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Lessons of a $618,616 Death Re:So how much was for actual medical care? (651 comments)

First, an aspirin costs $500 when they dispense to 500 people and only one person pays for it.

Second, I remember a time when, if someone needed stitches or a cast, they went to their doctor's office. The ER was where the ambulance took you if your brains were hanging out of your skull.

more than 4 years ago

How many phones do you have? Count wired phone extensions, cell phones, smartphones, and installed VoIP apps on all computers th Re:I would forego the land line if... (504 comments)

Why don't you just give them (local area code) 867-5309 instead?

If you hate those grocery store "discount" cards, you can give them a phone number instead. (YourAreaCode)-867-5309 is always an active account.

And if there's a name display, it usually shows up as something funny. "Thank you for shopping with us, Mr. Jablowme."

more than 5 years ago

The US economy is heading toward ... Re:Great Depression? (873 comments)

I can't afford the new interest which has my house payment TRIPLE what it was when I bought it

Why did you use an adjustable rate loan? Fixed rate loans have floated between 5% and 6% for years. Those are historic lows.

more than 5 years ago

The US economy is heading toward ... Re:But if the banks were forced to accept a strait (873 comments)

But if the banks were forced to accept a strait 5% interest rate on all mortgage loans

What about the people who bought a much smaller house and/or paid a lot of extra money so that they could have a 5% fixed mortgage rate?

Lowering interest rates == Giving free money to irresponsible people.

There's a huge class of responsible people who are working hard and making ends meet. I see them walking away from their mortgages in mass if others are rewarded for their foolishness.

more than 5 years ago

Netflix Changes Its Mind, Will Keep Profiles Feature Re:To fast for my own good. (267 comments)

Instead of a 3/3 = 6 account, we now have two 3 disk accounts.

I indicated by email that MY second account would be with Blockbuster.

more than 6 years ago

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