fits and starts. The key factor that allowed for Mercury -> Gemini -> Apollo was the race to the moon. Right now we have these wishy-washy blurred objectives like wouldn't it be great to visit an asteroid or maybe we'll be walking on Mars in 20 years. F that. We really need a challenger. China. Like the title says, they need to get to Mars. Will them putting something real into orbit do the trick? Is that even attainable given their current launch capabilities (I think so). Until something like that happens, we're doomed to live in this bureaucratic netherworld of pork. The public (I'm guilty too) is too apathetic to realize the country could really use something inspiring like this. Otherwise all the wonderful brainpower out there will continue to funnel into the world of spooky finance transactions... who can blame them!!

more than 3 years ago

Solar Flare Interferes With Radio, But No Big Auroras

thefuz XM was wonky late afternoon (37 comments)

I knew it wasn't just the black heli's trying to block out my Boneyard! Something was definitely up w/SiriusXM reception around 6PM EST today... unless it was something else that has nothing to do with the flare. IANAAstrophysicist.

more than 3 years ago

Google Announces New Google Wave "Wave" Notification

thefuz Sup dawg (95 comments)

For those of you looking to fill your meme quotient for the day... Yo dawg, we heard you like Google Wave, so we got a real person to wave at you while you wave at your friends from your wave.

more than 4 years ago

Blazing Fast Password Recovery With New ATI Cards

thefuz Someone should revoke Taco's privileges... (215 comments)

This is a blatant advertisement. Who's responsible for letting junk like this through? Has your account been hacked, CmdrTaco (or should we now call you CmdrSPAM)? It's bad enough stories are often duplicates and days/weeks old. This is just sh*tty spam.

more than 4 years ago

Tomorrow's Science Heroes?

thefuz Re:Tyson (799 comments)

Huge fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson as well - check out his new show Nova Science Now. It's a little parochial, but I believe it's intended for a younger audience - it definitely has a good fun factor with solid science qualities. Also love seeing him on Colbert. Total riot!

more than 5 years ago

Could the Internet Be Taken Down In 30 Minutes?

thefuz Re:Internet Backbone DDOS in 2002 (289 comments)

I would be surprised if it was down for more than 24 hours following that though.

That's the thing... so they take down the Internets within 30 mins. Does it really matter _that_ much if it's just back up again in a day or so (and after that, now the folks trying to figure out who owns all the bots have much more data to figure out the responsible parties)? Doesn't seem like an event of this nature would be more than a bump in the road or yet another reason to sell some "I survived the Internet B0tst0rmz of 2009" t-shirts. Speaking of that:

1) Gather monster-storm of zombie PCs
2) Take down Internets
3) Sell "I survived the Internet B0tst0rmz of 2009" t-shirts
4) Profit

more than 5 years ago

Does Obama Have a Problem At NASA?

thefuz He's not qualified to have been running NASA?? (479 comments)

I always recall reading good things about Griffin when he was first nominated for NASA chief, replacing the much-reviled penny pincher, Okeefe. Was this not the case? Am I missing something? Why all the late armchair criticism for the guy and the cries of being a Bush lackey?? Looking at Griffin's background listed in Wikipedia... seems like he's got a pretty solid background in science (and a little business flavor thrown in). What gives? I completely agree that any sort of chicanery or obfuscation regarding the Orion program originating from his office should be met with the harshest punishment. Barring conclusive evidence of that... why make the assumption based upon circumstantial evidence? Oh, wait... I forgot. This is \.

more than 6 years ago


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