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Open Source Deduplication For Linux With Opendedup

thesymbolicfrog It finally happened (186 comments)

I stopped being able to read English. WTF does any of that mean? Is it written in moonspeak?

more than 4 years ago

Australian ISP Argues For BitTorrent Users

thesymbolicfrog Someone tag this.... (207 comments)


Honestly, this is the same type of argument :)
"...but yer honor, how could I have gotten all of these leet warez? Anytime I would have wished to download any one of them, I would have an individually, incredibly tiny packet. Furthermore, I would have downloaded only half of each packet in half the time, and a quarter of the packet in a quarter of the time. So you see, I could never have downloaded anything at all, and Dell must have put this Ukrainian copy of Left 4 Dead on my computer when it was shipped!"

more than 5 years ago

SpaceX Successfully Tests Nine-Engine Cluster

thesymbolicfrog I must be tired... (182 comments)

I read, "The Waco Tribune has short report about it, with comments by lolcats."

I need either more sleep or less internet.

more than 6 years ago



thesymbolicfrog thesymbolicfrog writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thesymbolicfrog writes "It seems as though, contrary to earlier (Twice the sales of XP! BALLMER SMASH!) claims of puissant perfection in the Windows World, all is not well. There seems to be a quite serious bug in Windows Vista on issues as basic as copying/deleting files. ( The Register ) While there exists a "hotfix" to the problem, users must obtain individual permission from Microsoft to install it, and it seems as though Microsoft may be mired in mediocrity with Vista for a while as these issues are resolved."


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