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Nintendo Shares Up, But Do Devs 'Get' the Wii?

ticacms Re:They Will, Eventually (157 comments)

For the Wii to sell tons of units, there will probably need to be a good amount of third-party games. If no third-party games come out until many units are sold, then that would be a catch-22.
And that's why hype is THE thing console makers are loooking for... Just read this discussion and you'll see. Nintendo has nothing to fear.

more than 8 years ago



ticacms ticacms writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ticacms (848481) writes "Scientists at the University of Georgia at Athens, have added rats to the group of animals capable of metacognition. 'If rats have knowledge about whether they know or don't know the answer to the test, we would expect them to decline most frequently on difficult tests. They would also show the lowest accuracy on difficult tests that they can't decline. Our data showed both to be true, suggesting the rats have knowledge of their own cognitive states.' How long until we find out that they are actually experimenting on us?"


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