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Internet Growth in 2005 Sets Record

titaniam But what happened to .info? (108 comments)

I download the zone files about once per month for my surf engine, and noticed that this month the .info zone file shrank by ~30%... Is this past month the anniversary (1-5 year) of the .info TLD setup (ie bulk pre-registrations expiring)? What happened to info for the number of domains to go from 3.7M to 2.7M in one month?

more than 9 years ago


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Friends and Foes

titaniam titaniam writes  |  more than 12 years ago My friend/foe policy is to call a friend anyone who replies positively to my messages, and a foe anyone who replies negatively (provided they don't seem too psycho). Please feel free to call me your foe simply for having a friend/foe policy. UPDATE: for now I give +2 to friends and foes.

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