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Apple SSL Bug In iOS Also Affects OS X

thoughtlover Re:NSA (140 comments)

2) It could be an intentional bug slipped in by someone on NSA's payroll..

Who says that 'someone' is on their payroll?

about 7 months ago

New Encryption Scheme Could Protect Your Genome

thoughtlover Re:We can't (78 comments)

a quick check suggests as little as 5 cells are needed so we're talking nanograms of material here.

Yup. Scientists discovered they could extract your DNA from your fingerprint ~2003.

about 6 months ago

Report: Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Scans Your DNS History

thoughtlover Re:So (373 comments)

Why is this such a big deal (aside from the digital gestapo tactics)? Just flush your DNS before launching Steam.

'nuff said.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Options For Ongoing Education?

thoughtlover Re:Don't go to school for languages... (149 comments)

I agree with the parent. You already have knowledge on low-level programming and many basic concepts firmly-grounded. School is only going to cost you more money, in the long run. It sounds like you have the propensity to self-educate and there are many free, online courses for you to choose from --even be graded on. Don't waste money on what you can learn in your free-time.

about 7 months ago

Firefox 27 Released: TLS 1.2 Support, SPDY 3.1, SocialAPI Improvements

thoughtlover Re:Web Dev easier (167 comments)

I can say that my request FINALLY made it into FF!

When using the "Inspect Element" function, all colors in the 'Rules' column were expressed in 8-bit RGB --a pain which forces designers/developers to use another app to convert the values to 8-bit hex. Now all values default to 8-bit hex and have a small 'swatch' filled with the color. Very handy!

Thank you to all the people that worked on this feature 'upgrade' --I read all of your posts on Bugzilla and stayed as active with it as needed.

about 7 months ago

Australia OKs Dumping Dredge Waste In Barrier Reef

thoughtlover Re:Sign the petition (277 comments)

Sometimes dredge waste is called "silt" or even "mud".

Oh well, the Great Barrier reef will be dead in a few decades anyway from rising sea temperatures, some no real harm done.


The real harm is the lowering of the pH. NOAA says the ocean is responsible for nearly 50% of the oxygen on this planet where others say it's up to 80%. Regardless, it's been belching CO2 back into the atmosphere instead of processing it in warmer areas near the equator. Too much CO2 and carbonic acid forms and the ocean gets more acidic. Bad for zooplankton, invertebrates and fish, but good for jellyfish and bacteria. As of 2005, there were something like 170 known dead zones around the world. We're losing the greatest diversity we will never know.

about 7 months ago

Bees Are Building Nests With Our Waste Plastic

thoughtlover Re:Reminds of this from the late George Carlin... (92 comments)

The earth doesn’t share our prejudice toward plastic. Plastic came out of the earth.

The same can't be said of seabirds and turtles.

Indeed. Chris Jordan's Midway Atoll filmshoot made me rethink using disposable plastic *anything*, especially bright colors: On Midway Atoll, a remote cluster of islands more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent, the detritus of our mass consumption surfaces in an astonishing place: inside the stomachs of thousands of dead baby albatrosses. The nesting chicks are fed lethal quantities of plastic by their parents, who mistake the floating trash for food as they forage over the vast polluted Pacific Ocean.

about 8 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

thoughtlover Re:Everyone creates arbitrary lines (628 comments)

So you can not torture a plant or make it suffer.

Don't tell that to some of the plants I've seen in my office. I often end up watering them because no one else does.

That’s why it would feel more painful to watch someone rip the legs off a spider than watch someone rip the legs off a cat or horse or chimpanzee.

That sounds backwards. I'd hate to see either --but I'd definitely hate to hear a cat/horse/chimp get their legs torn off, much less watch such a grotesque action.

They have a much smaller capacity to suffer.

I'm no angel, but I was fascinated how a daddy-longleg spider's leg would keep moving after it was ripped from their body. I did it a couple times before I could plainly see/feel they were suffering. Really, I can't judge how much a creature suffers more than another.

So there’s a spectrum of animals ordered by how self-aware they are and how complex their thinking is: spiders, fish, chickens, ravens, octopus, cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses, dolphins, gorillas, chimpanzees, humans... roughly something like that.

I can't remember the German band's name, but they had a nice take on that order: GermWormFishAmphibianReptileMammalManOblivion

Everyone draws a line on the spectrum, whether consciously or unconsciously, what they are comfortable with. Some people are fine eating fish and chicken, but not pigs and cows. Other people are fine eating pigs and cows, but not chimpanzees, who are almost human. Some people are even fine eating chimpanzees and feel no empathy when they shout and panic.

A friend and I were talking about how interesting it is that we love our dogs in the western world, but in parts of Asia it's completely acceptable to eat dogs. The USA over-indulges on cow meat, but in India it's a sacred offense to do so. There's no way I'm eating cheese with a bunch of live worms crawling around in it. What people find acceptable to eat is culturally bound.

about 8 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

thoughtlover Re:That doesn't seem right. (628 comments)

Dolphins are intelligent, they'll figure a way out of this.

The day will come when they say, "So long and thanks for all the fish!"

about 8 months ago

PC Shipments In 2013 See the Worst Yearly Decline In History

thoughtlover Re:I don't see why this was unexpected (564 comments)

This just isn't news to me. There is a large percentage of people that don't really need a PC todo what they do. play online, email, Social media, shop, pictuers, etc.... Until a few years ago the PC was the only way todo this so, they bought a PC. They bought an item that designed todo work and tweeked for home use, so it was overly complex for most. Along came the smart phone and tablet. Small, portable, works, it's SIMPLE and does everything they want/need it todo. Couple that with the slowing of PC speeds advances and new techknology, it is no wornder PC sales are down. They will continue to go down until they reach their new equilibrium.

Not to be snide, but you sure have a lot to say about a 'no news' story.

about 8 months ago

FBI Edits Mission Statement: Removes Law Enforcement As 'Primary' Purpose

thoughtlover Re:Put a fork in it, it's done. (539 comments)

Two parties? Apologies, maybe it's the distance, but from over here in Europe it looks like the US has only one party with two slightly differing wings.

No, we do have two parties... I keep telling my friends and family that the two-party system is alive and well in the USA. The government and corporations are the two parties. Corporations (monied interests) have been trying to subvert the constitution since the country was formed*. The fact that we have a two-party system where nothing seemingly works beyond status quo belies the fact that we could have a representative government (or a third party; Green, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, etc.) and it still wouldn't work. TJ knew this when he saw the power special interests were exerting over the Federalist party*. His vain, and probably goodhearted, attempt to distance his virtues from that corruption resulted in another corrupt party, the Democratic party.

Money from special interests keeps real reform from being legislated, plain and simple. Congress still refuses to talk about term-limits, so we're looking at career politicians for some time. At some point, people seem to be inherently greedy and lose any moral compass they may once have had. So that's why I tell my friends, we do have a two-party system. Government and Corporations. SCOTUS really screwed the general public with the Citizens United case.

* “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” --Thomas Jefferson, 1814.

about 8 months ago

The Startling Array of Hacking Tools In NSA's Armory

thoughtlover Re:Hot tip? (215 comments)

Where is the "hot tip on how to know if your own machines have been owned"?

Apparently it's in the first link --Here's the tip:

"He also left IT security managers with a handy tip to begin their search. He suggested they search for suspect traffic sent via the UDP protocol and secured by the RC6 encryption algorithm developed and freely released by RSA Technologies, which prior leaks suggest was the recipient of a $10 million prize for its efforts to aid the NSA."

about 8 months ago

The Startling Array of Hacking Tools In NSA's Armory

thoughtlover Re:Hot tip? (215 comments)

Where is the "hot tip on how to know if your own machines have been owned"?

It seems the 'hot tip' was to get clicks. The best I came away with as a 'tip' is already obvious --don't buy from Cisco, Huawei, or Juniper. Other tips I can think of are, 1. Because of TAO hardware interceptions, buy used via Craigslist, and 2. Run a Linux-based firewall that can block selective traffic like MS Crash Reporter.

about 8 months ago

Is a Super-Sized iPad the Future of Education?

thoughtlover Re:Touch support is significant (234 comments)

A Wacom tablet can distinguish proximity ("hover") from contact ("click), but the iPad's touch screen cannot, and touch-based browsers tend to wait a few hundred milliseconds to make sure the user isn't trying to use a scroll or zoom gesture.

The delay could be ignored if the pad sensed a stylus in the hover-zone (thus ignoring contact with the side of the hand). I'd like to see something like this to replace a Cintiq so I could draw wherever I wanted. However, I want to use it for 3D apps and Photoshop, so iOS definitely isn't going to make the grade. Why ol Stevie didn't make something like this to cater to the creatives at Pixar, I really can't say. Apple's been ignoring the creative pros for some time and FCP X was the final smack in the face. I think they're headed toward the bloated product lines and lack of forward-thinking they suffered after the board fired Jobs in the 80s.

about 9 months ago

Brain Function "Boosted For Days After Reading a Novel"

thoughtlover Re:Boosted For Days After... (110 comments)

The brain must be boosted after writing neat code. Because months or years later I often forget the slick solution I came up with, and I'm totally confused when I look at the code again. Then the little light comes on when I figure out what I did and I think "Gee, I was pretty clever!"

I've found that my brain is boosted (often for up to as long as two weeks) after skiing or a long bike ride. I often find the solution to a problem soon after rigorous physical activity. It's also interesting to learn that physical activity aids cognitive health.

about 9 months ago

MIT Study: Only 3.1% of USA Used Electronics "e-Waste" Were Exported

thoughtlover Re:Does not make sense (58 comments)

I don't see how this makes sense. Shouldn't they criminalize export of waste (ex.shredded electronics) and allow the export of usable office equipment, Pentium 4 computers and first generation flat panels ?

That's exactly what I was thinking about. Why criminalize reuse, but allow shredded, toxic, useless garbage to pass o'er towards third world countries? I'd like to see reuse and fixit shops popping up in rural Africa where I could get a cold cathode tube or inverter replaced on my LCD.

The thought of sending reusable second and third-generation computer equipment to poorer nations is no different than where your old t-shirts end up. Everyone needs t-shirts (I think), but not everyone needs computers. Especially ones that are difficult to impossible to access the internals of --Apple, I'm looking right at you. It's one thing that your parts are more-recyclable than ever, but why are you gluing your products together? I really wouldn't mind a little more depth/height to all these 'ultrathin' products if it meant I could open it up and fix it.

about 9 months ago

Diet Drugs Work: Why Won't Doctors Prescribe Them?

thoughtlover Re:The article is BS (670 comments)

All of the parent's comments are seeming to point toward one fact: refined sugars are simply bad for you. I did read, on Slashdot I believe, how rats had the desire to eat more after they ate high fructose corn syrup --it wasn't the case for corn syrup, only HFCS.

IIRC, the USA is the only country where our soda/pop have HFCS as the sweetener and not cane sugar. HFCS is in almost every processed food from bread to coffee creamer.

If you're in a poorer neighborhood, it's likely you don't have access to a standard grocery. I heard Whole Foods is tying to make a push into poorer neighborhoods in order to introduce healthier foods. They're starting in Detroit and I wish them success. If obese people don't get access to proper nutrition, then they're only going to make health care more expensive for those that do take care of themselves.

about 9 months ago

Should companies start using drones for common tasks, like package delivery?

thoughtlover Re:OK how about the practicality? (378 comments)

3. not be a nuisance in terms of noise, pollution, etc.

This is my primary concern. Have you (whoever is reading this, not parent) ever heard how loud those quadrocopters are? They'd only get louder if they're going to be able to haul heavier payloads, too. Imagining many of them noisily buzzing around at all times would only make me want to move further away from civilization, be damned the slower internet connection that would come with such a move.

about 9 months ago

Software Patent Reform Stalls Thanks To IBM and Microsoft Lobbying

thoughtlover Re:Human nature? (239 comments)

Please mod parent up...I'd do so if I had points. The Corporation is a good example of a sociopathic entity that's run by sociopaths that claim no fault; the company can be the only 'person' to blame. What a weird world of hypocrisy an half-truths we live in.

about 10 months ago



MIT Creates A Banana Piano

thoughtlover thoughtlover writes  |  more than 2 years ago

thoughtlover (83833) writes ""PhD students from MIT's Media Lab have invented a way for simple objects to interact with your computer, tablet and mobile device. This new technology not only takes “gamification” to an entirely new level but also assists people suffering from muscular and neurological diseases through their daily routines." They also demonstrate a Nintendo game controller made with Play-Doh and buckets of water for a foot-based input system."
Link to Original Source

thoughtlover thoughtlover writes  |  more than 7 years ago

thoughtlover (83833) writes "Need to get access to someone's Mac but don't have the awesome hacking skills necessary to bust through their passwords? Just get a MacLockPick, a USB thumb drive that'll cut through any Apple Computer's security like a hot knife through butter."


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