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DirectX Architect — Consoles as We Know Them Are Gone

toejam316 Re:Consoles... (434 comments)

Really? I didn't notice that, what with all the hassles of making sure games are compatable with my Television, and then making sure I have the right addons for aformentioned game, oh and also making sure that I download the latest patches so I don't get stuck at area X. Oh crap, I don't have enough hard drive space left to save. Mmmmmmm... Familiarity DOES sell well, I suppose...

more than 6 years ago



toejam316 toejam316 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

toejam316 writes "My school (Gasp, SCHOOL AGE!) has a Internet connection Supplied by our countries biggest (nazi, local loop owning) ISP. Now, this is all great, we dont have to pay anything, but they also give our school (as in, force) a Proxy Server which everything must pass through for suitablity. Its run by some Australian company I cant remember, and they filter out reasonable things. The school though, has access to a private section where they can add their own things to filter. Now, this may all seem fine, but we have a incompetent admin who saw fit to FILTER WIKIPEDIA under "Reference/Educational, Social". How is this right? How can a SCHOOL filter a information website? I mean fine, they filtered Bebo, but filtering actual school related things? Thats a bit too far, dont you agree? They've done this to heaps of things, Google Images amoungst others. What do you suggest? They keep a log of everything and do random checks (I goatse'd a few people before the admin caught on and went there >:-D), so they definately know what they're blocking. Why would they do this though, and do you have any suggestions to evade it?"


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