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US Coast Guard Intends To Kill LORAN-C

thoolie Re:I am the Loran (316 comments)

Yarrrrrgh matey....ye be a blue suiter of the loranimal variety?

about 5 years ago

US Coast Guard Intends To Kill LORAN-C

thoolie oops (316 comments)

It was an island in the Mediterranean....long day.

Anyways, still a neat story :)

about 5 years ago

US Coast Guard Intends To Kill LORAN-C

thoolie Been at it for years, and other trivia! (316 comments)

The USCG has been having its budget strained for decades, this is just one way to free up some money to dedicate it to port security, search and rescue, or maritime control.

However, of interesting note, the LORAN stations where some of the most far flung US military installations anywhere in the world! Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Spain, Itially....) They've all been handed back, however (most are now derelict).

Also of interesting note, the USCG LORAN Station Lampedusa was the only US military installation directly attacked in response to the bombing of Libya in the 1980s. They fired a bunch of SCUD missiles a hand full of coasties stationed on an island in the pacific. The guy in charge was a lowly LT.


Also, if you have some free time, consider asking your congressperson to give the USCG more $$. Right now, they are 1/10 the size of the Navy with 1/15 the funding, yet are responsible for all of our waterways, maritime environment, maritime search and rescue, fishery patrols, drug smugglers, illegal immigration, national security, enforcement of maritime law, port security, and much, much more!

about 5 years ago

Huge Leap Forward In Robotic Limb Replacement

thoolie Missing Information (153 comments)

This technology (the nerve grafting to muscles and subsequent use for prosthetic control) was origionally developed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago by a Dr. Kuiken. See http://www.ric.org/aboutus/mediacenter/press/2006/12112006.aspx

It looks like Kamen's guy went above the "off the shelf" part phase of Kuiken and developed a complete electromechanical system (i.e. did some cool robotics / DAQ and used it instead of Kuiken's robotics).So, I don't know that this is a "huge breakthrough", but rather just a intuitive continuation of the work that was shown back in 05 by RIC.

Look it up! It's true :)

more than 6 years ago


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