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U.S. Government: Sorry, We're Closed

tinkerghost Re: Fucking idiots (1532 comments)

Corporate whores and prostitutes are different. Prostitutes Fuck you for a fee. Corporate whores Fuck you over for a bribe.

about 6 months ago

Charles Carreon Finally Surrenders To the Oatmeal

tinkerghost Re: Quite the Buddhist there... (173 comments)

You are supposed to help those on the path to enlightenment. Just because you can't lead them to enlightenment, doesn't mean you abandon them to their own devices.

about 7 months ago

Jury Finds Google Guilty of Standards-Essential Patents Abuse Against MS

tinkerghost Re:Yawn (278 comments)

"patents they've never disclosed" is kind of a contradiction in terms. Usually the claim is that they haven't disclosed which patents are being cross-licensed.

"Patents they've never disclosed" is acurate. They go to companies using Android and say - "Linux uses our patents, pay us or else.", but they never disclose which patents Linux infringes on - they just take the money for a no-sue promise.

about 7 months ago

Jury Finds Google Guilty of Standards-Essential Patents Abuse Against MS

tinkerghost Re:Nice summary (278 comments)

22%? um 2.25% as an opening bid with the normal ending point of 1.2% or 0% depending on cross licensing agreements. At no point was there a 22% offer on the table.

about 7 months ago

Jury Finds Google Guilty of Standards-Essential Patents Abuse Against MS

tinkerghost Re:Nice summary (278 comments)

Actually, 2.25% was the opening request - the same opening request they made to Nokia, Sony, and a bunch of other companies. MS ran to the courts to complain rather than negotiate. Not sure how it's abusive to make an initial offer that's higher than you expect to get. Now, had Motorola/Google refused to negotiate that 2.25%, it might be abusive - but that's not what happened.

about 7 months ago

Don't Fly During Ramadan

tinkerghost Re:SPOILERS (1233 comments)

Silver nitrate in the film will set off the detectors they use - as will a wide variety of hand lotions and even perfumes.
Other things that will set off the detector/test if you handle your lugage at any time while contaminated with them include:

  • potting soil, grass patch, plant food, and of course straight fertilizer.
  • Cleaning products - anything with amonia in it.
  • attending a show with pyrotechnics
  • gun powder residue - black or smokeless.
  • nitrate based medicines for heart conditions
  • insecticides

The list goes on, but the point is, even transporting your lugage in the same trunk as you carried potting soil in 2 months ago is going to get you flagged as a positive. After that, it's going down hill for you.

about 8 months ago

"Slingatron" To Hurl Payloads Into Orbit

tinkerghost slingatron..... (438 comments)

The question that really needs answered is "can it break the 1 mile barrier for pumpkin chunkin?"

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start Reading Other's Code?

tinkerghost Bug hunting (254 comments)

I recommend starting by working on the bug list. It gives you something to work on constructively and it also makes you look through all the code to track the problem.

about 9 months ago

Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders

tinkerghost Re: And yet (768 comments)

Part of the issue is that there is the assumption you know the passwords. There's no reasonable way to prove you don't, so if your asshole of a roommate changed it, the government can hold you indefinitely under the assumption you do. A physical key you either have or don't.

about 10 months ago

Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders

tinkerghost Martha Stuart........ (768 comments)

You need only look to Martha Stuart's conviction for lying to prosecutors to see that they don't need to convict you of a crime to convict you of lying about not doing it.

about 10 months ago

Judge Orders Google To Comply With FBI's Warrantless NSL Requests

tinkerghost Re: What's the government's problem? (167 comments)

Acordingto the GAO, 75â of them are filed inappropriate. But according to the FBI it's OK because they only use them when they NEED to - like when walking to the FAX machine would be too much effort.

about 10 months ago

Repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act Rejected

tinkerghost Re:Why? (318 comments)

At least we know why the FSM version of history doesn't match science - he stretches forth his noodly appendage & screws with the results just to keep us on our toes.

about a year ago

Lawyer Loses It In Letter To Patent Office

tinkerghost Re:I'm not a patent lawyer, but I can tell you thi (342 comments)

I disagree, I haven't seen a patent in the last 10 years that isn't a pile of steaming crap wrapped up in leaglease.

Even when the idea is worth the patent, by the time the lawyers get through with it, it's entirely worthless to actually try and duplicate it. General and vague references that paint a broad picture of the problem supposedly solved and hints of how to do it.

about a year ago

Federal Magistrate Rules That Fifth Amendment Applies To Encryption Keys

tinkerghost Re:Last Sentence (322 comments)

You lie, usually they are either stolen from evidence or sold at auction long before the endless speaks are exhausted.

about a year ago

Motorola Loses ITC Case Against Apple for Proximity Sensor Patents

tinkerghost Re:Good (121 comments)

Just to point out - Apple sued first & these claims were part of the counter suit.

about a year ago

Google Releases Data On FBI Spying

tinkerghost So, you're saying .... (104 comments)

that the people who can't be trusted with cellphones because they sext pictures of their junk to everyone in the contact list also can't be trusted with surveilance powers unfettered by a judges discretion?

Say it isn't so!

about a year ago

Missouri Legislation Redefines Science, Pushes Intelligent Design

tinkerghost Re:Not so fast. (813 comments)

Lot has always been my hero. The man can get so drunk he doesn't recognize his own daughters & he can still get it up. That people, is truely worthy of respect.

about a year ago

AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.

tinkerghost Re:Welcome to... (798 comments)

Funny, when I did a normal early disconnect, they charged me for the early termination 3 months in a row and then terminated my service with a 4th early termination fee for not paying the other termination fees.

I was told to straighten it out, I would have to pay the whole thing then file a complaint to get the extra back. They still call me every couple of years looking for their money.

about a year ago

Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week

tinkerghost Re:Testing (617 comments)

And if there's no silicone Heavan, where do all the broken calculators go?

about a year and a half ago



8X Spike in Asterisk Login Attempts in August

tinkerghost tinkerghost writes  |  more than 3 years ago

tinkerghost (944862) writes "Sometime this weekend, my Asterisk/mail server hit the disk limit on the /var directory. Why you ask? Because it turns out my Asterisk server has been logging about 4Gig worth of login attempts per week since late July. I had logrotate set to cycle the file out weekly and keep 4 weeks of logs. Since the log has been steady at about 500Mb/week for the last 2 years this has worked fine. Unfortunately, this new rush overwhelmed my disk space and locked out new voicemail & email messages. I've already re-configured logrotate to rotate on file size, but I'm wondering if any other SIP server users have been seeing a huge spike in their scripted login attempts."

tinkerghost tinkerghost writes  |  more than 6 years ago

tinkerghost (944862) writes "Andrew Orlowski seems to have missed the point of net neutrality as most people in the tech industry use it. His latest blog gives the distinct impression that net neutrality forbids QoS packet shaping. It doesn't. Net neutrality, as used by most IT people, is about end to end neutrality, not packet shaping to benefit QoS for latency sensitive protocols.

QoS packet shaping was designed expressly for the purpose of reducing the latency of latency sensitive protocols at the expense of latency neutral ones. As such, it works well in the existing network neutral structure — VOIP and streaming media have reduced latency on congested networks, and http, bittorrent, and FTP transfers have a slight increase in latency that is imperceptible to the end user.

This is in sharp contrast to a non-network neutral structure — wherein your latency is not shaped based on the QoS requirements of your protocol, but on the fee paid by both you & the host on the other end. Since both the client & the server are currently paying their providers for the bandwidth they are using, I can only assume that latency fees in this new non-neutral network will have to be paid to each & every provider that the signal crosses in order to maintain your higher QoS rating — imagine the nightmare of trying to sort your bill at the end of the month & finding you owe 200+ telcos for QoS fees."

tinkerghost tinkerghost writes  |  more than 7 years ago

tinkerghost (944862) writes "The Burning Man Festival is evidently a hot issue right now. CNN has a small article about one of the original promoters suing the other 2. He's trying to get the 'Burning Man' IP (Trademark & Logo) released to the public domain — I would thing that CC-Non-commercial might be a better way to go."

tinkerghost tinkerghost writes  |  more than 7 years ago

tinkerghost (944862) writes "CNN has a quick run down on a study that reports that adolescents (13-17) who play FPS games show heightened emotional responses when compared to adolescents playing non violent games.
Can we just class that as Duh?
Have them get back to us when they have a long term study showing a lasting change, not just immediately following playing."


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