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Getty's Flickr Sales, Money Spinner Or Ripoff?

thruthenight Re:Well... (98 comments)

those with medium and low quality work will suffer

How exactly? If their work is low quality, nobody will buy it, so no profit for person or Getty. So I fail to see any suffering there...

those with high quality work would be more likely to have representation outside of the internet

And if not in internet, where digital photographers are "more likely to have representation"? It's actually quite opposite: most of the digital photographers (professionals and amateurs) do have an internet representation, and most likely on multiple sites.

Those that opt in need to understand that there are better ways at getting financial representation for their work.

I don't think anybody would seriously consider this option as a new way to pay bills from photography or get any sort of "financial representation" (in fact, even Flickr has a better tool for this - a group called Getty Images Call for Artists, which is still too weak for professionals). This feature is purely a nice gesture for those who may eventually sell some photo(s), or would like to have a chance to gain something, if their photo is used for commercial purposes. But I don't know how naive one should be to really believe to get anything out of this program in a lifetime...

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal With HTC

thruthenight Nokia is loosing touch (174 comments)

I used to say "Nokia or nothing", I still love their quality, and usability of Nokia phones (keyboard, layout, etc)... But they've got to seriously improve Symbian. And good luck finding good/living/improving apps for it - seems nobody develops for Symbian anymore. Not to mention that prices for Nokia phones are insane. I mean I've got Nexus One for about 25% cheaper than price for quite obsolete model N97 - isn't it crazy?!

more than 4 years ago

After DNA Misuse, Researchers Banished From Havasupai Reservation

thruthenight Re:Damn them! (332 comments)

What about this: you give your credit card number to a store for certain purchase, and they purchase dozen of other things on the same credit card for you ("Yes, sir, we truly believe you need all those things, it's all for your own good!")

more than 4 years ago


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