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Windows Tech Writer Looks at Linux

tim_maroney this is a good review? (664 comments)

(If you don't know how to defrag, you're probably not ready for the Linux experience.)

Setting it all up can, however, be a little daunting...

Etc. This and other negative comments about usability in the article make an unintentional but important point.

Linux is not for ordinary people. It's for computer enthusiasts. Most people want to use the computer as a tool, not for its own sake. They have no interest in memorizing reams of arcane computer trivia in order to get email, surf the web, write, and work on spreadsheets.

Desktop Linux can't and won't satisfy the requirements of the ordinary user, even though it may be a great playground for hobbyists, as well as a perfectly reasonable solution on the server side for many applications. The conversion of a longtime computer hobbyist says nothing about the dream many Linux users have of their pet OS becoming a significant force in the desktop market. Neither they nor Chris Barton reflect the consumers in that market.

more than 11 years ago


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