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Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers, Galvanizes Advocates

thorgil Endo/Entero-symbionts (558 comments)

My bet:
* Endo/entero-symbiotic microorganisms

Known to alter behaviour in insects and small mammals

about 5 months ago

Does Anyone Make a Photo De-Duplicator For Linux? Something That Reads EXIF?

thorgil Re:write it yourself (243 comments)

or python, using 10 lines.

about 8 months ago

Swiss Federal Lab Claims New World Record For Solar Cell Efficiency

thorgil Re:Crap (177 comments)

not 4.696 gigawatts!
  4.696 Megawatt! ~ 5 Gigawatt
off by a factor of 1000

powerplant ~ 5 Gigawatt
evac zone@100w/m2 ~ 100 Gigawatt

about a year and a half ago

On Second Thought, Polaris Really Does Seem 434 Light Years Away

thorgil Re:Keep looking at it... (75 comments)

rename it to "stella endermanis"

about a year and a half ago

What Did Google Earth Spot In the Chinese Desert?

thorgil Agricultural rather... (257 comments)

Looks to me to be some kind of agricultural/horticultural research. Some structures are clearly old defunct greenhouses and plastic tunnels.
  Big U-shaped building may house offices. Big blue-roofed building to the right looks like a chicken farm.
North of complexes is what looks like a dried riverbed, a possible source of water (subsurface). /T

about a year and a half ago

Better Brain Implants With Ultrathin Carbon Fiber Electrodes

thorgil Re:Guh? (82 comments)

within neuron the signal is transmitted by charge..

about 2 years ago

Debate Simmers Over Science of Food Pairing

thorgil Re:What? Practicing biology? Unlicensed? (111 comments)

Its both actually...
olfactory receptor proteins in the nose... neurons firing... local inter-neurons combining the signals....
chemical neurobiology/chemical ecology
(ecology as it relates to other organisms... (plants etc.)... think kairomones! /T

more than 2 years ago

National "Do Not Kill Registry" Launched In Response To Drone Kill List

thorgil Re:What? (484 comments)

Two US "newspapers" writing highly inaccurate articles are your proofs of European stupidity? /T

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Wrist Watch For the Tech Minded

thorgil Re:Huh? (466 comments)

I sometimes do quite sensitive elctrical time-series measurements (in a faraday cage).... phone location-updates, messages and calls shows up on these measurements -> can't carry phone... /T

more than 2 years ago

Iowa Rejects Video Privacy Protection For Cows

thorgil Journalism (256 comments)

Trying to outlaw this kind of undercover journalism, would in my view be to undermine democracy.In my humble view, this kind of legislation heads the road to FASCISM. There is a couple of other words for it, but this one fit well enough. /T

more than 2 years ago

NASA Names Best & Worst Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

thorgil Re:GATTACA is the most realistic (610 comments)

didn't have a medical condition.... just a gene increasing the risk of having a medical condition.... big difference

more than 3 years ago

Pirated Software Could Bring Down Predator Drones

thorgil Re:Eminent Domain (123 comments)

Just declare the IP a state secret. The market value is then zero, as the company cant sell it legally. Buy it from the company for 1 cent. Then classify the contract as top secret. If the company complains, send the people to jail or gitmo.

more than 3 years ago

Pirated Software Could Bring Down Predator Drones

thorgil Eminent Domain (123 comments)

If the CIA really needs the IP, they could just declare it as eminent domain. Problem solved.

more than 3 years ago

Researchers Create Real Tractor Beams

thorgil Re:not a real tractor beam (111 comments)

I've seen tractors with snowplows.
They PUSH snow.

btw, even though tugboats sometimes pushes, "tug" means pull. "Tug of war" as an example.

about 4 years ago

Asteroids Flyby — 2010 RF12 & 2010 RX30

thorgil Re:Comet my ass... (118 comments)

sorry... not element... filament

about 4 years ago

Asteroids Flyby — 2010 RF12 & 2010 RX30

thorgil Re:Comet my ass... (118 comments)

Thats a cosmic string element right?
(Star trek reference)

about 4 years ago

Sperm Made From Female Bone Marrow, Men Obsolete?

thorgil Re:Also well (459 comments)

There are some cases of XYY and XXY combinaton but YY is non-viable.

more than 6 years ago


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