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Ameritrade Security Audit Finds Privacy-Busting Back Door

tidokoro and the rich get richer (111 comments)

I'm actually a TD account holder and wouldn't mind seeing them punished for this. Unfortunately, I've never been party to a class-action suit that even came to close to compensating me for the time I took to fill out whatever forms I needed to fill out much less what I had actually loss as part of the class. From the last class-action I joined:

Dear Claimant,

The Proof of Claim and Release you submitted with respect to the In re [Bankrupt Company] Securities Litigation has been processed under the terms and conditions of the Stipulations of Settlement and Second Distribution Order as approved by the United States District Court for the Easter District of New York. Please be advised such Stipulation and Order provides:

"If such Authorized Claimant is allocated less than $10.00 in value from the remaining Settlement Fund, then such Authorized Claimant shall not receive a further distribution from the Settlement Fund, and such amounts shall be re-allocated among the remaining Authorized Claimants."

Based upon these terms, we regret to inform you the proration of your share of the Settlement Fund, as approved by the Court, would amount to less than ten dollars ($10.00). Therefore you will not receive a distribution from the Settlement Fund.

Claims Administrator

more than 7 years ago


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Did evil HD-DVD Hex Code Hex My Blog to Google Hell?

tidokoro tidokoro writes  |  more than 7 years ago

After I posted my that hex code on my blog last week, I noticed a sharp drop in visitors culminating in none yesterday. My blog rarely gets more than a 100 visitors/day, but it's been years since it hasn't gotten at least 1!

Anyone else seeing this? This is admittedly speculative, but if true, I imagine this could be a significant penalty for commercial sites that depend on Google ranking that displayed the number.

more details here: HD-DVD Hex Code Hexes Shit List to Google Hell?


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