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Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

themusicgod1 Re:Mt.Gox-Ripple-Stellar (144 comments)

Jed did a great deal, but Ryan Fugger is the person who founded Ripple. You're thinking of Ripple Labs(or Opencoin)

about a month and a half ago

Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

themusicgod1 Re:NOPE. (144 comments)

Great! Don't agree to anything. Download the source which is available on github, and run it yourself, and connect to the network yourself. No one is preventing you from doing this.

about a month and a half ago

Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

themusicgod1 Re:Who the fuck cares? (144 comments)

Actually Ripple predates Bitcoin by a number of years.

about a month and a half ago

Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

themusicgod1 Re:Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin? (144 comments)

at worst it sounds too complex for consumers to get their heads around

You could have said the same thing about personal computers. Most users who use Ripple may not even know they are using it, just like computers (most people who use computers do not realize that that thing in their hand that allows them to look at youtube is a computer)

about a month and a half ago

Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

themusicgod1 Re:So How do I make a withdrawl... (144 comments)

No, it's potentially available in any neighbourhood with a ripple user to the extent that there are sufficient connections between *your* neighbourhood and *that* one.

about a month and a half ago

Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

themusicgod1 Re:So How do I make a withdrawl... (144 comments)

You do not have to use Gateways to use Ripple. If someone "credits" you 100$ then you should talk to that someone on how to retrieve it. Sometimes they may be connected to gateways, sometimes they are connected to the bitcoin bridge or some other bridge and you can use an exterior system. Sometimes not.

about a month and a half ago

Paypal Jumps Into Bitcoin With Both Feet

themusicgod1 Re:I started wondering... (134 comments)

There are no advantages whatsover to bitcoin
It's global. You can spend it anywhere in the world, assuming you can find two people who need to send/receive it. It's also not prone to being stopped by governments. If you're in Argentina and want to invest in a business in Russia, you can do that. No one can stop you. Of course, it's up to you to invest wisely - - but there are situations where it makes sense. You no longer need to use credit cards to buy things online -- no more worrying about identity fraud.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Reputation

themusicgod1 Re:question: does IE support adblock and noscript? (426 comments)

What would it matter? So long as you can't know what's going on in IE's engine, ghostery is pointless as people who pay off Microsoft can still spy on you, your browser sessions can be unencrypted whenever Microsoft chooses, etc. You might as well not use Noscript, either, what's the point of forbidding people from running software on an already compromised-to-the-hilt machine required to run IE (ie Windows)?

about 5 months ago

Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time

themusicgod1 Re:Nobody kills Java (371 comments)

There's no "sorta" about it. COBOL was still being *actively developed in* as late as 2013. People are going to be supporting COBOL for generations at this rate.

about 6 months ago

Ecuador To Forge Ahead With State-Backed Digital Currency

themusicgod1 Re:Smart (85 comments)

. It is a very fine balancing act to maintain currency values but it can be and has been done for a long time.

On the contrary, since the Federal Reserve got started, the markets have been less not more stable, and both the US and global financial system has seen more, not less panics, of greater, not less severity.

about 6 months ago

Google Reader: One Year Later

themusicgod1 My life changed for the worse (132 comments)

1) I took all the feeds (>4000) out of google reader, and bookmarked them
2) Since then I've been slowly merging my bookmarks into a sqlite database, which I then pull from daily.
It's possible that feedly or some other online service might be able to help me...but after Reader shut down I've become pretty paranoid about using online services for those sorts of things; I'd rather have something that runs local(and my computer for the past year has not been capable of running pretty much anything else...ram has been at a premium). Also it's coloured my perception of Google itself: that was really the turning point between "using google services if they add value to my life/make life easier" and "PRISM-breaking my life, including a departure from any contact point with google I can live without without *too* much discomfort"
It took me 8 months to get everything to the point where it could be reached again and I've been trying to find a life balance that works ever since. I've really struggled -- google made it easy to get just the right amount of information about the world, every day. Generally if I read *all* of my RSS feeds for a day, I was bored or something else was wrong. Now there's really no boundary between "too much" and what I read daily. Consequently...sure I read ~95 feeds/day...but that's way too much time for what value it adds to my life.
So tl; dr I'm paranoid, ignorant and constantly busy now that I do a fraction of what I used to do with reader, only by hand.

about 7 months ago

Winners of First Seized Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Remain Anonymous

themusicgod1 Re:Newegg may have caused the rise (88 comments)

Newegg takes your bitcoins, and gives you goods. That is "accepts bitcoins". Bitpay is their means of doing so. The hair-spliting over whether or not they "accept" bitcoin completely misses the point. So they use a payment processor? Many websites use paypal or credit cards for the same reason, yet you wouldn't say they don't "accept USD" because of this.

about 7 months ago

As Crypto Mining Grows, Data Centers Begin Accepting Bitcoin

themusicgod1 Re:A collosal waste of energy. (94 comments)

...and the legacy financial system runs on unicorns and fairy dust, I take it?

about 8 months ago

Happy 95th Anniversary, Relativity

themusicgod1 Re:The irony of the 1919 data is overwhelming (120 comments)

Relevant LessWrong: "If Einstein had enough observational evidence to single out the correct equations of General Relativity in the first place, then he probably had enough evidence to be damn sure that General Relativity was true."

about 8 months ago

Firefox OS Powered Flame Available For Pre-order; Ships Globally

themusicgod1 Re:I'll be waiting for something without DRM baked (109 comments)

how do you expect to be able to rent movies and television programs produced by major studios?

I don't intend to rent these things, or buy these things. If it's produced by a studio which uses DRM I don't want it to be in my life.

about 8 months ago

Firefox OS Powered Flame Available For Pre-order; Ships Globally

themusicgod1 I'll be waiting for something without DRM baked in (109 comments)

Sure it may be a comparative alternative to Android; but still, designed to help Adobe hurt the user, even if this hurt is minimized, rather than designed to let the user do what they need. I hear the Jolla is nice, any word on how it compares?

about 8 months ago

This Is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned

themusicgod1 Re:Drugs and programming (168 comments)

Please tell us that the source code to your equalizer is online somewehre

about 8 months ago

Fiat Chrysler CEO: Please Don't Buy Our Electric Car

themusicgod1 Bailouts (462 comments)

So what you're saying is that I can fuck chrysler over for over 10,000$, after they took government bailout money? I've got the money, this is very tempting.

about 8 months ago

The US Vs. Europe: Freedom of Expression Vs. Privacy

themusicgod1 Re:The Problem Isn't "Free Speech vs Privacy" (278 comments)

CocaCola has maintained a cocacola-labeled military force and has attacked villages with it. They can get away with it because they justify it by talking about the threat of unions.
There are mercenary armies (such as Xe) that are willing and able to do the bidding of whoever pays them, and there's plenty of money both flowing to them and available to continue to pay them.
Resource companies like Barrick Gold are just as dirty as the East India company ever was, but it's brown people far away from cameras and internet connections who get targeted by them so we don't tend to care or notice.

about 8 months ago

Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World

themusicgod1 Re:This kind of thing is why FDIC exists (695 comments)

Everything you say is true, however with Bitcoin we have *provable deposits* -- you can actually verify that your bitcoin is stored, or is not stored in the bank. MtGox, of course, did not support this, and due to their first mover advantage they were able to stay in business regardless. This is likely not something that will be repeated very often -- sooner or later people will figure out the security requirements to store their bitcoin. Of course, that's a moving target -- motivated attackers will then force us onto higher ground, but still.

about a year ago



2600 Distributor Withholds Money, Magazine Future in Limbo

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  about 7 months ago

themusicgod1 (241799) writes "According to 2600, their distributor (Previously known as "Source Interlink", now recently renamed to "TEN: The Enthusiast Network") has decided to consolidate its resources and is keeping the money retailers paid for the last two issues of the quarterly magazine. 2600, in the meanwhile, is still busy trying to organize the upcoming HOPE X conference. However, according to the link: In the worst case scenario, being ripped off at this level would make it almost impossible for us to continue publishing. We would have to make a lot of painful choices and cut back on things for no reason other than some outside company's mismanagement. Our readers have supported both our print and digital publications and we've been doing quite well overall."
Link to Original Source



On DIsagreement

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  about 3 months ago

It seems to be begging the question to demand acceptance of the prerequisites of the requirement to agree not to disagree. These prerequisites form a model of what it means to be rational. I'm not sure if they are the best possible model, or even if they work. This includes the hypothesis that a system is only efficient if and only if it has a model of itself, and the semenatic, syntactic forms, and (trustable) media that are acceptable to each of us. So, in short - it is reasonable to expect come to agreement with rational agents except about rationality itself. There it isn't necessarily a question of whether you agree or not, but a matter of how rationality can even work. A matter of tweaking the model to allow greater truths to be perceived between multiple agents. So, the #1 way to get out of any disagreement is to look at this model, or the idea of a model in general.


24 years later

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

I entered this tunnel, starting preschool in what, 1986? And here I am, at the very end of this god forsaken tunnel. All hope is lost, and yet here I am, washed up on the damned shore.

At least I'm pretty sure this time. I haven't filled out all the paperwork, but the exam is over. I thought I did anywhere between reasonably good and fantastic on the final exam -- all I need is a 14% to finish my degree (I suspect I got somewhere between probably 85+/-5%, stddev 5% or so or so.) so... I'd say I'm safely done.

But those considerations aside, it has been a long travel to get here. Where the hell am I?


Agree to disagree meme

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Since no two people agree on everything (especially in political/religious matters, but not exclusively so) here's an open question for you -- what is ONE belief that you think I do not currently believe but should. I would also suggest posting this on YOUR /. journal /etc to see what responses you get.

DISCLAIMER: since I'm *asking* for these beliefs I can't really expect to be too hard on you for them. The purpose here isn't to press you on them (you have the rest of my life to convert me, if you so choose), merely to enumerate them. Although agreeing to disagree is unfriendly, in the confines of this thread it will be seen as acceptable, just to flush out some fresh ideas that I might not have considered.


I'm finally no longer bitchslapped

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

after what, 10 years of not being able to moderate on slashdot, I'm finally allowed moderation privileges again. Crazy. Now what to do with my mod points . . .


Poissonian Statistics & OKCupid

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Statistics has never really been my strong suit, but one of the equations we used in our astronomy labs was one out of poisson statistics, that is

P(r,u) = (e^{-u})*(u^r)/r!

and P(F) = P(r,u) * Number_Of_Stars_Surveyed,

where F is the total number of stars

or, perhaps written differently,

(defun stars (T U S) (* T (* (/ (* (expt 2.71828183 (- U)) (expt U S)) (* 1.0 (! S))) 100.0)))


(defun ! (int) (if (eq 0 int) 1 (* int (! (- int 1)))))

This is what you should use if you have a system of magnitudes of stars that are ordered in a poisson distribution, to determine what probability you have, given 'r' discrete categories of stars(in our case, r=5) that are each in turn less likely according to the poisson distribution, what is the probability that your data set can be picked. That is to say, what is the likelyhood that your ratio U of 'number-of-stars in category N and above vs. the number of stars' came about purely by chance? At least if I'm understanding this correctly, which I'm not sure.

According to my calculation,

(stars 85.0 (/ 7.0 85.0) 5) should be .0002%
(stars 85.0 (/ 27.0 85.0) 5) .2%
(stars 85.0 (/ 38.0 85.0) 5) .8%
(stars 85.0 (/ 53.0 85.0) 5) 4%
(stars 85.0 (/ 85.0 85.0) 5) 26%

That last one makes my head hurt. Under what condition could we be more certain that some order of stars was likely? 26% isn't very likely. In our lab my results for the Pleiades cluster was .002%, it should have been 4e-6%, but still... you can't seem to do much better than 26%, which isn't very likely at all. Yet looking at the graph in the wikipedia makes this at least *look* right...

Seems like I'm missing something here...what is the likelyhood that there are 53 "2 or greater" star women given a sample size of 85 given a poisson distribution? What about 85 1 or greater? How am I messing this up?

5 stars 7
4 stars 11 (- 38 11) 27 4 or greater
3 stars 15 (- 53 15) 38 3 or greater
2 stars 20 (- 85 32) 53 2 or greater
1 stars 32
(+ 7 11 15 20 32) total 85


DIY toothpaste no worky

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

2 parts baking soda, 1 part hydrogen peroxide.

I'm not sure if it cleaned my teeth at all, but it sure did cause me to almost immediately puke.

On the upside, if I ever need to puke I know just the thing to force me to...



themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I just passed my last class. I will soon have a degree. After SO MANY DAMN YEARS, I get a damn piece of paper.


Apparently, I'm ugly

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Double blind survey of around 30 fairly well randomized women of various ages of various pictures of me led me to a score of about 2/10 on plentyoffish.com, I lost some of the numbers, so no mean/mode/etc unfortunately.

I always considered myself ugly, although with my recent loss of weight I figured I'd be approaching average by now...
guess not.

Although who knows how hot you have to be to not be ugly at pof standards.

But still, you can't argue with empirical data. Maybe the side burns have got to go(although there's always the risk that out of the 30 women who did rank me, one did rank me as hot, and she may have liked them and maybe, just maybe, she's the one I'd be happiest with anyway, and by cutting them off I'd be cutting my chances with her, etc etc).

Also, I like the sean kennedy idea, of embracing your ugliness, accenting it, and building it into something meaningful. Got a deformity, accentuate it. Got a scar? Make it more visible, etc etc. So it's not like this fact is going to bring me down or anything. I've been knowingly ugly for most of my life, I can live the rest of my life this way.

It'd be nice to be able to find someone to love, and be able to keep them easier though, if my charisma roll were a little higher...


The effective data channel capacity of the universe and S:N

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Start with a 1d edge between two nodes. An abstract version of a cable between two network points. We know by Claude Shannon's results that Bitrate = Bandwidth*log10(1+S:N). Keep that one in mind.

But what if we started with a plane, instead of an edge? A wall, instead of a cable? Then we could split the plane indefinitely...oh but we can't do that! Planck distance starts becoming an issue. So ~1/1.6E-35 or 6.3E34 edges/m is the largest possible amount of cables per metre, and ~4E69 cables per square metre cross section area.

But just as information may be transmitted in waves through an approximately 1d medium, they can be sent through that cross sectional area; just each of the 4E69 cables carrying signal, that's all right? It'd be like a wave coming into a port; as long as you split the harbour into fine enough paratitions, you can transmit independently, and get data independently.

What if went a step further? And started transmitting information through volumes. Perhaps a point particle in the middle of a sphere transmitting information to or from the entire surface of that sphere. Or...backwards in time or something! Then we're talking 2.5E104/m3...but there's also planck time to consider, so the smallest resolution is pretty much defined at 2E43 Hz...and there can't really be any more than 1 bit per time in this context(a single bit is hard enough to imagine)...so we're up to 5E147 bits per cubic metre....but why would we stop there? Let's use the entire observable universe.. 8.8E26 being used this way; bingo, 4.4E174 bits per universe.

4.4E174 bits = 1 log ( 1 + S/N ) log24.4E174 = 1 + S:N log2 4.4 + log2 10E174 -1 = S:N 2.1+578+1 ~= 581 = S:N

Or if we account for time as another spacelike dimension...the age of the universe...4.4E174*4E17 ...or 1.8E192 bits per universe log2 1.8E192 = S:N + 1 ~192log2 10 + log2(1.8) -1 = S:N ~638 S:N for not only the universe, but using the entire history of the universe as some kind of space-time anteanae. Assuming this were all possible, of course.

So if your S:N is over 638dB for anything, either I screwed up or you did. How could you get that certain of anything? Actually, even if I screwed up, I'm probably not off by more than a few dB!

But what about

  • the curvature of the universe? Does this help direct information?
  • the unobservable universe? Are we, and everything we can detect down to the big bang skin at the edge of the observable universe merely a bubble in something unimaginably larger?
  • what about moral propositions?
  • what about the concept of S:N? If it isn't absolutely meaningful this analysis falls suspect immediately
  • math/logic?
  • certainty of your own existence? Maybe it's just information that must travel, must be communicated. This would solve math issues, too as reflexive statements and other axiomatic information might be self-provable, and hence would not be affected by S:N. Information about the material universe.

Other interesting things come from this too, you can measure how powerful a transmission medium is by how close it approximates this. my modem is what, -599dB from perfection? You can also measure how much information is stored within any given thing in terms of dB depending how large it is, too. I wonder if there's a way to put mass-energy into this somehow? Oh looks like there's a planck energy. But for how that'll fit in, I'll have to give some thought, and really, I should make sure what I have now is approximately correct first, anyway :)

Also, /., why don't you like my preformatted sections? Your treatment of <pre> makes baby dinojesus cry.


cuil theory

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

A random chat with m2tm, for your enjoyment

(11:29:38 PM) tmg1: http://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/7da5i/police_raids_reveal_baby_farms/c06cqxb &lt-- required reading :D
(11:33:10 PM) m2tm: haha, holy shit
(11:36:23 PM) tmg1: check out the cuil levels 6 & 7 comments :D
(11:38:46 PM) m2tm: haha, I like this too:
(11:38:51 PM) m2tm: Hypothesis: As Cuils increase, so does the likelihood your are actually a character in a David Lynch film.
(11:44:42 PM) tmg1: Hahahaha
(11:44:53 PM) tmg1: your are
(11:44:59 PM) tmg1: heh
(11:45:22 PM) m2tm: OMIGOSH
(11:45:27 PM) m2tm: It all makes sense!
(11:46:11 PM) tmg1: Hypothesis: Cuils are relative. You and I can be at different cuil levels only in relation to one another, as conscious beings
(11:48:02 PM) tmg1: Or maybe that's only true with Real cuils
(11:48:04 PM) tmg1: grn
(11:50:19 PM) m2tm: Nope, you are mistaken in questioning your point.
(11:50:23 PM) m2tm: Everything is relative.
(11:50:25 PM) m2tm: EVERYTHING.

Also, I'd imagine a Bayesian could be defined as someone who wants to minimize their apparent cuil-level between other bayesians and themselves. There could also be an 'absolute' cuil level, a level of reality compared to some standard point (say, Douglas Hofstadter or kevin bacon). Unfortunately this only works in the earlier cuils though since at later cuils even this might be used as an abstraction away from reality(this sort of thing making cuil theory somewhat of a difficult thing to define terms in).

Unfortunately, the cuil theory website has a TOS that I can't agree to(certainly while considering deviations from reality), so I won't be able to participate on their wiki.

In the meanwhile, when did /. break HTML(code/pre is don't work) AND 'plain old text'(can't see &ltpre&gt?


Open Systems Canada Limited RIP

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago Probably the only Linux and FLOSS based company local to Regina, Canada, Open Systems Canada ltd, has gone out of business. I never actually required their help (can't afford it as a poor student, and our needs are constantly being met without serious incident at work)--- but it's still harrowing that now there is no longer anywhere to turn in city, for those really big problems that you need paid tech support with. I guess the waters of the rising global economic crisis are finally reaching the point where it's noticeable here in lavishly wealthy tarsand country. We will miss ye.


Participatory Science

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago reddit is carrying a post right now wherein PLoS and Nature are inviting the world to help with their peer review process. Which gets me to thinking: what all out there is there for people who have spare time/etc to help out with Science?

I might expand/add to this list later.



themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  about 6 years ago I tried to post this earlier but for various obvious reasons it didn't work. Two of my debian boxes got Linux.RST.b. I probably wasn't very vigilant, and one of those two systems has been up since before etch became stable, so there's been lots of chances for an attacker to get in, either via trojan or brute force password detection(both of which Linux.RST.b utilize), but still -- It's no longer enough to be merely running linux. You need to actively have a security apparatus, even on linux.

Unless you want your computer to not boot properly/run slower than molasses. I can't even say 'like a windows machine' because...quite frankly it's no longer true.

Yes, windows users, I admit it, I failed at keeping my supposedly secure system from viruses.


Canadian Turing Test

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

So I installed QQ awhile back, because I'm a musician and it's in my best interest to be available 24/7 to my fans, or prospective customers or whatever. QQ is like ICQ, only it's just used in china/by chinese expats/etc. This person randomly sent me a message awhile back, but I was afk. Finally, today we connected:

(04:27:25 AM) Hey... :
(04:27:42 AM) Hey...: hi
(04:32:02 AM) 469273075: hello?
(04:31:37 AM) Hey...: goodevening
(04:34:32 AM) 469273075: who is this?
(04:33:54 AM) Hey...: who is this ?
(04:35:26 AM) 469273075: this is jeff. you are?
(04:35:46 AM) Hey...: this is Amy..
(04:36:35 AM) Hey...: what do you do ?
(04:38:13 AM) 469273075: Have we met?
(04:38:26 AM) 469273075: I just got a new job as a programmer
(04:38:46 AM) 469273075: you?
(04:37:47 AM) Hey...: congratulation..
(04:38:52 AM) 469273075: thanks
(04:38:00 AM) Hey...: i am a student
(04:38:23 AM) Hey...: your english is not bad
(04:39:38 AM) 469273075: uh thanks
(04:39:46 AM) 469273075: what kind of student?
(04:39:34 AM) Hey...: senior
(04:40:54 AM) 469273075: senior what
(04:41:02 AM) 469273075: highschool?
(04:41:16 AM) 469273075: where are you by the way
(04:40:15 AM) Hey...: yes
(04:41:35 AM) 469273075: ?
(04:41:43 AM) 469273075: i am in Canada
(04:40:56 AM) Hey...: stupid
(04:42:01 AM) 469273075: ?
(04:41:11 AM) Hey...: i am not a stupid
(04:42:26 AM) 469273075: ??
(04:41:45 AM) Hey...: Canada?i from Mars
(04:42:56 AM) 469273075: seriously I'm in Canada
(04:43:02 AM) 469273075: I'm a born Canadian citizen
(04:43:51 AM) 469273075: themusicgod1.livejournal.com/profile
(04:43:57 AM) 469273075: http://themusicgod1.livejournal.com/profile rather

(QQ disconnects)

(04:45:32 AM) 469273075: did you get that last line? : )
(04:42:29 AM) Hey...: show me the evidence
(04:44:41 AM) Hey...: no
(04:46:44 AM) 469273075: hmm
(04:46:46 AM) 469273075: well
(04:45:43 AM) Hey...: are you really a Canadian
(04:46:49 AM) 469273075: yes : )
(04:45:58 AM) Hey...: o my god
(04:47:09 AM) 469273075: my federal riding is Wascana, its elected member of parliament is Ralph Goodale
(04:47:23 AM) 469273075: I worked at the NDP campaign office during the past month
(04:46:54 AM) Hey...: what is NDP
(04:48:18 AM) 469273075: we just got about 7 inches of snow (17 cm) about two weeks ago but it melted
(04:48:47 AM) 469273075: it's a political party, a lot similar to your CCP than prime minister harper's conservative party(which is currently in power in Canada)
(04:49:04 AM) 469273075: *'a lot more similar to your CCP' rather
(04:49:23 AM) 469273075: but it's an interesting question, having to prove my canadianness ;)
(04:50:46 AM) 469273075: It's kind of like being asked to prove that I'm a human being and not a robot
(04:50:50 AM) 469273075: it's a hard thing to do
(04:51:55 AM) 469273075: sorry I must have been typing too fast and got disconnected
(04:52:00 AM) 469273075: : )
(04:52:38 AM) 469273075: so where are you?
(04:52:50 AM) 469273075: and what would convince you that I am indeed from Canada?
(04:48:50 AM) Hey...: i am not very understand
(04:48:54 AM) Hey...: this
(04:51:24 AM) Hey...: that's all right
(04:53:23 AM) 469273075: no problem
(04:53:39 AM) 469273075: I can try to be more clear whenever you wish
(04:53:30 AM) Hey...: thank you, my english is poor ...
(04:54:47 AM) 469273075: no problem
(04:56:03 AM) 469273075: I probably should know some chinese but I don't : (
(04:55:04 AM) Hey...: why do you use QQ to communicate
(04:56:18 AM) 469273075: because how else would you have found me ? : )
(04:56:07 AM) Hey...: your words are too small to be seen

(I make font bigger)

(04:58:27 AM) 469273075: Hmm I have a similar problem with chinese font sometimes
is this better?
(04:59:17 AM) 469273075: If I wasn't on QQ you would never have found me : )
(04:59:33 AM) Hey...: i just plus you by chance
(05:00:46 AM) 469273075: exactly
(04:59:57 AM) Hey...: i think you are chiness
(05:01:03 AM) 469273075: nope
(05:00:09 AM) Hey...: by misetake
(05:01:19 AM) 469273075: no problem : )
(05:01:25 AM) 469273075: so you are in china somewhere?
(05:01:40 AM) Hey...: yes ,but is the QQ used so widely in the world?
(05:02:48 AM) 469273075: not really
(05:02:42 AM) Hey...: are you in china now?
(05:03:48 AM) 469273075: no
(05:03:52 AM) 469273075: I have never been outside of Canada
(05:04:04 AM) 469273075: I might have been to america once when I was a baby, but that's about it
(05:03:27 AM) Hey...: o .../fdmy god~~~
(05:03:38 AM) Hey...: ha ha
(05:04:57 AM) 469273075: : )
(05:06:02 AM) 469273075: when I was very young, I was in a french school
(05:06:23 AM) 469273075: and we would make candy by dripping maple syrup in fresh snow
(05:06:38 AM) 469273075: and not the fake american maple syrup either, real quebec maple syrup
(05:07:28 AM) 469273075: the snow would be moist, sticky snow -- it would be early in the winter just like it is now
(05:06:29 AM) Hey...: well ..that sonds funny
(05:08:39 AM) Hey...: can you talk with me in chinese?
(05:09:54 AM) 469273075: I am willing to try but I do not know chinese : (
(05:10:13 AM) 469273075: wa bo doung : (
(05:09:15 AM) Hey...: what a pity
(05:11:06 AM) Hey...: Look! you know a little chinese ....
(05:12:21 AM) 469273075: :
(05:12:23 AM) 469273075: : )
(05:12:05 AM) Hey...: BYE BYE !I MUSE
(05:13:21 AM) 469273075: talk to you later perhaps
(05:13:06 AM) Hey...: ur 88!!~~~

It's a good question; how does one prove that they are, in fact, Canadian? I know the Canadian Government is having a little trouble, having turned away thousands of citizens from the polls in the last election. If our own government has a hard time being convinced, you know that there's at least some doubt there. So what is it? Is it our innate knowledge of how to make love in a canoe? Is it our almost encyclopedic knowledge of things related to winter? Cultural references? If so I'm probably a lot less Canadian than I am "Internet". Is it that we speak english in a certain way? Not only does writing make it hard to show this, but in the age of the internet l33tsp34k has blurred this boundary as well. How does one do it?


Homeland Security Open Source Webinar

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 6 years ago Homeland Security apparently audited 250 Open Source projects, including Samba, Linux and OpenSSL (50MLoc in total). They are going to announce their findings in a "webinar" on the 21st of May, 2008. Topics covered will be code quality, and common errors.


Internet Terminology

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  more than 6 years ago What would be the term for the (proper?) set of all Internet-connected hardware, users(perhaps with the software they use?)?

I'm not sure I've encountered such a term, but it really does seem like there is a need for one, to differentiate the hardware & protocols from the actual used, living "internet".


Finally some good Slashdot news

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  about 7 years ago Slashdot finally got RSS working on their journals. In related news, I applied to be on Saskblogs' blogroll.

Maybe I should try to spend more time on slashdot to cut my reddit habbit. What do you think?


Bitching about /. Moderation System

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  about 7 years ago The quality of discussion is around the same as it was a year ago. One thing that has changed is that the moderation system no longer functions as I expect;

  • Highlight thresholds do not work. I set to 5, and I was seeing '4' rated comments. This isn't a big deal, but when there are 5x as many 4 rated comments as 5 rated comments, this is a dealbreaker--reading discussion threads is suddenly not worth the effort, and that's the only reason I'm here.
  • If a comment is both rated troll and insightful, it only gets the insightful positive adjustment, not the troll. You'd think that it'd get both.
  • No 'set default comment to score:N instead of score:1' option. I'm fairly close to this effect by giving(I know, this is outright absurd) a negative adjustment to positive karma, and a negative adjustment to 80-85% of new users(ie, everyone who's joined after me).

The whole point of having comment options is to filter the noise out. It's not working very well, anymore, guys.


A Thought Concerning Trust

themusicgod1 themusicgod1 writes  |  about 7 years ago

I've been trying to say something similar for a long time, but I think I've finally found the words;

When something occurs, the greater the ratio between the total incentive to lie, and the total incentive to tell the truth for the witness, the greater the margin for error in one's opinion, if one believes their account, must be.

Unless one is nearby when something happens, one has to get their information from a trusted third party. And they in turn must get their information from a trusted third party, and so on, until eventually a witness is obtained. This witness may be a scientist(for example, researching global climate change), an eye-witness(as in someone present during the assassination of Bhutto), or anyone that has an immediate, personal, experience. How much trust one has in the chain between themself and the event must determine how much trust that one puts in one's belief in the account.

In addition, there is also the matter of how accurate one's trust conforms to how trustworthy the people between themself and the event in question actually is, and how trustworthy this assessment is, and how trustworthy this last assessment is, ad infinitum. This concern must too expand one's margin for error on any specific belief.

Although hopefully the margin of error on meta-inquiry converges, meaning that one can have an accurate estimate of some state of affairs, it is often not necessary, and it's entirely possible to survive a long time, just 'playing your cards randomly' so to speak, and not really having any kind of accurate conception about the world around you. Amoeba are often more or less fine with their lack of knowledge, and you could be too.

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