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History Proves That Videogame Ads Are Awful

thejrwr Re:Recent Ads (81 comments)

i love that ad, very well done

more than 7 years ago



thejrwr thejrwr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thejrwr (1024073) writes "Tracking traffic can be an expensive business. In some places, costly cameras and radar systems are mounted high above highways to watch traffic at strategic points. Transportation agencies also dig up roads to install sensors that monitor the flow. And helicopters roam the skies of the busiest cities, relaying information on the choked roadways to media outlets.

Atlanta's horrendous traffic has inspired two companies that are looking to monitor many more roads and highways than is done today and at a much lower cost. Their approach: Track the signals of cell phones that happen to be inside cars.

Here is the link:, ml?"

thejrwr thejrwr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thejrwr (1024073) writes "The three largest and most powerful optical telescopes on the island of Hawaii still haven't resumed normal operations since the Oct. 15 earthquakes, costing some of the world's leading astronomers precious, expensive observatory time in a highly competitive field. Dollar estimates of the damage to the telescopes were not available, but the earthquakes were so powerful that they shoved the entire 400-ton Gemini North telescope an eighth of an inch over on its base, said Scott Fisher, public outreach scientist for Gemini. Heres the link to the artical: -06-quake-observatories_x.htm"

thejrwr thejrwr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thejrwr writes "Coming hot on the heels of Japan's just-add-water power source, a team at Rocket of Korea has announced equally eco-friendly batteries made of paper.

The novelty of this aside, the practical considerations speak for themselves. Chemically incapable of polluting, releasing toxic ooze or combusting under pressure, the batteries can also be very thin, allowing use in such applications as credit cards and RFID tags _ba.html"

thejrwr thejrwr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thejrwr writes "On Friday, Microsoft released a security advisory detailing a vulnerability found in the XMLHTTP ActiveX module of Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0. As part of the advisory, the company issued a warning stating that the flaw is already being exploited by some malicious websites through user provided content such as advertisements.
According to an IBM ISS X-Force alert, the vulnerability is "the result of the engine's inability to properly handle improper arguments passed to one of the methods associated with the XML request object." If exploited, a hacker can then perform remote code execution on the affected PC; however, a user would first have to be persuaded to visit the malicious site typically through a link in an e-mail message.
here is the link: /11/6/5876"

thejrwr thejrwr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thejrwr writes "If Cisco Systems Inc. has its way, the Oakland Athletics' new ballpark in Fremont will be the stadium of the future.
Fans will swipe electronic tickets stored on cell phones. Bleacher bums will view instant replays at their seats with laptop computers. And digital advertising displays will be able to switch images based on the buying habits of the people walking by through data embedded in their cell phones.
That was the vision that A's owner Lew Wolff laid out to Fremont City Council members this week in a pitch for Cisco Field, a planned ballpark featuring the company's technology
you can find the story at ogy.ap/index.html"

thejrwr thejrwr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thejrwr writes "I was looking today at the stock markect and i noticed somthing, Google's stock (GOOG) is at 476.96 while mircosoft (MSFT) is at 29.02, now i dont know much about the stock markect but i know when i see a bugger number, this means that google is worth more then microsoft, how can this be true?"


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