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CyberPatrol Update - Mattel Wins?

titus-g Mattel dig themselves deeper (207 comments)

They seem to be making the wrong moves at every stage, and really don't seem to understand how the internet (or its denizens) work. If they'd just accepted it, rewritten their encryption and released a statement saying that they were working on the problem of sites being wrongly censored it would probably all be forgotten by now. Instead they seem to be taking great pleasure in rubbing salt into the wound at every step.. threatning foreign nationals with a US court, trying to get the log files, sending email subpeonas to all the mirrors, and now mysteriously obtaining the copyright to the code and making themselves look damn sinister in the process. Not to mention the fact that they could have dragged the court case out for years, by which time probably very few people would have kept interest, now a lot of people who were pretty pissed off before know that they have no chance of vindication through the courts and they probably aren't going to just say "mustn't grumble" and put it down to experience.

Could it be that Mattel are actually doing this in support of free speach on the internet?? it seems the only possible logic in their actions....

more than 14 years ago


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