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New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

thunderclap Re:Until... (128 comments)

And this was written in Sanskrit? As for the before public baths

2 days ago

New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

thunderclap Re:God Creates Dinosaur (128 comments)

God Kills Dinosaur
GoD Creates Man
Man Kills God
Man Creates Dinosaur
Dinosaur Kills Man

Dinosaur ascends to oneness with the universe.
Universe creates man
Man ascends to become God.
Universe ends God escapes and creates new unending universe
God creates immoral man.
Man fucks up by eating forbidden fruit
God saves man from stupidity but requires him to declare alligence
Most men refuse.
Those that refuse are killed in apocalypse of their own making.
Those that swore allegiance escaped.
Man rebuilds earth and eliminates the idiocy that caused the apocalypse.
Man and God live forever. Dinosaurs remain a dream of the fallen universe.

3 days ago

New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

thunderclap Re:Until... (128 comments)

Not to feed the troll but

unlike the Bible Exodus across the divided Red Sea running away from the big dark Egyptian cock your women find resistible and can't stop sucking

Fellatio didn't start until the Roman Empire (thats when public baths started) and ancient Egyptians weren't dark. They are the same pigment a tanned Caucasian is. Now Nubians, they were dark.

3 days ago

Moot Retires From 4chan

thunderclap Re:Really? (182 comments)

Yes, but you also admitted you were apart of the Jihad to remove Barney from the world wide web. We succeeded, and in doing so, something worse came.

4 days ago

Micromax Remotely Installing Unwanted Apps and Showing Ads

thunderclap Re:Flawed by design . . . (50 comments)

Apple iAds don't install unwanted apps nor does it flood your phone with adverts! iAds are used by developers who chose to place adverts in their apps.

Most of Apple's apps are unwanted.

about a week ago

Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

thunderclap Re:oh the humanity (393 comments)

If this dude is morally outraged by the way people play Sim City I can only hope someone alerts them to the way people play Dwarf Fortress.

Are their homeless people in Dwarf Fortress? I think not.

about two weeks ago

Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science

thunderclap Re:So, he is admitting that the attacks are true (786 comments)

Well, considering that the word "swiftboating" is derived from accusations against John Kerry that were true. when someone says they are being "swiftboated" they are admitting that the attacks against them are based in truth.

You're missing the point entirely.

Typical political attacks aim for an opponent's weaknesses, broken campaign promises, personal indiscretions, etc.

Swiftboating is the opposite, it attacks an opponent's strengths and tries to turn them into vulnerabilities. With Kerry a big selling point was his war service and purple hearts, swiftboating created a second narrative where he was unpatriotic and a bad soldier.

The same thing happened in '12 where Romney's business experience was turned into a negative by associating him with layoffs and the rich people who broke the economy. And to a lesser extent in '08 with Obama and his academic credentials and intellectual reputation, many people started implying that his academic career was the result of affirmative action.

What's happening to scientists is the same idea. There's three big reasons to believe scientists.

1) They have a ton of integrity.

2) They're succeed by finding new things and changing the established thinking.

3) They use the peer review system to enforce rigorous standards.

Climate change opponents attack all of these qualities. They attack scientists' integrity by alleging mass fraud. They deny the revolutionary aspect by claiming scientists don't want to point out problems with climate change. And finally they claim the peer review system is used to stifle dissent and create a false consensus.

The plan is to discredit climate change by discrediting science itself, the opponents can't gain credibility, but if they discredit scientists they don't have to, it just becomes a case of he-said she-said.

While all that is true, that is not the reason most people are deniers. Most that understand are because of the economic cost. Altering things now would require a tremendous sacrifice similar to WW2. The would not be a return on investment for at least a half century. Ask yourself, how many are willing to do that now? Its far easier to attack and discredit. That doesn't require sacrifice. They can be as greedy or not as they want. Climate Science isn't about science. Its about money. That is why Koch Brothers, who are billionaires in the industries that would be hurt the most, are attacking. As long as people believe its about the science, those who want it to fail will continue to succeed.

about two weeks ago

Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

thunderclap Re:Any actual examples? (598 comments)

The best example "that their software quality has taken a nosedive" is the fact Jobs is dead. He WAS the driving force that made sure the code came out good, on time and mostly issue free. Now they are just microsoft with a fruit logo.

about three weeks ago

Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

thunderclap Re: Nosedive (598 comments)

Laziness, money and time needed to learn a new ecosystem. People are far more willing to put up with suck than actively change it. That's why we still have our current president and just now changed congress.

about three weeks ago

New Paper Claims Neutrino Is Likely a Faster-Than-Light Particle

thunderclap Re:Sigh.. (142 comments)

This is why there are things such as mass-less particles.

In particle physics, a massless particle is a particle whose invariant mass is theoretically zero. Currently, the only known massless particles are gauge bosons, the photon (carrier of electromagnetism) and the gluon (carrier of the strong force).

The belief is that Neutrinos have mass. However, if they don't then, they are a W boson and can qualify.

about a month ago

Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks Downed By Apparent Attack

thunderclap Re:Except Game Servers Aren't Down (160 comments)

No. Why? because there, just like in the 1860s, is a sucker born every minute. Then it was circus curiosities for a nickle. Today its $20 for Xbox live.

about 1 month ago

Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks Downed By Apparent Attack

thunderclap Re:Bunch of knobs (160 comments)

You are confused. Every console until recently was unattached to servers. This is simply their greed and the reminder that they can't control their systems. If Lizard inconvenience you, thats the goal. Most people are sheep and won't complaint about hackers. No they will attack Sony and Microsoft. That's what they want. They want anyone that doesn't bow to their whims to die. Remember this.
AND for the love of all this Holy, quit buying Sony shit. I don't care how you want to play that game. You want internet freedom or this? Everytime you buy Sony crap, you empower them to be more shitty and this emboldened the hackers to attack them. Both are urinating on you and you are dancing in it like Gene Kelly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
If everyone, simply stopping buying Sony products for a year, This would end. (for them anyway)
Nothing Sony or its subsidiaries sells is necessary for life. They don't sell food, or shelter. Others sell clothes, and music Until we as the purchasers put our foot down, nothing will change. Any more to them enables them. Same goes to Microsoft.

about 1 month ago

Comcast's Lobbyists Hand Out VIP Cards To Skip the Customer Service Wait

thunderclap Re:Right... (131 comments)

Actually the root problem is most people don't own property. Those that do don't understand the rights that come with owning that piece of land.

about a month ago

Hackers' Shutdown of 'The Interview' Confirms Coding Is a Superpower

thunderclap Re:Huh? (221 comments)

The idea of North Korean computer programmers reminds me of Elbonia.

North Korea has built compact nuclear warheads, put satellites in orbit, and (because of sanctions) independently developed a number of technologies. They would not have been able to do those things if they couldn't program.

Instead of just slurping up the propaganda that your government is spoon feeding you, learn to think for yourself. Go to Google Maps, zoom in on North Korea, and then click on "Earth". You will see paved roads with cars on them, farms with tractors, houses not much smaller than in the South, etc. North Korea is a poor and backwards country, but not nearly to the degree that you have been told. Until around 1970, it was wealthier, per capita, than South Korea.

And lets not forget they developed Sinanju. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...

about a month ago

Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

thunderclap Re:This needs to stop ... (388 comments)

What you are pissed that the North Koreas actually had the balls to pull this off? I'm not. I don't think they did. Nor do I think they have the infrastructure. However if they did then I will applaud them. Someone needs to remind MPAA and Hollywood they don't run the planet. If its Kim Jong Un then that's his whole purpose for existing and its good enough for me. I'm am sorry but franco isnt a good actor.

about a month ago

Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents

thunderclap Re:First amendment? (250 comments)

When they impact us as individuals they are. The jolie is a spoiled brat rant isn't of importance but the fact they planned to sue google or believe that VPNs are a pirate's haven and want them banned, is.

about a month ago

LA Mayor Proposes Earthquake Retrofits On Thousands of Buildings

thunderclap Re:Another "taking" by the California government.. (178 comments)

I love that because its saying that they deserve money for their content. No they get money only if people want to pay them for it. Most dont. Some do.

about a month and a half ago

LA Mayor Proposes Earthquake Retrofits On Thousands of Buildings

thunderclap Re:Beloved by Builders and Developers (178 comments)

Don't know what you are talking about.
Houston is beautiful. The weather is always nice. The airports are in the east part of the city away from major traffic.
There is NO smog, just great horned owls that eat all the rodents.
There is no state tax.
Some of the best restaurants in the country are here.
Just close enough to the ocean to enjoy but no so close to be encumbered
No earthquakes, fracking or otherwise
No crazy insane laws, Just common sense (yes they believe abortion is murder thats statewide) Example: No LGBT discrimination in city jobs and Transgender can use the bathroom of their turning gender not current one.
We have NASA
We have green jobs
We have oil industry jobs
we have IT jobs
So far the only bad things are Comcast, no IN and Out and homelessness is a crime

about a month and a half ago


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