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More Details of MS/DOJ Deal

thejake316 Upon close inspection of that settlement (494 comments)

It would appear that the DOJ is dictating some of the interface engineering that M$ will be doing for the next 5 years or so. I had hopes that the "start button" and the metaphor of the desktop would be replaced before 2005.

more than 13 years ago


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Perls fer swine

thejake316 thejake316 writes  |  more than 13 years ago

BIREAADS, There is no shark I will not jump. Barbara Lee is a traitor. National security begins with your home. DO NOT FLY AGAIN UNTIL AIRLINES ALLOW ARMED PASSENGERS. If you are legally allowed to carry, you can carry on trains, busses and in taxis, why is an airplane any different? And don't go into explosive decompression BS, you will have difficulty bringing down a plane with a handgun (unless you shoot the pilots), you'd have to penetrate 3/4" of aluminum. Unlikely with 150 grains of lead with 800 ft/lbs of energy. Cops, at least, WHO THE HELL WILL IT HURT TO LET OFF-DUTY COPS CARRY ON PLANES? They can carry pretty much wheerever they feel like anyway, with the exception of a few policestates run by socialists and/or facists on either coast (can we just give California back to Mexico?) Those poor bastards on flight 93, they had to take on the bastards with plastic butter knives. If you're pro gun control, write the families of those people and tell them you're against their right to defend themselves. I hope you're proud, you hopolophobic cowards.

It makes me sick when you pissant cowards who know nothing about guns spout about how dangerous they are, how only cops need them, etc. Do yourself a favor, find a real American who's proud enough to admit they own firearms and have them take you shooting, learning about things tends to make you less afraid of them.

Americans have a right to defend themselves. The ruling elite are trying to take that right away to bolster their power. That is the bottom line.

Anyway, if several passengers on those flights had had handguns, there might have been a different outcome. If every Jew in Germany had had a handgun, there might have been a different outcome. Refusing to arm yourself is cowardice.

Anyway, I'm not planning on flying again.

                It's time to end the war on drugs. The war on drugs is similar to this war on terrorism, there's no state enemy as such, just complacent countries. The terrorists and drug dealers are well financed, and the stakes are high for both. However, there's actually a demand for the marijuana and cocaine we're trying so damn hard to keep out, but I don't think many Americans are looking forward to more terrorism being imported. The drug war is somewhere between $250-500 billion I'd prefer was being used to bomb terrorist camps and for bounty money on terrorist leaders. And maybe it wouldn't hurt to try to improve the economy of some of these countries. Some pinhead like binladin would probably not have much of a following if those poor bastards in Afghanistan were averaging more than $500/year income. I get the sense Afgahnistan will be vacant in the near future, once the missiles start flying, bombs start dropping and troops start shooting, everybody who can run will be hiding out in Pakistan.

That Pakistani president is pretty clever, he knows if he plays ball with the US he'll be sitting pretty. We already pulled whatever trade sanctions we had against them, that means BIG money for them. The citizenship hopefully can figure that out, and stop burning US flags.

I hope people got a chance to check out the 911 threads from before 9/11. It's instructive, it's not like I think the guy acutally prophesized the attacks, it's just interesting that a guy who said something really bad will happen on 9/11 seven days beforehand can kick off the longest thread on Usenet ever. The thread spreads like a virus across newsgroups with a huge diversity of opinion.

Mudvayne beautiful.

Java good!


thejake316 thejake316 writes  |  more than 13 years ago

I almost died laughing!

I can't believe I didn't read this before!


Welcome to microeconomics 101! A dinosaur I work with once said "how the hell do these companies plan on making money selling free software?" I said "at least the markup is pretty good."

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