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'Vampire' Squirrel Has World's Fluffiest Tail

thunderbird32 Re:Waste of taxpayer money (54 comments)

Fair enough, but if you get to pull out of funding the Smithsonian, I get to withhold my tax dollars from military spending.

about 6 months ago

Interviews: Ask "The King of Kong" Billy Mitchell About Classic Video Games

thunderbird32 Re:A Lost Era (122 comments)

Better yet, Chicago (or rather Brookfield, to be more precise) has Galloping Ghost. A REAL arcade of the old-school style. One of, if not the, largest arcades in the country.

about 7 months ago

Zenimax Sues Oculus Over VR Tech

thunderbird32 Re:my dream outcome (97 comments)

I don't. Even if you don't like the Rift now that Facebook has bought Oculus, the only reason Sony's VR headset is being released is to jump on the hype train. The Rift is necessary to provide the competition that is needed to drive the VR market. At the very least until another well funded company announces an upcoming headset. In any case, provided that Facebook stays hands-off on the Rift, it looks like a very compelling product.

about 8 months ago

Samsung Apologizes For Workers' Leukemia

thunderbird32 Re:Cue typical Slashdot response (150 comments)

Are you implying that everyone on reddit is white trash? That seems uncalled for.

about 9 months ago

Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

thunderbird32 Re:Yet Vinyl still endures (329 comments)

They do, but the laser record players are very expensive. Also, IIRC the record has to be very clean because any dirt is much more noticeable than it would be on a traditional turntable.

about 9 months ago

EA Ending Online Support For Dozens of Games

thunderbird32 Re:Some are offline already (329 comments)

Buying the GOG version? Also, I would assume that the Steam version uses a different licensing system as well.

about 9 months ago

Netcraft: Microsoft Closing In On Apache Web Server Lead

thunderbird32 Re:Parked domains (102 comments)

The reason IIRC, was that a few of the bigger hosting companies (GoDaddy for one), use IIS for hosted sites. Since quite a few of these are parked pages, it inflates IIS's numbers.

about 9 months ago

Sons of Anarchy Creator On Google Copyright Anarchy

thunderbird32 Re:Doesn't pass the laugh test (381 comments)

There's also this thing called YouTube, which has allowed many creatives to get their work out into the public and, most germane to this article, monetized.

about 10 months ago

Wildstar To Launch On June 3

thunderbird32 Re:No Linux client (64 comments)

STFU about linux support in mainstream titles. It's just not going to happen no matter how much you wish it.

Now that CryEngine, Source, and Unity are all on Linux, it just might happen. Anything that lowers the barrier to entry for the developers is a good thing, and increases the possibility for AAA games on Linux. We already have one AAA title on Linux, Metro Last Light.

about a year ago

Thief Debuts To Mediocre Reviews

thunderbird32 Re:Let's Play (110 comments)

I hate let's play guys, they are all hyperactive frustrated kids.

Certainly not all. I could give you a big list of them that aren't. Sure Pewdie and Toby are hyperactive (though they're both old enough to not be called kids), but there are many others that are not.

about a year ago

Is Google Making the Digital Divide Worse?

thunderbird32 Re:Highway to hell (259 comments)

It's already happened: want to upload Youtube videos? You have to subscribe to Google+ and its invasive TOS. Don't want G+? You have to use Vimeo or Dailymotion or other inferior online video services. And because Google has grown so massive, they have the means to drive Vimeo and Dailymotion out of business for good.

Vimeo isn't inferior, it just has a smaller userbase. It could be argued it has a different purpose as well, as there are certain kinds of videos (video game let's plays, for instance) that they don't allow on their service. Also, if the service is inferior, maybe they should improve their product, making it easier for them to compete with YouTube.

about a year ago

Gnome 3.12 Delayed To Sync With Wayland Release

thunderbird32 Re:I'm sorry I'm an idiot (204 comments)

Luckily there's MATE for those who mourn the death of GNOME2. I'm an XFCE guy, but I certainly don't hate GNOME3, it's really not that bad.

Then I suggest you get an MRI

That's just like, your opinion, man.

about a year ago

Satya Nadella Named Microsoft CEO

thunderbird32 Re:Office 365 (293 comments)

But he's factually incorrect, that's the point. It doesn't run off of a remote server, it installs to your local machine just like the older versions of Office. It CAN stream from a server during install, but once it's actually installed on your machine it runs locally. I'm assuming it does occasionally check in to insure that it's a legitimate copy, but other than that it's the same as the boxed copies of 2010. I'm not a huge Office fan, and it has plenty of legitimate flaws but it makes no sense to complain about things that aren't true.

about a year ago


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