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Facebook, Instagram, Ben Bernanke: Thank You For the New Tech Bubble

tokengeekgrrl How many of the 5 million users are spambots? (124 comments)

I'm always perplexed why the quality of the number of users is never challenged.

How do you know a ton weren't generated as apart of some marketing strategy?

Or rather, how can you NOT suspect that a significant portion of them aren't fake?

Has the issue of verifying online registration as belonging to an actual, unique person been solved with absolute certainty while I wasn't paying attention?

- tgg

more than 2 years ago

What is your normal work attire?

tokengeekgrrl Re:Sexist Poll (682 comments)

I found it highly amusing that skirts/dresses were not offered as an option at all.

I own and wear far more skirts and dresses than I do pants. They're more comfortable and flattering for me. Where I work now does have a business casual dress code which means mangement wears suits/ties and the rest of us who do the real work, (couldn't resist the dig), get to wear whatever for the most part. Jeans and t-shirts are only ok on Fridays.

The thing is, when I've worked at jeans and t-shirt tech companies I still wore skirts and dresses, even caused problems on occasion since everyone wondered where I was interviewing but I really just like wearing them.

more than 7 years ago


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