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California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal

thesupraman Can we please cann these companies what they are.. (288 comments)

Minicab companies.

They are not 'ride sharing' or 'car pooling' or anything even similar.

The business model is old and well established,at least in london.
It means a cab service that does not use fully licensed drivers and vehicles, and cannot be just hailed on the street (must be booked).
The fact that they take most of their bookings from phone apps/online makes no difference at all.
It is just a private hire of transport service - they dont use cab ranks, they cannot pick up people who hail them.

Perhaps if they had admitted this to begin with, they would not have faced the legal hurdles they have.

about a week ago

How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

thesupraman Re:Science creates understanding of a real world. (770 comments)

A) But water vapour doesn't accumulate over centuries like CO2 does (it rains out), so the long-term effect isn't there
B) Not true. CO2 has historically had a powerful positive feedback effect on temperature.
C) Climate models have only missed recent short term temperature fluctuations (as expected). Still important for long-term predictions.
D) So? We're concerned about how current levels will affect us.

Oh boy, where to start - or should I just mod funny?

A) CO2 accumulates? you had really better tell that to all the plant life that things it is continuously absorbing it ;)
B) um, no, it does not, there is very little evidence of a CO2 drive global temperature historically - not to mention the clear evidence that global temperatures have nevr run away, even though CO2 levels have been MUCH higher.
C) Climate models have missed ALL the temperature fluctuations since they have been making news - and by constantly increasing amounts - a big problem since they are pretty much all feedback based models - so if they dont work in the short to mid term, they have NO hope in the long term.
D) The point is accoring to the chicken littles, we should already have disastrous effects, where are they?

and for bonus points....
What happens when you increase atmospheric CO2, temperature, and rainfall? (which pretty much all the models agree will happen)?
How many of the models do you think include adjustments for increased plant growth? (hint, its a round number).
And thats only the tip on the iceberg.

The FACT that is almost always ignored is that a scientific theory is only useful if it can predict, thats one of the RULES.
Once they start being able to predict, I will be much more interested in what they have to say.
Until then its all just opinions.

about two weeks ago

CPU's Heat Output to Amplify DNA Could Make Drastically Cheaper Tests

thesupraman Re:You completely missed the point of the article (27 comments)

No, it is a stupid article. Someone has come up with an over-complex solution to a non existent problem.

The use of the CPU to create temperature is a overly complex and difficult approach, compared to using a simple regulated heater which would be much simpler, more reliable, more repeatable, and cost less.
Really, they are using a whole computer just to generate the heat, and a separate computer (cellphone) to run the reaction. stupid and overly complex.
If there is a demand for a usb controlled accurate heat generator it would be trivial to build one with a usb microcontroller, its pwm output, and a heating resistor.
it would cost less, be more accurate, smaller, waste less power, more reliable, cheaper. I doubt it would be difficult to find a suitable device already from some
similar application.

Temperature regulation is absolutely NOT a contributing factor to high cost of such tests.

Hell, a power supply, some switches, and some resistors would do it if you didnt want automatic control.

about two weeks ago

Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

thesupraman Re:Baby steps (289 comments)

So, I guess you have not seen the models currently available with auto steer, that morons are already treating as autodrive?

The first few big court cases should be.... interesting.
The manufacturers are just waiving responsibility with a few lines in the owners manual and maybe a short warning on the in car screen.

about three weeks ago

Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

thesupraman Re:Please get some help (1262 comments)

HAve you met many angsty teens?

What is happening here is of course that what she says directly provokes and annoys that subset of society who will react like that.
That is, teens.
And I am sure she knows it, anyone who thinks about it knows it, and it is common, and means little.
Of course she is not addressing that, she is trying to use that brush to paint 'people in tech', ie: people working there. very few of those are angsty teens.

Really, pick pretty much ANY subject, it would not be hard to get a bunch of nasty responses in an online forum - and she is playing that game, a lot of what she claims could easily be considered trolling (for example presenting paths of play not required or even sensible in games as the main intention of the game just because they paint the game as anti women).

Is she right to involve the police, etc when someone starts saying things this stupid? quite possibly yes.
Is she right to claim this defines an entire gender? dont be ridiculous. THAT is sexist, against men, as she quite clearly is herself.

Which is a pity, that she obviously believes that reverse sexism (by labeling the majority of men to be akin to the worst examples she can find) is good.

about three weeks ago

UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

thesupraman Re: They should do the opposite (391 comments)

I have 3 words for you..

Westboro Baptist Church

Although I do wonder if you will understand.

about a month ago

FarmBot: an Open Source Automated Farming Machine

thesupraman Re:Garden Bot (133 comments)

Except of course this thing is not even a robot, not a '3d printer', as far as I can tell its just a collection of hype terms and a dream (I suspect) of being showered in free funding to play with.

It is a simple computer controlled gantry, of the types common since the 80s.

And this is progress? really?

I wonder if they know that fully automated gps tracked tractors have commercially existed for over 10 years.

What a f'ing joke.

about 1 month ago

Every Day Is Goof-Off-At-Work Day At the US Patent and Trademark Office

thesupraman Re:Hopefully they can be replaced by pattern match (327 comments)


Unless of course you are Apple, IBM, Microsoft, or one of the other 'special' applicants who have their own rubber stamp (sorry I mean priority clearing house) for their patents.

Eventually we gave up applying for US patents because, especially as a foreign company, the prior art that gets presented is just an insult.

Really, we had them tag teaming two sets of prior art back forward, NEVER ONCE replying to our queries as to why it was applicable, just switching to the
other, and waiting until the end of their allowable response time to do this each time, until the window for acceptance just ran out.
Maximised their fees though, they were sure to do that..

about a month ago

Brookings Study Calls Solar, Wind Power the Most Expensive Fossil Alternatives

thesupraman Re: Finally!! (409 comments)

Because as we all know.. Batteries are free and last forever! Hallelujah.


about a month ago

F-Secure: Xiaomi Smartphones Do Secretly Steal Your Data

thesupraman Re: Why is /. spreading false rumor ? (164 comments)

Well he was one hell of a lot more convincing than you.
Which was not difficult.

about a month ago

Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess

thesupraman Re:Thankfully those will be patched right in a jif (127 comments)

Not just that.. its already reasonably moot.
"First, a patch been sent to OEMs and AOSP, but with Android's abysmal update situation, this is a moot point. The crux, however, lies with Google Play and Verify Apps. These have already been updated to detect this issue, and prevent applications that try to abuse this flaw from being installed"

Google reacted to this disclosure rapidly and well.
Of course such a vulnerability would probably never be FOUND in iOS or WinPhone, since they are closed source, and almost certainly never disclosed if it was.

Just update your play store, and you are safe unless you are sideloading (never a great idea)
If you are sideloading then if you leave verify apps on, its also no problem.

Google are also scanning all apps on Google Play to check no one has been trying this.

Yawn, another google/Android beatup trying to wag the dog. Not hard to guess where the spin is originating.

about 2 months ago

Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro

thesupraman Re:Its all because of graphics drivers (158 comments)

Um, what?
Firstly, you are thinking that gaming is a primary must have application for schools? I am thinking you are a teen, right?
Secondly, you dont even know that NVidia linux graphics drivers are almost exactly on par with their windows cousins?

Sure, you wont run windows games on them - those are developed for WINDOWS, dumbarse.
OpenGL runs very will on both platforms, and certainly with NVidia with equial performance and stability. Linux is a fantastic graphics platform.
DirectX is continuously playing catchup.

Perhaps if you actually used computers, rather than treating them as a gaming console - you may learn something...

about 2 months ago

Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro

thesupraman Re:TCO (158 comments)

Most Microsoft TCO analysis involves:

All equipment being re-purchased to use linux, and then replaced at the standard windows replacement rates, which is BS.
All administration staff to be assumed to be windows trained but zero knowledge of linux, but are retained, and consultants bought in to run linux
All microsoft user end software to still be supported (outlook, windows web frontends, databases, office 'apps', etc), requiring additional complexity and many many retained windows servers and workstations.
Basically they create a horrific hybrid solution required to support any and all historical solutions, keep all the baggage from windows they can, then point out that it costs more.

The fact is that any reasonably well planned transition is just that - a transition.
And the savings are clear and obvious, as more and more locations are finding.
Hell, even the savings of transitioning backend servers to Linux, and frontend software to OSS, while retaining windows for users, are huge.

about 2 months ago

Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should

thesupraman Re: Hipsterism at its finest (worst?) (288 comments)

Wow there was just so much completely made up and utterly wrong 'information' in that post you should win a prize!

And that's before we look at the fact that you must believe long range radio signally and their associated power comes for free.

You are a complete fucking moron. You do realize that.. Right?

IF you cared about actual numbers, which you quite obviously do not, you would find out that cloud storage consumes several orders of magnitude more power per round trip store/retrieve than local SD storage. It's not even close.


about 2 months ago

Metamason: Revolutionizing CPAP Masks With 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

thesupraman Re:Good to see something counter to the trend (59 comments)

'imagine that you’re a manufacturer of medical devices and had a profit of $100,000 on sales of $1 million after all your costs and expenses'

ROTFL, wow, that was a good one! Do you tell that to your mates over a few drinks after golf to get a good laugh?
A Medical devices manufacturer with a 10% profit margin? I think you missed a few zeros on that number..

Oh, and really? 'taking risks in health care'? You should take up standup! Really! You will have them rolling in the isles!

about 2 months ago

Metamason: Revolutionizing CPAP Masks With 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

thesupraman Invented? Really? (59 comments)

' Metamason invented a proprietary 3D printing process called Investment Molding'

I'm sorry, but I dont think so, its only of the oldest casting processes there is:

I am going to assume they think they invented it by either 3d printing either the original material, or the mould directly.
And then I assume they call it moulding instead of casting as they use silicone not metal (of course..).

This is a VERY common process these days - what exactly have they 'invented' here? sounds to me like a business process
of making the moulds/masks to fit each client - revolutionary!

about 2 months ago

MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

thesupraman Re:Here we go... (454 comments)

So, please tell me.What do you think happens then?

That Israel will stop blocking humanitarian support for Palestinians?
Give them access to the resources that have been cut off?
Stop bulldozing their towns to make room for 'settlers' bought in from overseas?
Perhaps they will share some of the countries rather fine wealth with the people who have been forced out of the way?

They have a great track record of allow those things previously, haven't they..
No, they want the Palestinians gone, end of story - preferably wiped out so they cannot return.

How can you see that playing out? remember, these are PEOPLE here, not some kind of disease.
Israel wants only one outcome, and that has been quite clear for 30+ years, unfortunately.
And they call themselves people of god. disgusting.

about 2 months ago

Nano-Pixels Hold Potential For Screens Far Denser Than Today's Best

thesupraman Re:Ideal PPI (129 comments)

Because you dont want to use the built in hardware antialiasing (or are apple and cannot do anything competent like that, limiting things to integer pixel scales)?

At what distance? I would suggest that at 100 meters, the PPI would be about 1, or less.

Want to try again?

about 2 months ago

California Legalizes Bitcoin

thesupraman Illegal? I think not. (162 comments)

Sigh, of course BITCOIN IS NOT MONEY!
Hence was not illegal.

It is a tradable commodity. just like gold, tulip bulbs, or online porn.

But hey, who cares about reality, which fishing for a good story. If trading bitcoin was illegal, then so what a WHOLE lot of other transactions.

about 3 months ago

NOAA: Earth Smashed A Record For Heat In May 2014, Effects To Worsen

thesupraman Re:GLobal warming scien is simple (547 comments)

You almost made sense (in a hugely simplified way) right up until the crux of your argument, 6.
You do release that your 'Falsifiable, and tested' on that one is a fantasy, right?

'6) The VAST majority of excess CO2 in the air is generated by humans. Speculative and not agreed'

There, fixed it for you.

And for bonus points:

'7) Effects of global scale CO2 cycle on current CO2 levels, Not understood and little researched'

about 3 months ago


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